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Flash Printable Cards: Flash Cards 1. Awithout or lack of a/men/orrhea without or lack of/monthly/flow 2. ABaway (away from) ab/norm/al away (away from)/normal or regular/refers to ab/ducens away/draw or lead 3. -ABLE capable of or ability to erg/able work/capable of related term(s): -IBLE 4. ABORT/IOto miscarry (natural or induced) abort/ion to miscarry (natural or induced)/procedure of or process of (discharge of the embry/on 'early' or fet/us 'young' deliberate or not) 5. ABRUPT/IOto tear away from abruptus placentae to tear away from (separate quickly) / cake 6. ABSCESS a going away abscess a going away (tissue disintegration & displacement: 'Staph' infection forming pus) 7. ACNE pointed Acne/form pointed/shape (ACNE is a bacterial inflammation of the hair follicle and sebaceous 'oil' gland. Similar infections may cause acne or form lesions) 8. ACOUST/Ihearing acoust/ic hearing/refers to related term(s): AUDI9. ACR/Oextremities, height, and pointed acro/megal/y extremities/enlarged/refers to acro/phob/ia height/fear/refers to acr/om/ial extremity/shoulder/refer to (lateral triangle spine-like projection of shoulder blade forming the point of shoulder & articulating with clav/icle 'key little' or collarbone) 10. ACTIN/Osun, ray, radium actino/myco/sis sun, ray, radium/fungus/condition (growth) 11. ACUsharp acu/ity sharp/process of (seeing sharply or clearly) acute quick, sudden, sharply 12. -AC refers to, pertains to, or state of cardi/ac heart/refers to, pertains to, or state of related term(s): -AL, -AR, -ARY, -ATE, EUM, -IAC, -IC, -ICAL, -ILE, -IS, -IUM, ORY, -OUS, -UM, -US 13. ADnear or beside ad/ren/al near or beside/kidney/refers to (the ad/ren/al gland is located on top of kidney) 14. ADEN/Ogland aden/ectomy gland/removal (the following are common glands: lymph nodes, oil, sweat, and endocrine) 15. ADIP/Ofat adip/oma fat/tumor (adip/oma is also known as lip/oma) related term(s): steato-, lipo16. AER/Oair or gas aero/cele air or gas/distension of cavity (like a tumor) 17. AFtoward af/ferent toward/to carry (nerve or blood flow toward a structure) 18. ALB/Owhite albin/ism white/state of (albo-, leuco-, leuko- all mean white) 19. ALGES/Ipain an/alges/ic without/pain/refers to related term(s): -AGRA, -ALGIA, DOLO-, -DYNIA 20. -ALGIA pain neur/algia nerve/pain related term(s): -AGRA, ALGESIA-, DOLO-, -DYNIA 21. ALOPEC/Ifox mange or baldness alopec/ia fox mange or baldness/refers to 22. ALVEOL/Icavity alveol/us small hollow or cavity (tooth socket and lung air sack)/refers to related term(s): SIN/O23. AMBIboth ambi/later/al both/sides/refers to ambi/dextr/ous both/right (dominant hand)/refers to or state of (dextero = right, sinistro = left) 24. AMBUL/Oto walk ambul/atory to walk or walking/process of 25. AMPHIboth amphi/arthr/osis both sides/joint/condition of 26. AMYLOstarch amyl/uria starch/in urine amyl/ase starch/enzyme 27. ANlack of or without an/orex/ia lack of or without/appetite/refers to 28. AN/Oring an/al ring (sphincter of anus)/refer to 29. ANAapart or up ana/tom/y apart or up/cut/procedure of or process of ana/phase up/stage (mitosis stage when chromosomes move up or apart) 30. ANGI/Ovessel angi/oma vessel/swelling or tumor related term(s): VAS/O31. ANGIN/OVessel angin/a (Refers to a vessel condition of choking or blocking of blood flow to the heart muscle. which usually results in chest discomfort or pain.) 32. ANKYL/Ofuse or bind ankylo/spondylo/itis fuse or bind, stiff, crooked/spine/inflammation 33. ANTEbefore ante/nat/al before/birth/pertain to ante/pyrect/ic before/fever/refers to 34. ANTER/Obefore or foremost anter/ior before or foremost (in front)/refers to 35. ANTHRAX coal or carbuncle anthr/ax coal or carbuncle/a lesion (Types of Anthrax: Cerebral, Pulmonary, Cutaneous, and/or Intestinal) alternate spelling: ANTHR/O36. ANTIagainst anti/sept/ic against/infection/refers to anti/bio/tic against/life/refers to 37. ANEURYSMdilation or ballooning aneurysm/oplasty dilation or ballooning (usually blood vessel)/surgical repair 38. -APHERESIS to remove or separate (blood into parts) leuk/aphere/sis WBC/to remove or separate (blood into parts)/condition of (separate blood into component parts or remove toxins) 39. APOabove or upon apo/plex/y above or upon/paralyzed/process of 40. AQUAwater aqua/therap/y water/treat/process or procedure related term(s): HYDRO41. ARACHINOspider arach/oid spider/resembles related term(s): ARACHN/O42. ARCHE/Ofirst arche/type first or original/form or shape (it produces other forms) men/arche month or monthly/first, original, beginning (first female cycle) related term(s): -ARCHE 43. -ARIA air mal/aria bad/air (determined to be caused by protozoa carried by mosquitos) 44. ARTERI/Oartery arterio/gram artery/recording arterio/scler/osis artery/hard/condition arter/iol/oma artery/small/swelling 45. ARTHR/Ojoint arthro/scop/ic joint/viewing or examining/pertains to 46. ARTICUL/Ojointed articula/tion jointed/process of (the place of union between two or more bones) 47. -AR refers to or pertains to patell/ar little dish (kneecap)/refers to Related Term(s): -AC, -AL, -ARY, -ATE, EUM, -IAC, -IC, -ICAL, -ILE, -IS, -IUM, ORY, -OUS, -UM, -US 48. ASCAR/Iworm ascari/asis worm/condition of (round nematode worm usually infecting intestines) helminthiasis (worm condition); vermiform (worm/shape) related term(s): HELMINTH/O-, VERMI49. -ASE enzyme lip/ase fat/enzyme 50. -ASTHENIA weakness my/asthenia muscle/without strength or weakness neur/asthenia nerve/weakness 51. ASTHMApanting asthma/tic panting/refers to 52. ATELOincomplete, without end, imperfect ending atelo/spir/osis incomplete, without end, imperfect ending/breathing/condition of 53. ATHEROporridge or yellow fat athero/scler/osis porridge or yellow fat/harden (in lumen of blood vessels)/condition or disease (athero/scler/osis kills 45% of U.S. population) 54. -ATION process of or procedure of circul/ation circle/process of (blood moving from heart and returning) cardio/graph/y heart/instrument to record/procedure of related term(s): -AGE, -IATION, -ING, ION, -TION, -Y 55. -ATRESIA closure ven/atresia vein/closure (abnormal closure of body openingocclusion) 56. ATRI/Ochamber atri/um chamber/refers to (corridors or chambers at top of heart) 57. ATTRIT/Iwearing out attrit/ion wearing out/process of 58. AUDIhearing audi/olog/y hearing/science of or study of/procedure or process of audio/meter hear/measurement related term(s): ACOUST/I59. AUR/Iear aur/al ear/pertains to aur/icle ear/small or little 60. AUSCULT/Oto listen auscult/ation to listen (physical diagnosis)/process of 61. AUTOself auto/hypn/osis self/sleep/condition of (simulated sleep in alpha brain state of consciousness) aut/ism self/state of 62. AVULS/Ito tear avuls/ion to tear/process of (ligaments torn from bones) related term(s): spadi63. BACILL/Orod-like bacill/us rod-like (bacteria)/ refers to 64. BACTERI/Orod bacter/ia rod/refers to (rod was the first bacteria viewed under microscope) 65. BALAN/Openis balan/itis penis/inflamed (also refers to the female clitoris) 66. BAROweight baro/gnosis weight/prediction (knowledge) 67. BAS/Obasic or at base bas/al (metabolism) basic or at base/refers to 68. BENEgood or normal bene/fit good or normal/suited for 