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Top Rated Study Documents

  • Lecture 13: Biocul
    3 Pages
    Lecture 13: Biocultural/Biomedical Approach/ Urbanization
    Course: ANTHRO 1025G
    School: UWO

    Biocultural/Biomedical Approach o Stems from two core elements of natural sciences Study of human body and the way it functions Study of population dynamics through demography, epidemiology and biostatistics o Biomedical research placed in a richer cul

  • Lecture 15: Early
    4 Pages
    Lecture 15: Early Responses to Illness
    Course: ANTHRO 1025G
    School: UWO

    Early Responses to Illness o Early States developed a variety of responses in dealing with many sicknesses: Rudimentary Public Health Measures e.g. careful disposal of dead, night-soil collection, regulation of water supply https:/

  • Lecture 2: Monogen
    4 Pages
    Lecture 2: Monogenesists vs. Polygenesists
    Course: ANTHRO 1025G
    School: UWO

    LECTURE 2 o Monogenesists vs. Polygenesists Mono All humans come from one species, explain different kinds of people as degenerations Ethnocentric Poly More than one Adam and eve, multiple creations Particular stream that produced Europeans was supe

  • Lecture 11: UNCTIO
    2 Pages
    Course: ANTHRO 1025G
    School: UWO

    Lecture 11 FUNCTIONS OF THE FAMILY o Through enculturation, children learn Learn culture through parents, teachers, etc. Generates self-awareness north American children are behind b/c children are separated from parents at younger age Ex.! Kung, bre

  • Lecture 6: Applied
    2 Pages
    Lecture 6: Applied Linguistics
    Course: ANTHRO 1025G
    School: UWO

    Lecture 6 Applied Linguistics Putting linguistic theories into practice such as: o Foreign language teaching o Speech therapy o Translation o Speech pathology Linguistics Due to universal shared human experiences Due to some general properties of human

  • Lecture 10: Centra
    2 Pages
    Lecture 10: Centralized Political Systems
    Course: ANTHRO 1025G
    School: UWO

    Lecture 10 Usually hereditary from man to son Typically in groups that practice _ Can distribute land and recruit people into the military Expected to be generous but has more luxurious lifestyle At this point, becomes essential to have someone in l

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