Course Hero Intern: Why I Donated My Internship Earnings

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By: Kristine Aprile, Former Business Development Intern at the University of Pittsburgh

The Course Hero internship was a common one among students at my school. I was interested in learning more about the program, since the students who talked about their time with the company always had a positive experience. After reading up on their Business Development internship, I knew that Course Hero had a job I wanted.  And I knew I wanted to do it well because my position would benefit underprivileged children. Community service is something I’m always up for, which is why I decided to donate all of my internship earnings to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I already had a summer job waitressing, so I knew I could put the money I made as a leader for the Knowledge Drive to better use, while simultaneously promoting my donations as a marketing tactic – and it worked.

My decision to raise money for St. Jude’s, and my mentor’s advice of focusing my connections and outreach, helped me recruit my friends and other students to the Knowledge Drive. I took a step back from asking everyone to contribute documents, and focused on the students that I knew could create the best academic resources for the courses they had taken and donate the most to Books for Africa.  I reached out to members of my business fraternity to contribute documents to business courses, while telling them about the benefits of joining the Knowledge Drive at the same time. By using social media to give my friends credit for the money raised and the books donated I created a sense of collective involvement, rather than making students feel like they just helping me with my job. I also read the weekly Professional Development Program’s (PDP) workshops and spent my time implementing each piece of wisdom into my work. If I did not find immediate success with a particular workshop, I would revisit the tips from the previous week’s PDP workshop. There was always a new angle I could use to approach my work; sometimes, succeeding just took patience.

By the end of my internship, I had raised well over $200 for St. Jude’s and donated 50 books to Books for Africa. I felt accomplished because I completed an internship that added to my professionalism, and enabled me to contribute to a deserving organization. I walked away from my Course Hero internship with new business techniques, different communication styles, and a great mentor with even greater advice.  However, the satisfaction that I helped others, while also helping myself, was a bonus and more than I ever expected to receive.

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