69. BENIGNkind benign/iform kind/shape or appearance (tumor in capsule: slow growing and expansive, not invading) 70. BERIweakness beri/beri weakness/weakness (vitamin B1 or thiamine deficiency disease) 71. BItwo bi/ceps two/headed (muscle) related term(s): CO-, BIN-, DI-, DIPLO-, DUO-, DYO72. BIL/Ibile or gall bili/ary bile or gall/refers to or state of (liver substance stored in gallbladder) 73. BINtwo bin/ocul/ar two/eyes/refers to related term(s): CO-, BI-, DI-, DIPLO-, DUO-, DYO74. BIOlife bio/log/y life/science of or study of/process of 75. -BLAST beginning or young osteo/blast bone/beginning or young cells (embryonic primitive cells found in the body systems) 76. BLEB/Oblister bleb/ic blister or bulla 'bubble'/refers to (bleb/ic is a bulb or blister that often is filled with blood) related term(s): BULLA-, BULBA77. BLENNOmucus blen/oma mucus/tumor or swelling 78. BLEPHAROeyelid blephar/oma eyelid/swelling or tumor related term(s): PALPEBRA79. BOL/Olump or ball bol/us lump or ball, choice bit of food (in stomach), to throw up /refers to 80. BRACH/Iarm brachi/al arm/refers to (humerus is the bone of upper arm) 81. BRACHYshort brachy/dactyl/ia short/fingers (and toes)/refers to 82. BRADYslow brady/pnea slow/breathing 83. BREVIshort brev/ity short/state of 84. BRONCH/Iwindpipe or trachea like bronchi/al windpipe or trachea like (large lung tubes)/refers to 85. BRUXgrinding brux/ism grinding (teeth)/state of 86. BUCCAcheek bucc/al cheek/pertains to 87. BULBA blister or vesicle Bulb/us blister or vesicle (little sac)/refers to related term(s): BULLA-, BLEB/O88. BULIMOhunger bulim/ic hunger or appetite (excessive)/refers to or condition of (eating and purging syndrome) 89. BURS/Osac, wine sac, pouch burs/a sac, wine sac, pouch/refers to (protective pad-like structure in joints) 90. CAL/Oheat, heated or hot cal/or heat, heated or hot/one who is (1 of 4 characteristic of inflammation: calor-heat; rubor-red; tumor-swelling; and dolor-pain) 91. CALCIN/Ocalcium calcin/osis calcium/condition of (excessive calcium buildup on bones) 92. CALCOpebbles or granules of calcium mineral calc/ium pebbles or granules of calcium mineral/pertains to calc/urea pebbles or granules of calcium mineral in urine 93. CALXheel or lime calx/ectom/y heel (foot bone)/removal/procedure of 94. CANDID/Iglowing white candidi/asis glowing white (fungus infection)/condition of 95. CANTH/Ocorner of eye cantho/plast/y corner of eye (eyelid)/cosmetic or plastic surgery/procedure of 96. CAPILL/Ohair-like capill/ary hair-like/pertains to or refers to (little blood vessels) 97. CAPIT/Ohead capit/al head/refers to related term(s): CAPUT, CEPHAL/O98. CAPN/Ocarbon dioxide capno/graph carbon dioxide (or smoke)/instrument (instrument used in exercise physiology to measure CO2) 99. CAPUT head caput femoris head or head of (chief part of structure or organ)/thigh bone related term(s): CEPHAL/O-, CAPIT/O100. CARBUN/Oglowing ember carbun/cle glowing ember/small (numerous boils) related term(s): CARBUNCUL/O101. CARCIN/Ocrab-like carcino/gen/ic crab-like/producing/refer to (cancer causing) 102. CARDI/Oheart peri/card/itis around/heart/inflammation (inflamed 2 layered membrane of heart: causing pain) (car-; card-; cardi-; cardio- all refer to the heart) 103. CARP/Owrist meta/carp/al beyond/wrist/refers to 104. CATAbreakdown or down cata/bol/ism breakdown or down/choice bit of food or lump/state of 105. CATARACT waterfall or cloudiness cataract waterfall or cloudiness (eyes lens under the cornea that is impervious to light) 106. CATARRHto flow down Catarrh/al to flow down/refers to (any drainage from mucus membrane: especially in the nose, sinuses, and throat) 107. CATHETER/Oto let down into catheter/iz/ation to let down into/act of/procedure of 108. CAUD/Otail or toward tail caud/al tail or toward tail/refer to 109. CAUST/Oburn or heat caus/tic burn or heat/refers to related term(s): CAUS-, CAUTER/O110. CAUTER/Oto burn or to heat cauter/iz/ation to burn or to heat/act of/procedure of related term(s): CAUS-, CAUST/O111. CAVhollow cav/ity hollow/state of or refers to 112. CEBOmeal or food ceb/um meal or food/pertain to (cena- and dino- also means dinner) 113. CEC/Oblind pouch Ceco/pexy blind pouch/surgically attached to abdominal wall (dead end pouch or 1st part of colon right side) 114. -CELE swelling or tumor laparo/cele abdominal/swelling or tumor 115. CELI/Oabdomen or belly celi/oma abdomen or belly/tumor 116. CELLUL/Ochambers cellul/itis chambers or body cells (tissues are cell groups)/infection 117. CEMENT/Ohard cement/um hard/refers to (tooth root covering) 118. -CENTESIS surgical puncture to drain fluid thoraco/centesis chest/surgical puncture to drain fluid (procedure) 119. CENTIone-hundredth part (100) centi/meter one-hundredth part (100)/of meter (metre- or -meter means to measure & a meter is 39.37 inches) 120. CENTR/Icenter Centri/fug/al Center (middle of circle)/to flee/refers to (heavy particles move to bottom or outside from the center) 121. CEPHAL/O- head en/cephal/itis within/head/inflamed (refers to brain within the head) related term(s): CAPIT/O-, CAPUT 122. -CEPTreceiver chemo/cept/or chemical or drug/receiver or to recieve/one who 123. CEREB/Obrain cerebr/al brain/refers to or pertains to 124. CERUwax cerumen/ous wax (in ear)/refer to or state of 125. CERV/Ineck cerv/ical neck (seven upper vertebrae of spine)/refers to cerv/ix neck/pertains to 128. CHEIL/Olip cheil/oma lip/tumor alternate spelling: CHILO129. CHIROhand chiro/pract/or hand/practice/one who (mano also means hand) 130. CHLOR/Ogreen chlor/emia green (chlorides)/in blood 131. CHOLANGIObile duct cholang/itis bile duct/inflamed 132. CHOLEbile or gall chole/sterol bile or gall (ingredient of)/ solid (Chole 'bile' is used to refer to anything related to bile: CHOLE/DUCTO- = bile duct, CHOLE/CYTO- = bile sac) (Hyper/cholesterol/emia is the increase in cholesterol levels in the blood. Normal Levels: 160 to 200 mg/dcl. Blood vessels become plaqued 'occlusion-closure' and it can be seen in the skin & eyes. Remember body hormones & enzymes also need cholesterol) 133. CHOLECYST/Ogallbladder cholecyst/ectomy gallbladder/removal 134. CHOLEDOCH/Ogallbladder duct (canal) choledoch/ectomy common bile duct/removal or excision (duct removed from the liver and gallbladder) alternate spelling: CHOLEDUCTO135. CHOLERA biliary acute diarrhea cholera biliary acute dia/rrhea (bowel or intestinal diarrhea 'flow'. The bacteria causes de/hydra/tion and death) 136. CHONDR/Ocartilage chondr/oma cartilage/tumor dys/chondro/plas/ia faulty/cartilage/formation or development/refers to 137. CHROM/Ocolored chromo/some colored/body (23 pair in each body cell - see WatsonCrick Helix Chromosome Model) 138. CHYMEjuice a/chym/ia lack of/juice/condition (small intestinal juices are lacking: lack of food, liquids, and juices) alternate spelling: CHYLE139. -CICATRIX scar brachio/cicatrix arm/scar 140. -CID 126. CHALAZ/IOhailstone Chalaz/ion hailstone (eyelid sebaceous cyst)/process of (tumor that is small and hard on the eyelid) 127. CHANCR/Oulcer (sore) chancr/oid ulcer (sore)/resembles (this V.D. has granular lesions that form ulcers or sores like syphilis) to kill sui/cid/al oneself/to kill/refers to 141. CIL/Ieyelash-like cil/ia eyelash-like (structures lining