INFOGRAPHIC: The Home (Dorm) of Innovation

The garage has long been a celebrated location for starting Silicon Valley companies.  Hewlett Packard and Google are just two examples of legendary tech companies whose humble roots trace back to a garage.  It is often forgotten that the college dorm room has also been a great incubator of innovation. While almost everybody knows that facebook began in Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room at Harvard, hundreds if not thousands of companies have started on college campuses including Course Hero (Cornell).  In a long over due tribute to the college dorm room, let’s take a look at its evolution over the decades.


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About the Author: Course Hero is a digital learning platform providing students with a suite of online educational resources, including crowdsourced study documents, expert tutors, and customizable flashcards. For students exploring new subjects, mastering key concepts—and everything in between—Course Hero offers essential tools to help them achieve their goals and succeed in their courses. To learn more, please visit .


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  1. spyd3rfr34k says:

    You are seriously out of touch with true geek society!!! How about instead of making broad generalizations about my culture based on the average 12 year old kids surfing habits you go find yourself a real job where you might be able to impact society positively. Due to the fact that nobody else will probably ever clue you in i will drop you a few hints. Since DAY 1 of advanced computing technology the OS of choice for these ‘techies’ as you put them is on of the many varieties of Linux. So yeah, you can scratch that whole win 3.1.1 and mac crap. Onto Kazaa… yeah well let’s just say no ‘techie’ worth there salt would be caught dead on such crap. We have other ways of file sharing. And 4CHAn; you must be joking right?? What kind of ‘no-life’ losers do you take us for, SERIOUSLY!! This entire page is nothing but a huge insult to anybody that actually is a true geek and not some n00b wannabe!

  2. Charles says:

    How rich are these students.

  3. John says:

    They aren’t rich
    Its called change checks

  4. Gokkasten says:

    I like your site plain and simple. Keep up the good work and I will keep coming back.

  5. DannyBiker says:

    Very good for the 1990/2000 rooms but 2010 roms are for Fashion geek no pure geeks. No Alienware, Starcraft, Linux…Apple and Nintendo ? Ha !

  6. xsjado says:

    No self respecting geek would have built their own computer and put a P4 in it. Athlon64 was the only option for the discerning nerd.

  7. KC says:

    $1700 iMac, $300 phone, separate $400 netbook, with $900 worth of gaming consoles. Yeah…they’re rich.

  8. Daryl says:

    Mommy and Daddy gave him the netbook for school. He couldn’t stand it so he saved his summer job money for the iMac. M&D also bought him the phone and all three gaming consoles for Christmas, birthdays, off to school presents, and just because. If he was rich he would have a MacBook Pro and an iPad instead of a Kindle and a netbook. :)

  9. …but one thing remains the same (and it didn’t even get a mention)

    Slice of leftover pizza!

    Rich or poor, it is the essential element of college life!

  10. Arti says:

    LOL no self respecting techie would be caught dead using an apple product. The imac might cost $1700 but a real techie would build his own overclocked 17 computer with a good 8 gigs of ram, shouldnt cost more then $1300 if you’re smart

  11. Rickster says:

    GEEKMODE=on – 256k RAM ? Maybe mid 80’s there. Early to mid 90’s would have been 1mb – 8mb typically and a 14.4k modem at best.

  12. Cyrus says:

    I hope my dorm room wont become like that

  13. Local SEO says:

    No, just, no.
    The modern day techie is just a shitty hipster.

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