The Knowledge Drive Breaks 50,000 Books Donated to Books for Africa!

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In November 2010, Course Hero set out to do something truly powerful for the landscape of education through the launch of the Knowledge Drive. In partnership with Books for Africa, the Knowledge Drive was established to build a better academic resource for students and a brighter future for children in Africa.

Just over a year and a half later, that mission has been achieved and surpassed in brilliant fashion, as the Knowledge Drive recently passed 50,000 books donated to Books for Africa and children abroad. The support from students has been awe-inspiring, and it is because of their tremendous support that we have been able to accomplish something of such philanthropic power.

The Knowledge Drive has been lead by top students at colleges and universities across the country who have used their intellect, passion, and dedication to turn what was once a simple premise into a dynamic nationwide initiative. In celebration of our recent milestone, and of their compelling leadership, we have collected thoughts from some of our top student leaders in regards to what it means to them to be a part of such a tremendous accomplishment.

What better way is there to celebrate than to share the voices of those that have played such an important part in the Knowledge Drive’s success?


I am really proud to be a part of a company that looks beyond itself to focus on helping others in need. Donating 50,000+ books to Africa and children abroad is truly incredible, and I look forward to seeing how many more we can donate in the years to come!

Christina Zhang, Northwestern University


It is amazing to be a part of this! I love helping people and this was such an easy way to do it! I hope to be a part of hitting 100,000 some day!

Rachael Joness, Oklahoma State University


Knowing that I have helped reach the groundbreaking milestone of 50,000 books donated to Books for Africa and children abroad makes me feel like I am a part of something bigger than myself. It makes me feel like I am helping change the world one document at a time!

Shaquinta Stringer, University of Georgia


The Course Hero Knowledge Drive has given me an amazing opportunity to help children abroad through Books for Africa, while enabling a powerful educational resource for USC students. It has truly been one of the most rewarding positions I’ve ever had, and I know it won’t be long before we reach the 100,000 book milestone!

Sarah Riley, University of Southern California


It’s been an honor to be apart of an organization that strives to not only help college students like myself, but also other students abroad in need. After witnessing the Course Hero Knowledge Drive’s success, I can’t think of a better, easier concept to help spread the gift of education throughout the world. I’m so proud to have helped contribute to such a worthy cause, and to be honest, it’s never even felt like work!

Carolyn Mierl, Louisiana State University


It is awesome that Course Hero has recently achieved a total of 50,000 books donated to Books for Africa. Every child deserves an education and it is so great to know that I have been able to be a part of this through the Course Hero Knowledge Drive!

Shivani Naik, Oakland University


Being a part of the Course Hero Knowledge Drive has been such a rewarding experience for me. The Knowledge Drive program is a win-win for everyone since I get to study more effectively while supporting a great cause. It is gratifying to know that my contribution, along with the contributions of my friends and classmates, have made a positive impact to improving the literacy rates of children in Africa.

Irene Lin, Texas A&M University


As good as it feels to know I am helping students within this nation, it feels phenomenal to know I am having a positive impact on children across the globe. The Course Hero Knowledge Drive has changed from being an added incentive, to my main inspiration for uploads.

Ryan Gallant, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


It feels absolutely incredible to know that my efforts have helped in the contribution of 50,000 books to Books for Africa! Even though I am thousands of miles away, I still feel like I am making a difference and doing my part here at home just by giving something I already have laying around anyway. As a broke and busy college student, I am still able to help without having the funds or time!

Samantha West, Old Dominion University


I feel extremely honored to be a part of such an amazing organization. It is so wonderful to know that I have helped reach this outstanding milestone that will bless so many lives.

Colleen Hawk, Texas Tech University


I am very excited to be part of a team where education and community outreach is always a top priority. Helping those that are less fortunate is a wonderful initiative to take. Course Hero’s Knowledge Drive Initiative has shown exemplary performance in advancing education in the continent of Africa. By helping the children of today, we are definitely enhancing our future.

Roman Guillory, University of Louisiana at Lafayette


It feels incredible to know that I’ve helped contribute to something that can have such an impact on children’s lives.

Amanda Dennis, University of Massachusetts Amherst


As someone who has worked hard to help improve the lives of impoverished children for many years, I feel honored to be part of this incredible milestone for the Course Hero Knowledge Drive. To me, the Books for Africa program represents something that is both unique and amazing because it gives people everywhere a chance to give the gift of knowledge in exchange for something free – their own notes. Together we’ve given children overseas the opportunity to learn while investing in our world’s future, and that’s something worth celebrating.

Ashley Baldwin, University of Central Florida


Initially, I didn’t believe I had much influence over my friends and colleagues. But after encouraging them to participate in this humanitarian effort, the results have been self-rewarding not only for us, but for children and students in Africa as well.

Rodolfo Solorzano, Rutgers University


Being able to help the world learn more effectively through my contributions has been a rewarding experience. Who knew that so simple could do so much?

