Course Hero Intern: My Day at the Course Hero Headquarters

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By: Abigail Carson, University of Oregon

During my internship, my group has contributed 1,000 documents so far and had 90 books donated to Books for Africa.

Abigail Carson, Business Development Intern

My success has come from an understanding of networking, communication, and knowing my audience.   Although social media sites like Facebook are a great marketing tool, I’ve found that for me, the most effective way to complete courses is to personally reach out to friends. Taking time to establish a connection and sit down with them makes all the difference. I have had the most success reaching out to the students that are closest to me such as my roommates, classmates, and the Greek life community.  A clear explanation of Course Hero’s online resources and the philanthropic efforts of Books for Africa goes a long way to motivate students to upload documents.

I had the pleasure of actually visiting Course Hero’s office in Redwood City this month. I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. And since it’s a remote internship, I had not actually met anyone from Course Hero in person. But when I got to the office, I was pleasantly surprised to find a group of young and inviting people enjoying their lunch break on casual Friday.

Walking Around the Facilities

My boss, Taylor, was so excited to show me around and introduce me to the team. I couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was and how interested they were in meeting one of their interns’ in person. Taylor showed me around the office and I was amazed at how beautiful and new the office is. The open style desks in the middle of the room made it seem like everyone was really close with each other and of equal importance. I also really liked how the conference rooms were named after different superheroes. Taylor also showed me around the facilities and I got to see the courtyards, cafes, and fountains. The complex has a really cool young, tech savvy vibe, which seems to fit the culture at Course Hero. Taylor also introduced me to Tammy, who showed me updated versions of workshops for the next round of interns. All I can say is that I’m really excited for the next round of interns; I think they are going to benefit from the new format of the workshops.

 I wish that every intern had the opportunity to come visit the office. My visit made me feel like more of a part of the company. Now that I have met them in person, it motivates me to complete  even more courses and spread awareness about Course Hero. My next steps as an intern are to finish my last weeks strong and complete as many courses as I can, as well as think more long term. Given the nature of the internship it’s possible to extend it into the fall when more students will be on campus. I’m excited to see where my internship will take me and what other doors it may open.

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  1. John Creger says:

    Sounds like an especially promising internship. Keep us posted on further developments!
    Proud of you!
    Lotsa love,
    Uncle John and the Berkeley crew

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