lungs)/refers to 142. CINE/Omovement filming cine/angio/cardio/graph/y movement/vessel/heart/filming instrument/procedure 143. CIRCUMaround circum/flex around/bend circum/cis/ion around/cut/process of circum/duct/ion around/movement/state of 144. CIRRH/Oyellow-orange cirrh/o/sis yellow-orange (jaundiced) or yellow/condition of (disease or infection causing liver failure: bile pigments remain in the body and blood resulting in color abnormality) 145. -CIS cut or to cut in/cis/ion into/cut/procedure of related term(s): sect/o146. -CLAST breakdown osteo/clast bone/breakdown of cells cyto/clas/is cell/breaking/refers to related term(s): -CLAS 147. CLAVICUL/Ocollarbone infra/clavicul/ar beneath/collarbone or clavicle (little key shape)/refer to 148. CLEIDOclavicle or collar bone sterno/cleido/mast/oid sternum/clavicle, collar bone/breast/resemble 149. CLINObent clino/dactylia bent/finger or toe 150. -CLYSIS irrigation or injection hydro/clysis water/irrigation or injection 151. COtwo co/llater/al liga/ment two (2 outer knee ligaments)/sides/refers: binding/act of co-operat/ive two/working/state of related term(s): BI-, BIN-, DI-, DIPLO-, DUO-, DYO152. COAGUL/Oclotting or to clot coagul/ation clotting or to clot/process of 153. -COCCUS berry staphylo/coccus grapelike/ berry (shape of bacteria) 154. COCCYG/Otailbone coccyg/eal tailbone/refers to or small 155. COCHLE/Osnail-like cochle/ar snail-like/pertain to (lower part of inner ear: for hearing sound) 156. COL/Ocolon (big or large intestine) col/os/tom/y colon (big or large intestine '5 feet long')/mouth or opening/cut/procedure of related term(s): COLON/O157. COLPOvagina colp/itis vagina/inflamed 158. COMtogether com/press/ion together/contract/process of com/minuted fracture together/small: break related term(s): CON-, SYM- SYN159. COMATOdeep sleep comat/ose deep sleep/condition or state 160. CONCUSS/Iviolent shaking concuss/ion violent shaking/process of (brain injury resulting in bleeding, headaches, and other symptoms) 161. CONDYLOknuckle condyl/oma knuckle (nob)/tumor or swellings (bone and wart points or projection) 162. CONI/Odust pneumo/coni/osis lung/dust/condition 163. -CONIS cone-shaped kerato/conis cornea/cone-shaped (outer covering of iris 'cornea' elevated or protrudes) 164. CONJUNCTIV/Ojoined together conjunctiv/itis joined together (united)/inflammation (inflammation of the membrane that covers the eye and the eyelid 'they join' or unite at the back of eyelid and at base of the sclera 'hard eye white membrane') 165. CONTRAagainst contra/cept/ion against/heads (coming together)/process of 166. CONTUS/Ibruise contus/ion bruise/process of (non-broken skin injury with pain, swelling, & discolored) 167. CONVOLOto roll together convol/ution to roll together/pertains to 168. CORDvocal chords or cord cord/itis vocal chords/inflamed related term(s): CHORDO169. CORI/Oskin cori/um skin/refers to related term(s): CUT-, CUTI/O-, DERMAT/O-, DERMO-, -PELL 170. CORNE/Ocornea or horn shape corne/itis cornea or horn/inflamed (horn shape structure 'cornea' that covers the eyes iris and pupil covering) 171. CORNUhorn or horny stratum cornu (corneum) layer/horn or horny (upper epidermis skin layer) 172. CORON/Ocrowning coron/ary crowning (heart blood vessels)/refer to 173. CORONAL PLANE crowning or frontal body cut coron/al crowning or frontal body cut/refers to (downward cut through coronal suture right to left of skull cuts the body into a front and back part. Also known as 'FRONTAL PLANE') 174. CORP/Obody corp/us body/refers to (corpus pediculosis means 'body lice') 175. CORTIC/Obark, outer bark, rind, cortex cortico/ster/oid bark, outer bark, rind, cortex/solid/resemble 176. COST/Orib cost/al rib/refer to related term(s): PLEURO177. CRANI/Oskull crani/otom/y skull (cranium)/cut into/procedure of crani/al skull/refer to 178. -CREAS fleshy or flesh pan/creas all/fleshy or flesh (this is the appearance of a 6' compound gland in the abdominal cavity) 179. CRENAT/Onotched crenat/ion notched/process of (irregular shaped red blood cells) 180. -CRINE secrete endo/crine within/secrete (into blood) exo/crine outside/secrete (into duct or canal) 181. -CRIT separate hemato/crit blood/separate 182. CRUC/Icross or cross-like cruci/ate cross (shape)/state of or condition of (crossing ligaments in knee: ACL and PCL) 183. CRYOcold cryo/therap/y cold/treat or cure (killing cells)/procedure of 184. CRYPTOhidden crypt/orchid/ism hidden/testis/state of or condition of 185. CUB/Ocube or cube-shaped cub/oid cube or cube-shaped/resemble (an ankle bone shaped like a cube) 186. CUBIT/Oelbow cubit/al elbow, forearm region/refer to elbow region 187. CULD/Oblind pouch culdo/scop/y blind pouch/viewing/procedure of (an instrument examines the pelvic viscera 'organs' with an endo/scop/e after introducing it through the posterior fornix 'arch' cul-de-sac 'blind pouch' wall of the vagina) 188. -CULE little mole/cule mass/little (small quantity can be divided without loss of characteristics) related term(s): -ICLE, -IOLE, -ULE, -ULA 189. CURRETT/Oscooping or scraping curett/age scooping or scraping/refers to (carried out inside uterus 'abortion' or to remove a skin lesions) 190. -CUSIS hearing an/cusis without/hearing 191. CUSP/Ipointed cusp/id pointed (end)/refers to (pointed flaps of heart valves or teeth) 192. CUTI/O-, CUT-, CUTIskin cut/icle skin/little sub/cut/aneous under/skin/refers to (the word part CUTIO- is a suffix, the words part -CUTIS is a prefix) related term(s): CORI/O-, CUT-, DERMAT/O-, DERMO-, -PELL 193. CYAN/Oblue cyan/osis blue/condition of 194. CYCL/Ocircle cycl/itis circle/inflamed (muscles around iris or rainbow of eye are dilation) 195. -CYESIS pregnancy multi/cyesis many/pregnancy 196. CYST/Obladder or sac cyst/itis bladder or sac/inflamed alternate spelling: CYST related term(s): CYSTI197. CYTEcell or chamber cyt/olog/y cell or chamber/study of or science of/process of related term(s): CYT-, CYTH198. -CYTOSIS increase in numbers leuco/cytosis white (WBC)/ increase in numbers 199. DACRYOtear dacry/doct/itis tear/duct/inflamed related term(s): LACRIMO200. DACTYLOdigits (fingers and toes) lipo/dactyl/ia fat/digits (finger or toes)/refers to 201. DEaway de/gluti/tion away/swallowing/process of de/form away/shape 202. DECIone-tenth (1/10) deci/liter one-tenth(1/10) / liter (Deca- means 10) 203. DEEP most inward deep most inward (structure more internal than another) 204. DEKAten deka/gram ten/grams (15.432 grains = 1 gram; 28.35 grams = 1 ounce) 205. DELTA fan shaped or triangular delt/oid (shoulder muscle) fan shaped or triangular/resembles 206. DEM/Opeople Dem/o/graphy people/procedure of recording with an instrument 207. DEMIhalf demi/facet half/little face (superior and inferior projections of the vertebral arch) related term(s): DEMI-, HEMI-, SEMI208. DENDR/Otree shaped dendr/ite tree-shaped/state of 209. DENT/Otooth or teeth dent/al tooth or teeth/pertains to related term(s): DONT/O210. DEPRESS/Olower depress/or lower/one who 211. DERM/Oskin pachy/derm/al thick/skin/pertains to related term(s): CORI/O-, CUT-, CUTI/O-, DERMAT/O-, DERMO-, -PELL 212. DERMAT/Oskin dermato/phyte skin/plant (fungus or other plant that causes parasitic skin diseases) dermat/itis skin/inflamed (Remember: -mat, -mata, -matosis means