Krissy Bently, BYU


It feels great to be able to positively effect the life of a student here but also by making lasting contributions to the education of children in Africa.

William Hampton, University of Tennessee


Being a part of the Course Hero Knowledge Drive has been a very fulfilling experience. I feel that knowledge, whether it be self-propelled or not, is the gateway to any kind of success. Knowing that I have had a hand in giving children the opportunity to create success for themselves is really something special, and I’m very thankful to have had this experience.

Kelsi Feriend, Western Michigan University


Ever since I’ve joined the Course Hero initiative, my favorite aspect of this organization has been it’s philanthropic focus. Not only have they reached an outstanding milestone of 50,000 book donations, thousands of students across the country have received academic assistance towards their education. Every organization has to have an ethical responsibility towards people, and Course Hero has excelled at doing so.

Arunava Chatterjee, University of Oregon


It feels rewarding to know that I’ve been a part of helping the Course Hero Knowledge Drive reach the groundbreaking milestone of 50,000 books donated. I feel as if I am part of something bigger than just myself.

Tae Min Pak, University of Southern California


I feel very happy to be apart of something big that would benefit the future of many children in Africa. I could never do something of this magnitude as a sole individual. By being part of the Knowledge Drive, I’m proud for what we have accomplished for society.

Shawn Ngoh, University of Texas


Knowing that I have contributed to the Knowledge Drive’s extraordinary accomplishment of providing children in Africa with over 50,000 books is remarkable. Course Hero has taken an active role in helping to promote higher education abroad and this milestone is a clear indication of the program’s success. It is truly motivating to know that with a little bit of work, I can help to give young children educational opportunities that would not have been possible otherwise.

Kaila McDonnell, University of Southern California


I feel really grateful for Course Hero’s great work. Being from Africa I know what it feels like to have such limited access to something as valuable as an education due to the lack of materials like books which facilitate learning by a great degree. Thank you Course Hero.

Eleanya Onuma, University of Maryland


Helping others is something that I have always been passionate about. I feel so accomplished that I have helped to reach the goal of 50,000 books donated to Books for Africa and the number will continue to grow.

Gabbie Pettinichi, Miami University


Great figures in this world like to say :” People are born to change the world.” It might be too strong a phrase to apply to every one of us living in this world, but I feel great and touched to know that my efforts turned into actual books donated to Africa, books that we see everyday, but are extremely necessary for children abroad. I feel like I am doing something meaningful, something that might bring a little change to a place that I have never been, but that needs help. I will keeping fighting for it, with a little faith in “changing the world.”

Jeff Gu, University of Southern California


I am truly proud to see that Knowledge Drive has reached 50,000 books donated to Books for Africa and children abroad. It would not be possible without everyone’s effort. This is an overwhelming accomplishment to say the very least!

Jay Yao, University of Illinois


It feels great to know that me and my friends, with the help of Course Hero and Books for Africa, have been able to make a significant contribution to the children who need it most.

Alex Taylor, DePaul University


It is a great feeling to know that I’ve been a part of helping the Course Hero Knowledge Drive. By reaching the groundbreaking milestone of 50,000 books donated to Books for Africa, children not only in Africa, but also in third-world countries, will have an excellent education.

Natasha Sabade, Maryland


I am ecstatic to know that I am part of an organization striving to improve education both domestically and abroad. 50,000 books is an astounding number, and to know that I have contributed to that number and making lives for students better, is definitely a good feeling.

David Corrigan, Ohio State University


It feels great to know that I’ve been able to help achieve the 50,000 books donated to Books for Africa, at the same time I feel I’ve helped encourage a child about education.

Keren Osuji, Montgomery College


It feels both exciting and rewarding to be a part of such an inspiring initiative. To know that I helped accomplish such a major milestone in Course Hero’s history fuels my drive to help accomplish even bigger things in the future.

Nico Moreno, University of Southern California


I’m proud to be a part of an organization that is steady in accomplishing it’s goals and it’s exciting to know that there is even more for us to achieve.

Greg Thackston, Louisiana State University


The feeling is actually beyond words… it is a great feeling to be helping students in the U.S. while also reaching out to children in other countries. We are doing a great thing and I could not be more proud.

Nicole Dana Beletz, Syracuse University


It feels so wonderful to have the opportunity to be a part of the Knowledge Drive! Helping yourself, your peers and those in need is the best way to take initiative!

Xaviere Nora Giroud, Arizona State University


It feels great knowing that I helped contribute to such an important cause and was a part of helping the Course Hero Knowledge Drive reach this groundbreaking milestone. With a constantly growing number of users, Course Hero will continue to grow and have many more milestones to come.

Jon Thielen, University of Maryland


It’s a wonderful feeling to have been able to provide a valuable resource to these students abroad and great product to students stateside. I know that these books are going to be well used and much appreciated, I’m happy to have contributed to that.

Alecia Whittington, University of Maryland


It feels amazing to know that I have been a part of such an amazing initiative that has reached such an incredible milestone. This cause is so important, and often one that is overlooked so I am so happy that I could help contribute and be apart of the Knowledge Drive!