many, multiple, extensive) related term(s): CORI/O-, CUT-, CUTI/O-, DERMO-, -PELL 213. -DESIS binding or to bind ligo/desis to bind/binding (surgical procedure to reattach ligaments to bone) 214. DEXTR/Oright dextro/card/ia right/heart/refers to (tilting of heart to the right) 215. DIAacross, through, total, between dia/phragm across, through, total, complete, between/petition or wall dia/meter across/measure dia/gnosis total/knowledge dia/stole 'between/contractions' 216. -DIDYMUS testis or teste epi/didymus upon/testis or teste (coiled structure on top of teste 'seed producer') 217. DIFFERENTto separate different/ial dia/gnosis to separate or apart/refers to: total/knowledge (different/ial dia/gnosis - also known as D.D. means to identify the differences between two or more similar conditions) related term(s): -DEFERENS 218. DIGITfinger or toe Digit/al finger or toe/refer to digit/ate finger or toe/action of or refers to 219. DIPLOdouble or two dipl/op/ia double or two/sight or vision/refers to (person experiencing double vision) related term(s): CO-, BI-, BIN-, DI-, DUO-, DYO220. DIPS/Othirst or thirsty poly/dips/ia many/thirst or thirsty/refer to multi/dips/ia many/thirst or thirsty/pertain to 221. DIPHTHER/Imembrane diphther/ia membrane/refer to (Klebs Loeffler Bacteria identified with the 'Schick Test'. The membrane forms in 2 days on the body. Organism causes toxicity & breathing problems.) 222. DISaway from or reversed dis/ease away from or reverse/comfort or ease 223. DIST/Ofarther from dist/al farther from/refer to 224. DIVERTICUL/Ooutpouching diverticul/itis outpouching/inflamed (rugae or folds usually of the large intestine become inflamed) 225. DOCH/Oduct or canal chole/doch/itis bile or gall/duct or canal/inflamed 226. DOCT/Oto teach or teacher doct/or (Latin docere) to teach or teacher/one who 227. DOL/Opain dol/or pain/one who (causes) related term(s): -AGRA, ALGESIA-, ALGIA, -DYNIA 228. DORS/Oback dors/al back (posterior)/refers to (e.g. the top or back of a dog, the back of standing human) dorsi/flex/or the back/to bend/one who 229. DROMOrunning dromo/mania running/madness pro/drom/al before/running/pertains to (this is a specific phase of an infection: after incubation and before convalescence stages of the disease) 230. DUCT/O- to draw or to lead away ab/duct/ion away/to draw or to lead away (motion)/process of 231. DUODEN/Otwelve duoden/itis twelve/inflamed (duodenum is the first part of the small intestine) 232. DURAhard dura mater hard: mother (outermost layer of membrane called the meninges that cover the brain and spinal cord) 233. DY/Otwo or a pair dy/ad two or a pair/refers to (pair of chromosomes formed during meiosis 'reduction division of gametes') related term(s): CO-, BI-, BIN-, DI-, DIPLO-, DUO234. DYNAM/Owork or strength dynam/ics work or strength/refers to dynamo/meter strength/measurement (measure the strength of muscles) 235. -DYNIA pain coccygo/dynia tailbone (coccyx)/pain related term(s): -AGRA, ALGESIA-, ALGIA, DOLO236. DYSdifficult, faulty, painful dys/toc/ia difficult or painful/birth/pertains to dys/chondro/plas/ia faulty/cartilage/development/refers to dys/meno/rrhea painful/monthly/flow heart/enlargement condition 243. -ECTOMY excision or removal tonsill/ectomy almond or small mass/excision or removal 244. ECZEMA to boil out eczema to boil out (skin lesions) 245. EDEMAswelling lymph/edema lymph/swelling 246. EFaway or out ef/ferent away or out/to carry (nerve or blood flow away from a structure) ef/ferent means away or out/to carry ef/fus/ion out/attached/process 247. ELECTR/Oelectrical electro/encephalo/gram electrical/in head (brain)/recording 248. -ELLUM lesser or smaller cereb/ellum brain/lesser or smaller 249. EMin em/py/ema in/pus/refers to (collection of pus in body cavity) em/bol/ism within/lump/state 250. EMBRYO- 237. -E (suffix) instrument rhino/scop/e nose/view or examine/instrument related term(s): -graph 238. E- (prefix) out or remove e/viscer/ate out or remove/organs/act of or state of related term(s): ec-, ect-, ex-, ext239. ECoutside, outward, outer, out ec/top/ic outside/location/pertaining to related term(s): ECT-, ECTO240. ECCRINEsecreting or to secrete eccri/tic secreting or to secrete/state of or quality of (promoting secreting from body structures) 241. ECHOsound echo/gram sound/writing or recording related term(s): SONO242. -ECTASIS enlargement or dilation bronchi/ectasis windpipe like tube/enlargement, dilation cardio/ectasis early embryon/ic early (2nd through 8th to 10th week of pregnancy)/refers to 251. -EMESIS vomit hem/emesis blood/vomit 252. -EMIA blood leuc/emia (leukemia) white/blood (abnormal increase in WBC's) 253. EMPHYSEMA puffed up emphysemat/ous puffed up/state of or refers to (inner air sacks of lung swollen) 254. ENin en/cephal/itis in/head (refers to brain)/inflamed 255. ENAMEL hard enamel hard (hard outer covering of upper tooth) 256. EN/CEPHAL/Owithin head (referring to the brain) encephalo/gram within head/recording 257. ENDOwithin or inside endo/derm within or inside/skin 258. ENEMA injection enema injection (water forced into colon for cleansing) 259. ENTEROintestine (usually refers to small intestine) enter/itis intestine (usually refers to small intestine)/inflamed 260. ENURESIS to void or expel urine enuresis to void (expel) urine (involuntary: like bed-wetting) 261. EOSIN/Orose red color eosino/phil rose red (color)/love of (staining of WBC's) 262. EPIupon epi/didymis upon/teste (coil structure upon teste) epi/gastr/ic upon/stomach/pertains to epi/glott/itis upon/tongue/inflamed 263. EPISI/Opubic region episi/orrhaphy pubic region/to stitch (repair of a lacerated or torn vulva or of a episiotomy) episi/o/tom/y pubic region (vulva)/cut/process of (upside down 'V' cut from vagina towards anus: to ease childbirth in some women) 264. ERGOwork or labor ergo/meter work/to measure ergot work or labor (birthing drug) 265. ERYTHERMAT/Ored or flushed erythermat/ic red or flushed/refer to 266. ERYTHR/Ored erythro/cyte red/cell (chamber) (a red blood cell that carries oxygen to the body's cells) 267. ESCHAR scab eschar scab eschar/ification snail like (scab)/process of (development) 268. ESOtoward eso/phag/us toward/eater/refers to (tube from stomach to mouth) 269. ESTHES/Iphysical feeling an/esthes/ia without/physical feeling 270. ESTR/Ofemale estro/gen female/beginning (phase of cycle) 271. ETI/Ocause eti/olog/y cause/study or science of diseases/process 272. EUgood or normal eu/toc/ia good or normal/birth/pertains to eu/gene/tics good, new or normal/ to produce or form/ state of eu/phor/ia good or normal/feeling (mental)/pertain to 273. EXout, outside, outward ex/tens/ion outward/to stretch/process of related term(s): EXO-, EXTRA274. FACET/Oface facet little face (upper and lower small articular faces of vertebral plates) related term(s): FACI/O275. FASC/Iband fasc/ia band (covering around and between muscles 'membranous')/refers to 276. FEBR/Ofever febr/ile fever/state of or refers to 277. FEC/Ostool or fecal matter fec/o/lith stool (feces waste)/like stone related term(s): SCATO-, STERCO278. FEMOR/Othigh femor/al thigh/refer to 279. -FERENCE to carry vas de/ference vessel: away/to carry (duct from teste) 280. FERROiron ferr/ous iron/state of related term(s): sider/o-, heme 281. FET/Oyoung feto/graph/y young/instrument/procedure of fet/us young (last 6 & 1/2 months of development in uterus)/refer to (embryo means early) fiss/ure cleft or split/state of 287. FISTUL/Opipe or pipe stem pyo/fistula pus/pipe or pipe-stem (pus found within a pipe or tube that opens to body surface) 288. FLEXto bend ante/flex/ion before/to bend or divert/process of (to decrease angle of joint) related term(s): -FLECT 289. FLUflowing in/fluenza inward/condition of flowing (mucoid material) 290. -FLUX to flow re/flux again/flow (the movement of a substance backward or upward) 291. FORAMEN/Oopening Foramen/al opening/refers to (also known as meatus or opening) 292. FOREbefore fore/arm before/brachium or arm (between elbow and wrist) 293. FRACT/Oto break fract/ure to break/refers to 294. FRONT/Oforehead or before front/al forehead or before (front brow)/pertains to 295. FUNGImushroom fungi/form mushroom or plant/shape related term(s): LICHEN/I296. FURUN/Oboil furun/cle boil/small (may vary in size and characteristics) 297. GALACT/Omilk galacto/poiesis milk/production 298. GANGLI/Oknot, swelling, or collection gangli/ectomy knot, swelling, or collection/excision (removal of the fibrous swelling 'dorsal root' formation on post. spinal nerve) 299. GANGREN/Oeating sore gangren/ous eating sore/refers to (dead tissue caused by isch/emia 'poor blood flow') 300. GASTR/Ostomach gastr/itis stomach/inflamed gastrocnemi/us calf of leg or stomach shape muscle in back of lower leg 301. GEN/Orace geno/type race/classification (gene) 302. GENI/Ochin geni/ec/tom/y chin/out/cutting/procedure of 303. GENIT/Oreproductive or birth genit/al reproductive or birth/refers to (reproductive structures) 304. GENUknee genu/clast knee/breaking (instrument to break knee joint adhesions) 305. -GEN origin, develop, to produce, to form, to make carcino/gen crab-like/ to produce, to form, to make, origin, develop (substance that causes cancer) carcino/gen/esis crab-like/origin or beginning/process of related term(s): -GENESIS 306. GER/Oold or old age ger/iatr/ic old or old age/treat or cure/study of or science of (studying all aspects of the aging process) 307. GESTto bear or separate gest/ation to bear or separate/process of (time period from conception to birth) 308. GINGIV/O- 282. FIBRILL/Oto quiver fibrill/ation to quiver (muscle fiber contraction)/process of 283. FIBROfiber fibr/oma fiber (thread like structures)/tumor 284. FIBUL/Oto clasp fibul/a to clasp/refers to (noun) (smaller outer long bone of lower leg) 285. FILthread fila/ment thread/state of or refers to related term(s): FILI286. FISSto split or splitting fiss/ion splitting/refers to gum gingiv/itis gum/inflamed related term(s): ULO309. GLANDUL/Olittle acorn or gland glandul/ar little acorn or gland/refers to 310. GLAUC/Owaterfall or gray glauc/oma waterfall or gray/swelling (inner eye pressure causing loss of sight) 311. GLI/Oglue or glue-like gli/oma glue or glue-like/tumor (gliocytes are body cells that hold neurons or nerves together) alternate spelling: GLIA312. GLOMERUL/Osmall round mass or tiny ball glomerul/itis small round mass or tiny ball/inflamed (mass or capillary tuft of nephron "kidney functional unit or filter") 313. GLOSS/Otongue gloss/itis tongue/inflamed glosso/pharyng/eal tongue/pharynx or throat/refers to 314. GLOTT/Oback of tongue epi/glott/itis upon/back of tongue/inflamed (structure protecting voice-box: consists of two vocal cords & glottis rim) 315. GLUTbuttocks glut/itis buttocks (rear-end)/refer to 316. GLYCOsugar glyco/pen/ia sugar/decrease or lower/refers to 317. -GNOSIS knowledge dia/gnosis total or complete/knowledge 318. GOITER swelling (throat) goiter/ectomy swelling (throat)/removal of thyroid goiter 319. GON/Oseed or seed producer gono/rrhea seed or seed producer/flowing from related term(s): orchi/o 320. GOUT to drop gout to drop (uric acid crystals larger than blood cells which drop to lower joints causing pain. Type of arthritis - usually found in big toe) 321. -GRADE a step, stage, or degree in a process retro/grade backward or behind/a step, stage, or degree in a process (the removal of skin to be placed on new body part - like a flap) 323. -GRAM to record myo/gram muscle/to record (write or take down) 324. -GRAPHY procedure of using an instrument to do recording myo/graphy muscle/procedure of using an instrument to do recording 325. -GRAPH instrument myo/graph muscle/instrument (used to do recording) related term(s): -e 326. GRAVID/Oheavy or pregnant gravid/ium heavy or pregnant/refers to (gravida means pregnant woman) 327. GROIN inguinal region groin inguinal region (depression between thigh and trunk) 328. GUMM/Ogum or gum like Gumma gum or gum like (lesions of 3rd stage of syphilis) 329. GUST/Otasting or to taste gust/ation tasting or to taste/process of 330. GYNEC/Owoman gynec/olog/ist woman/science and study of/specialist alternate spelling: GYN/O331. HALLUX great or big toe hallux/ectomy great or big toe/removal 332. HAPLOhalf (single) hapl/oid half or single/resembling (set of 23 chromosomes in cell 'not paired') 333. HEALTH wholeness health wholeness This supports the concept of 'Integrated Medicine' by Dr. Andrew Weil. Different modalities are used including Traditional Eastern and Western Medicine, Chiropractic, Homeopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbs, Nutrition, Breathing, Yoga, Vitamins and Minerals, Massage, and many other therapies. This includes Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, and Spiritual aspects to promote wholeness 'Health or Wellness'. 334. HELICOspiral helico/bacter pylori spiral (shaped)/bacteria: gatekeeper (lower end of stomach) (digestive system bacteria that causes most digestive ulcers 'sores') 335. HELIOsun 322. -GRAFT to probe or cut with a knife dermo/graft skin/to probe with knife (pole; probe; or steak) helio/pathy sun/injury (caused by) 336. HELMINTH/Oworms or worm helminth/iasis worms or worm/disease of or condition of (leading killer of humans world wide except TB) related term(s): ASCAR/IS, VERMI337. HEM/Oblood hem/o/rrhage blood/bursting forth hemo/kinesis means: blood/movement or flow alternate spelling: HEMATO338. HEMEiron hem/atin iron/small part (non-protein portion of hemoglobin where iron is in ferrous state) related term(s): sidero-, ferro339. HEMIhalf or one half hemi/plegia half (right or left side of body)/paralyzed related term(s): DEMI-, SEMI340. HEPAT/Oliver hepat/itis liver (cells)/inflamed 341. HEPT/Aseven hepta/dactyl/ia seven/fingers or toes/refers to 342. HERNI/Orupture or protrusion hern/ia rupture or protrusion/condition of 343. HERPES to creep Herpes (Herpes Simplex Virus) to creep 344. HETER/Oother or opposite hetero/gen/ous other or opposite/form/state of 345. HIATan opening hiat/al an opening/refers to (esophageal hiatus in diaphragm) 346. HIDR/Osweat hidr/osis sweat (watery)/condition of (abnormal sweating and usually causes blisters) related term(s): suderifer/o- related term(s): AQUA350. HOLIST/Owhole holist/ic medicine whole/state of: remedy or drug (refers to treating the whole individual comprehensive total patient care: physical, mental, social, and economic. New approach to care by H.M.O.) alternate spelling: HOLO351. HOMEOsame, constant, or unchanged