Lexa Eliades, University of Connecticut


I believe improving education has always been the cure to many global problems and being a leader for the Course Hero Knowledge Drive allows me to pass on knowledge to my peers and contribute to a commendable global cause. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Kenneth Chen, Northwestern University


Every time I log into my Course Hero account I get a feeling of accomplishment. I get to share the mission of Course Hero with the people I connect with every day and that sense of accomplishment and pride is expressed in their excitement to be a part of the Course Hero community. I feel that we have reached a milestone that many philanthropists dream of. The 50,000 milestone is not the end for Course Hero; however a new beginning to reach even better goals. The future prosperity of the Knowledge Drive is something that I believe gets engraved in the hearts of every member. It is a joy to be a part of this community!

Joseph Brian De Verteuil, Western Michigan University


I strongly believe that education is the most important asset in a person’s life. Being part of Course Hero’s Knowledge Drive is a way for me to make a small difference in the lives of students abroad by spreading awareness and taking action.

Farida Bana, Emory University


As a member of the Course Hero Knowledge Drive I am truly honored to be able to provide books to children in need. During my brief time in Kenya, I witnessed children’s books falling apart while three students attempted to share. Through the Knowledge Drive I know that my work domestically has a worldwide influence and that makes me extremely proud.

Ted Zeskind, University of Arizona


As a member of the Course Hero team, I am honored to educate my fellow friends and students about the change that the Knowledge Drive is bringing to Africa and students abroad. I believe that this initiative sets Course Hero apart; knowing that my schoolwork is benefiting other students from Delaware as well as children across the world is an extraordinarily powerful and positive motivator to continue working hard for Course Hero and I am proud to be a part of this organization.

Emily Kazmac, University of Delaware


My first intentions of joining the Course Hero team were really based on networking and gaining intern experience. However, now that over 50,000 books have been donated to those in Africa, I truly realize that my involvement is worth so much more than what’s seen at face value. The Knowledge Drive Initiative will continue to be a success, and it is rewarding to know I’ve played a small role in it.

Jaclyn Roman, University of Delaware


I am extremely proud to be a part of this amazing drive that has helped thousands of children get the books and supplies that they need to continue their education. It has never been so easy to help educate these kids and give them the books they need.

Josh Clerc Barahona, University of Southern California


Knowing that I have contributed to the 50,000 books donated to Africa holds a very special meaning to me. I began working for Course Hero not only for the job and resume recognition, but also because I knew that collectively we as a company could improve thousands of people’s lives.

Paul Wytrzymalski, University of Southern California


I am humbled to have been involved in such a great project. As an intern, it’s rare to find a company that offers both business experience and philanthropic opportunity. Here’s to the next 50,000!

Brooke Walters, Ohio State University


I feel like I really played a part in giving back. Not only was I able to help students reach their academic goals, but I also was able to help students abroad have the opportunity to read. 

Isaac James, Auburn University


This definitely makes me feel like all of my hard work was not in vain. I feel like I literally just traveled across the ocean to give a book to a child who is just yearning to learn. Now that’s rewarding!

Dafnie Nacius, University of Florida


Direct service, such as what Course Hero demonstrates, reinforces the idea of knowing what you are giving to a community and to which community it is going. Course Hero has found a way to make their cause, Books for Africa, both effective and personal while allowing the general student community to get involved and give back in their own way.

Jordan Kovalsky, University of Wisconsin


What is really special about this job is not only do I get paid, but I have the opportunity to help those less fortunate through the Books for Africa initiative. I am proud to be part of Course Hero and honored that I was able to contribute in the company’s achievement of donating over 50,000 books.

Kevin Cuddihy, Rutgers University


Education is the key that frees a person from the bondage of circumstance and opens the doors of opportunity. I am proud to be a part of an initiative that gives this gift to a group of humans that would not have it otherwise. This program is special.

Cody Cummings, Auburn University


It feels amazing to be a part of something that has benefited children that do not have the resources like we do! I could have never imagined doing something like this on my own and I’m thankful I have found Course Hero, so I can be apart of something this great.

Lauren Hattaway, Auburn University


It feels absolutely amazing! It inspires me to know that each and every one of those books will change a child’s life for the better. I truly hope that we can continue to build a strong foundation of resources for those kids abroad, with better education, and brighter hopes for the future.

Helena Rhim, University of Virginia


Knowing that the work I do at home affects so many lives in a positive way is really special. I look forward to seeing how many lives are changed as the Course Hero Knowledge Drive goes forward.

Francisco Cordero, Kent State University

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  1. Alex Fertig says:

    Yes! This truly is a powerful movement. Every book donated is proof that no matter your circumstance or hesitancies. .you can make a difference. I am proud to be a member of this team.

  2. I am honored to be an Intern for Course Hero. I can not wait until I help Course Hero reach a 100,000. I love seeing the smile on these kids faces.

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