homeo/path/y same, constant, or unchanged/disease/process of related term(s): HOMO356. HYPERincrease or above hyper/tens/ion above or excess/pressure (above 140 systolic/90 diastolic -BP)/process of hyper/troph/y increase/development/process of 357. HYPN/Osleep Hypn/osis sleep/condition (alpha state of brainwave patterns: this is not true sleep) related term(s): somn/o358. HYPOunder or below hypo/tens/ion under or below (pressure in vessels)/contraction/process of hypo/derm/ic below/skin/pertaining to 359. HYSTER/Outerus hyster/ectomy uterus /removal hyster/ia nervous reaction/refers to 360. IATR/Otreat or cure, procedure of treating ger/iatr/ic old age/treat or cure/pertains to related term(s): -IATR/Y 361. -IA refers to, condition, state of esthes/ia feeling (physical)/refers to, condition, state of dys/phag/ia difficult/eating or swallowing/refers to 352. HORMON/Oto urge on hormon/al to urge on/refers to (chemicals that stimulate specific cell performance) 353. HUMER/Oarm (upper) humer/al arm (upper)/refers to 354. HYAL/Oglassy or glass like hyal/ase glassy or glass-like/enzyme (enzyme found in head of sperm that break down tissues on contact) 355. HYDROwater hydro/pneumo/thorax water/lung(within)/chest hydro/cephalis water (cerebral spinal fluid)/head (within) 347. HIRSUThairy or profound hair hirsut/ism hairy or profound hair/state of (bearded women or extremely hairy people) 348. -HISCENCE to gape open de/hiscence away/to gape (open) (wound, incision, injury that gapes open) 349. HISTOweb-like or tissue hist/olog/y web-like or tissue/science or study of/process of (tissues are composed of similar cells) related term(s): -A 362. ICHTHYfish or fish like ichthy/osis fish or fish-like (resembles fish scales)/condition of (often seen with fungus infections on feet) 363. -ICIAN one who diet/ician food/one who (performs) 364. -ICLE small or tiny oss/icle bone/small or tiny related term(s): -CULE, -IOLE, -ULA, ULE 365. -ISY inflamed pleur/isy side or rib/inflamed (2 layer serous membrane 'like pericardium and peritoneum' covering of lungs inside the ribs) related term(s): -itis 366. IDE/Oidea, thoughts, emotions, image ideo/motor idea, thoughts, emotions, image/movement ideo/vascul/ar emotions/vessels/refers to (vessels contract because of stress) 367. IDIOunique to or unknown cause idio/path/ic unique to or unknown cause/disease/refer to (distinctive or individualized personal health problem) 368. -ID state of morb/id disease/state of 369. ILE/Otwisted ile/um twisted/pertains to (3rd part of small intestine - 15 feet long) ile/itis twisted/inflamed related term(s): torsi-, varic/o370. ILIOflank ili/um flank (area)/refers to (ili/acus muscle in outer pelvic flank area) 371. IMinto or not im/plant into/place or locate im/potent not/powerful or strong (not capable of having a strong or hard male erection) 372. IMMUN/Osafe, protect, immune immun/o/log/y safe, protect, immune/science of/process of 373. IN SITU in position or location in situ in: position or location (original or first) (early phase or stage of cancer) 374. INinto or not in/di/gest/ion not/two/separations/process of in/cis/or into/cut/pertain to (4 front teeth top center and 4 bottom center) 375. INCUS anvil mallus/incus/stapes hammer/anvil/stirrup (shapes) (3 tiny ossicles or middle ear bones) 376. INFARCTto stuff into infarct/ion to stuff into/refers to (clot blockage that causes diminished blood flow to heart or other body parts 'muscles or organs') 377. INFECT/Oto invade infect/ion to invade/process of 378. INFLAM/Oflame within inflamm/ation flame within/process of 379. INFRAunder or below infra/clavicul/ar under or below/collar bone/refers to infra/mur/al below/wall/pertaining to related term(s): hyp/o-, sub380. INGUIN/Ogroin inguin/al groin/refers to (area between belly and thigh) 381. -ING procedure of or process of operat/ing working/procedure of or process of related term(s): -AGE, -ATION, -IATION, -ION, -TION, -Y 382. INTEGUcovering integu/ment covering/refers to or state of (skin of body)/refers to or state of 383. INTERbetween inter/cellul/ar between/cell or chamber/refers to 384. INTRAwithin intra/nuclear within/refers to nut 385. INTROwithin intro/spect within/to view 386. INTUSwithin intus/suscept/ion within/to receive/process of (invagination or the slipping of a body part into a lower body part 'like the intestines' - often seen in children and animals) 387. -IN substance or chemical gastr/in stomach/substance or chemical holo/crine (gland) all or whole/secretes substance or chemical related term(s): -INE 388. -IOLE smaller, lesser, diminutive bronch/iole trachea-like (tubes of lungs)/smaller, lesser, diminutive alternate spelling: -OLE related term(s): -CULE, -ICLE, -ULA, -ULE 389. ION/Ogoing, ion movement ionto/therap/y going (of ions)/treat or cure/procedure of (treatment by introducing ions into body related term(s): IONT/O390. -IOR one who is infer/ior under or below/ one who (is) related term(s): -ER, -OR 391. -IOUS state of delir/ious mental confusion or excitement/state of (illusions and hallucinations) 392. IPSIequal ipsi/later/al equal/side or sides/process of 393. IRnot or lack of ir/regul/ar not or lack of/consistent or regular/refers to 394. IR/Orainbow ir/is (noun) rainbow/refers to ir/idescent rainbow/having or exhibiting related term(s): IRID/O- 395. ISCH/Odeficiency, blockage, to hold back isch/emic deficiency or blockage/refers to blood (myocardial ischemia: angina pectoris or chest pain because of poor blood supply to the heart muscle) isch/emia hold back/pertains to blood 396. ISCHI/Ohip joint or hip Ischio/dynia hip joint or hip/pain 397. -ISH resembling or related to lap/ish stone/resembling or related to 398. -ISM state of or condition of giant/ism large/state of albin/ism white/state of or condition of 399. ISOequal or same iso/ton/ic equal or same/tone/refers to iso/cell/ar equal/cells/refers to (chamber 'inside cell membrane' pressure) 400. -IST specialist endo/crin/olog/ist within/secrete/science or study of/specialist (glands that secrete directly into or within the blood) 401. -ITES dropsy or drooping tympan/ites drum/dropsy or drooping 402. -ITIS inflamed or inflammation gloss/itis tongue/inflamed or inflammation related term(s): -icy 403. -ITY state of steril/ity barren (not capable of fertility)/state of related term(s): -ous 404. -IZE state of or acts like cauter/ize burn/state of hypnot/ize sleep/state of or acts like 405. JEJUNOto empty (2nd part of small intestine) jejun/um to empty (the second part of the small intestine/refers to (five foot long 2nd part of the small intestine with rugae 'folds' and villae 'hair-like projections for absorption) related part(s): 1st part duodenum, 3rd part ileum 406. JUNCTIV/Ojoining or to join con/junctiv/itis together/joining or to join/inflamed (ocular and eyelid parts) 407. KALIpotassium kali/penia potassium/decrease of 408. KARY/Onucleus karyo/kinesis nucleus/movement or motion 409. KEL/Oscar kel/oid scar/resembling (raised hard reddened scar) 410. KERAT/Ocornea or horny kerato/malac/ia cornea (eye)/softening/refers to (cornea of children - lack of Vitamin A) 411. KET/Osour or acid keto/sis sour or acid/condition (an increase in ketone bodies referred to as acidosis and is associated with starvation) 412. KIL/Oone thousand kilo/gram one thousand/grams (recording weight of about 2.2 lb.) note: a milli/gram is one thousandth of a gram 413. KINEmovement or motion kine/tic movement/state of or condition of alternate spelling: KINESI/O related term(s): KYM/O414. KRAUR/Odryness Kraur/o/sis dryness/condition (associated with mouth and vagina) 415. KYPH/Ohunchback kyph/osis hunchback/condition 416. LABIOlip labi/oma lip/tumor (the term 'cheilo' also means lip) 417. LABRYNITHOmaze labrynith/itis maze/inflamed (top portion of inner ear - balance) 418. LACER/Oto tear lacer/ate to tear/refers to 419. LACRIM/Otearing or tear lacrim/al tearing or tear/refer to related term(s): dacryo420. LACT/Omilk lact/ose milk/sugar 421. LAMIN/Othin flat plate or layer lamin/ectomy thin flat plate or layer/removal lamin/ent thin flat plate or layer/having or possessing (bridge part of vertebrae arch) 422. LAP/Istone lap/is stone/refers to related term(s): PETRO-, LITHO423. -LAPSE falling or slippage pro/lapse before/falling or slippage (means normal before slippage) (sinking down of a body part or organ, usually at a normal or artificial opening) re/lapse again/falling or slippage 424. LARYNGOvoice box laryng/itis voice box (larynx)/inflamed (hoarseness or loss of the voice) 425. LATside lat/eral side/refers to lat/issimus side (dorsal chest muscle)/refers to alternate spelling: LATER/O426. LAXto loosen or loosening re/lax/ation again/to loosen/process of alternate spelling: LAXAT/O427. LEI/Osmooth leio/my/oma smooth/muscle/tumor (smooth muscle tumor usually found in stomach or uterus) 428. LENT/Ofreckle lent/icle freckle/small small skin blemishes 429. LEPR/Oscaly lepros/y scaly/process of (skin lesion appearance) related term(s): LEPROS430. -LEPSY seizure or convulsion epi/leps/y upon/seizure/process of (short circuiting of brain waves) 431. LEPTOthin or slender lepto/morph/ic thin or slender/shape or form/refers to 432. LEUK/Owhite leuk/aphere/sis white (white blood cells: WBC's)/separation/condition of related term(s): LEUC/O433. LEVAT/Olift up levat/or lift up (muscle)/one who 434. LIBID/Odesire libid/al desire/refers to (conscious or unconscious sex drive) 435. LICHEN/Iplant lichen/ific/ation plant/process of making (plant-like) (irritations that cause thickening or hardening of skin surface - it now looks like lichens growing on rocks) related term(s): FUNGI-, PHYTO436. LIENOspleen lien/itis spleen/inflamed 437. LIGAto bind liga/ment to bind/state of (binding bone to bone) 438. LINGUtongue bi/lingu/al two/tongue/pertain to (use of tongue for producing sounds or speech in two languages) 439. LIP/Ofat lip/oma fat/tumor or swelling 440. -LISTHESIS slippage spondylo/listh/esis vertebrae/slippage/condition of 441. -LITER liter milli/liter one-thousandth/litre of fluid measurement (liter is an unit of liquid: 1.0567 quarts or 1000 ml or cc.) alternate spelling: -LITRE (European) 442. LITH/Ostone, calculus or rock nephro/lith kidney/stone calculus or rock related term(s): LAP/I-, PETRO443. LOB/Olobe lob/ectom/y lobe/removal or excision 'cut out'/procedure of (usually in the lung) 444. LORD/Oswayback (to bend) lordo/sis swayback (to bend)/condition of (lumbar spine is bent anterior: often seen in horses) 445. LUMB/Oloin lumb/ar loin (5 large lower back vertebrae: just above sacrum or large tail bone) 446. LUMPsmall mass lump/ectomy small mass/excised or removed 447. LUNAmoon or crescent-shaped lun/ate moon or crescent-shaped/refers to (Lunar literally means moon, month, silver. Moon is usually seen in a 'C' shape like the 2 crescent cartilages of the knee.) related term(s): MENISC/O448. LUPUS wolf lupus erythematosus wolf: red (faced) (a progressive ulcerating skin condition: auto-immune disease with skin lesions) 449. LUTE/Oyellow lute/al yellow/refers to (spot on retina 'macula lutea' or body structure on ovary 'corpus luteum') related term(s): XANTH/O450. LUXto dislocate sub/lux/ation under or less/to dislocate/refers to (osteopaths, chiropractors, and orthopedic doctors manipulate or adjust these bone dis/articulations) 451. LYMPH/Owatery lymph/oma watery (clear fluid or serum)/tumor or swelling (12 major types of lymphatic cancers: Hodgkin's, Leukemias, & Reticular Cancers) 452. -LYSIS destruction, breakdown, declining auto/lysis self/destruction, breakdown, declining hemo/lysis blood/breakdown 453. MACER/Oto make soft macer/ation to make soft/process of 454. MACROlarge or huge macro/phage large or huge/eater(WBC's) macro/scop/ic large/viewing or seeing (eyeballing)/refers to 455. MACUL/Olarge spot or flat skin freckle macula lutea large (flat spot on retina, lesions, mole 'nevus'): yellow macule large spot or flat skin freckle (lenticel) related term(s): MACULE 456. MAGNIlarge or greater magni/ficat/ion larger or greater/to make/process of 457. MALbad, harm, injury mal/ignant bad, harm, injury/refers to (growing worse or resisting treatment) mal/practice bad/action 458. MALAC/Osoft or softening ostero/malac/ia bone/soft or softening/pertains to 459. MALL/E/OLUS little hammer malle/olus hammer (little bony protuberance on either side of ankle joint)/small related term(s): MALLE/O460. MALLE/Ohammer malle/us hammer (middle ear bone)/refers to(noun) related term(s): MALLEOLUS 461. MAMM/Obreast mamm/ary breast/refers to related term(s): MAST/O462. MAN/Ohand manu/al hand/pertain to mano/meter (thin or hand measurement) 463. MAND/Ichew or chewer mand/ible chew or chewer/ability to(lower jaw bone) 464. -MANIA madness klepto/mani/ac theft or steal/madness/pertains to (obsession or preoccupation with stealing) alternate spelling: MANI/O465. MASSET/Ochewer or to chew masset/er chewer or to chew/one who (muscle from cheek bone to lower jaw) 466. MASSEUR male massager masseur French term for a male that gives massages related term(s): MASSEUSE 467. MAST/Obreast mast/ectom/y breast/removal/procedure of (partial or complete) mast/oid breast/resembling (large bone projection of temporal bone: posterior & interior to outer ear) related term(s): MAMM/O468. MASTIC/Oto chew or chewing mastic/ation to chew or chewing/process of (refers to chewing with the large muscle of the cheek -the masseter) 469. -MATA multiple carcino/mata crab-like (cancerous growths)/multiple (many) 470. MAXILL/Oupper jaw maxill/ary jaw/refers to 471. MEASLES rubella, reddish or red measles rubella or reddish or red (3 Day or German Measles - 'Dutch Mesalen'. Red spots appear with 'Papules, Macules, and Vesicles'. Dangerous if pregnant. Rubeola also means reddish and this 9 or 10 day measles is more dangerous because of high fever 104 to 106 degrees F. - usually respiratory virus ) 472. MEAT/Oopening meat/us opening/refer to 473. MEDImiddle medi/an; medi/um; medi/al middle/refers to 474. MEGAgreat or big mega/colon great (big)/large intestine 475. MEGALOhuge or large hepato/megal/y liver/huge/process of 476. MEI/O- and MIOlesser, smaller, fewer, and constrict mei/osis and Miotic lesser, smaller, fewer/condition of (reduction of cells chromosome from 23 pairs to 23 in egg or sperm. Miotic drops lessen the size of the eyes pupil: mydriatic drops dilate pupil) related term(s): MI/O477. MELsweet, honey, cheek, limb mel/itis cheek/inflamed mel/algia limb/pain mel/on sweet/one who is 478. MELAN/Oblack melan/oma black/tumor (skin cancer) 479. MEN/Omonthly or month men/arche monthly or month/start meno/pause monthly/stoppage 480. MENING/Omembrane mening/itis membrane/inflamed (covering of Central Nervous System 'CNS') meninges membrane (3 parts: dura mater layer (hard mother); arachnoid layer (spider-like web); and pia mater layer (gentle mother)) 481. MENISC/Ocrescent menisc/ectomy crescent ('C' shaped)/excision (knee cartilage that are half moon or 'C' shaped) related term(s): LUNA482. MENT/Omind ment/al mind/pertains to 483. -MENTUM chin ante/mentum before/chin 484. MES/Omiddle mes/enter/y middle/intestines/state of (connective tissue or blood vessels on the posterior middle wall of abdomen) meso/derm middle/skin (outer layer is ecto/derm and inner layer is endo/derm) 485. METAbeyond or change meta/carp/al beyond/wrist/pertains to meta/bol/ism change/lump/state of meta/stasis change (from)/standing or stoppage (spreading of cancer or bacteria) 486. -METER measurement spiro/meter breathe/measurement opto/metr/ist eye/measurement/specialist alternate spelling: -METRE (European) 487. METR/Auterus or womb endo/metr/iosis within/uterus or womb/condition endo/metr/itis within/uterus or womb/inflammation 488. -METRY measurement procedure opto/metr/y (O.D.) sight or vision/measurement/procedure or process 489. MICROsmall micro/gloss/ia small/tongue/refers to micro/scop/e small/viewing/instrument 490. MICTUR/Oto make water or urinate mictur/ition to make water or urinate/process of alternate spelling: MICTURIT/O491. MILLIone-thousandth milli/meter one-thousandth/of meter (39.37 inches) Note: a kilo/gram is one thousand grams or a recording weight of about 2.2 lb. A milli/gram is one-thousandth of a gram 492. MINIMUSsmallest minim/um smallest/refers to (smallest: gluteus minimus is the smallest of the 3 groups of buttock muscles) 493. MINUTE small com/minute together/small (com/minuted fractures are caused by the bone being forced together causing small bone parts or chips) 494. -MITR/E head band or mitre box mitr/al head band or mitre to box/refers alternate spelling: MITR/O- (European) 495. MOL/O- to mill or grind mol/ar to mill or grind/refer to (upper and lower sets of back teeth of humans) 496. MON/Oone mono/nucle/osis one/nut/condition of (high number of mono/nuclear 'large' white blood cells) related term(s): UNI497. MORPHOshape a/morph/ous without/shape or form/state of or composed of 498. MORT/Odeath mort/al death/refers to 499. -MOTOR movement or motion oculo/motor eye/motion or movement psycho/motor mind/movement related term(s): KINESI/O500. MUC/Oslime muc/oid slime/resembles 501. MULTImany, multiple, excessive multiple sclera/osis (MS) many: hardening/condition of (hardening of nerves and myelin sheath around nerves causing paralysis) related term(s): PLURI-, POLY502. MUMPS swelling mumps swelling (viral infection of parotid saliva gland near ear: progresses to gonad/itis, pancreat/itis, nephr/itis, myocard/itis, and arthr/itis. Also known as par/ot/itis 'near/ear/inflamed') 503. MY/Omuscle my/oma muscle or muscular/tumor alternate spelling: MY-, MYOS504. MYC/Ofungus myc/oid fungus/resembles 505. MYDRI/Oto widen mydri/opt/ic to widen/vision/refers to (pupil of eye dilates) 506. MYEL/Ospinal cord or bone marrow myelo/gram spinal cord/recording myel/itis bone marrow/inflamed 507. MYRING/Oeardrum myring/itis eardrum/inflamed (infected) 508. MYX/Omucus myx/oma mucus/tumor or swelling myx/oid mucus/resembles 509. NANO1 billionth nano/meter 1 billionth part nano/meter - 1 billionth/ of meter (39.37 inches is a meter) 510. NARC/Osleep narco/lepsy sleep/seizure (hypno- also means sleep) 511. NARES nose opening nares nose opening 512. NAS/Onose nas/al nose/refers to 513. NATbirth nat/al birth/refers to related term(s): NAT/O-, PARTO-, TOCI/O514. NATRIsodium or salt hyper/natr/emia increase/sodium or salt/in blood 515. NAVICUL/Oboat or boat shaped navicul/ar boat shaped/refer to (ankle and wrist scaphoid bones) 516. NECR/Odeath, dead, dying necrot/ic death, dead, dying/refers to (mortification or the death process of any body cells) necr/osis death, dead, dying/condition of related term(s): THANAT/O 517. NEOnew neo/plasm new/growth 518. NEPHR/Okidney nephr/itis kidney/inflamed 519. NEUR/Onerve neur/algia nerve/pain 520. NEUTR/Oneither or neutral neutro/phil(e) neither or neutral/love for (WBC that stains with a neutral PH of 7) 521. NEV/Obirthmark nev/us birthmark/refers to (moles, stains and other skin discolorations) 522. NIGRAblack nigra bodies black: structures in and around cell nucleus alternate spelling: NIGRI-, NIGROrelated term(s): MELAN/O523. NIN/Onine nin/us nine/pertains to related term(s): NOV524. NOCT/Inight or blind noct/uria night/urination (excessive) related term(s): NYCTO525. -NOIA mind para/noia beyond/mind (psychotic mental condition: loss of reality) 526. NUCLE/Onut nucle/us nut (shaped)/refers to 527. NULL/Inone or no nulli/para none or no (null or voided)/births 528. NUTRI/Oto nourish nutri/tion to nourish/process of 529. -O/PEXY to fixate, attach, sew nephr/opex/y kidney/fixate, attach, sew (suture)/procedure of 530. -O/PLASTY repair or plastic surgery rhino/plast/y nose/repair or plastic surgery/procedure of 531. -O/RRHAGIA bursting forth or heavy flow meno/rrhagia monthly (female cycle)/bursting forth (heavy flow) 532. -O/RRHEA discharge or flow men/o/rrhea monthly/discharge or flow (slow) gon/o/rrhea gonad/flow 533. -O/RRHEXIS rupture or protrusion enter/o/rrhexis intestine (small)/rupture or protrusion related term(s): -O/RRHEXIA 534. OBLIQUE side-long or slanted oblique side-long or slanted (at a 45 '+/-' degree angle) 535. OBSTETR/Imidwife obstetr/ics midwife (childbirth)/pertains to 536. OCCIPIT/Oback of head occipit/otomy back of head/opening (surgical procedure) occipit/al back of head/pertains to 537. OCCLUSI/Oclosure or blockage occlus/ion closure or blockage/process of 538. OCCULT/Ohidden occult/a (spina bi/fida) hidden (thorn: two/clefts)/refers to 539. OCT/Oeight oct/agon eight/walls alternate spelling: OCTArelated term(s): OCTI540. OCUL/Oeye oculo/motor eye/movement 541. ODONT/Otooth odont/oid tooth/resembling 542. -OID resembling lip/oid fat/resembling epi/derm/oid upper/skin/resembling 543. OLEOoil oleo/vitamin oil (fish oil)/life giving (fat soluble vitamins) 544. -OLEUM oil oleo/infusion oil/injection (formulation of a drug in oil) petr/oleum stone/oil 545. OLFACT/Osmelling or smell olfact/ory smelling or smell/process of related term(s): OSMO546. OLIG/Ofew, scanty, slight, little oligo/meno/rrhea few, scanty, slight, little/monthly/flow 547. -OLOG/Y science or study of, process of hist/olog/y web-like or tissue/science of or study of/process of related term(s): -LOG548. -OMA tumor or swelling carcin/oma crab or crab-like/tumor or swelling 549. OMOshoulder omo/burs/itis shoulder (near arm)/sack/inflamed related term(s): OMI550. OMPHAL/Onavel or umbilicus omphal/ectomy navel or umbilicus/removal (excision) 551. ONC/Otumor onco/log/y tumor/science or study of/process of onco/log/ist tumor/science of or study of/specialist (Note - all tumors are not cancer. ex: 'benign growths') 552. ONYCH/Onail onchyo/fidia nail/split related term(s): UNGUIN/O553. OOPHOR/Oovary oophor/itis ovary (seed producer)/inflamed 554. OPHTHALM/Oeye or eyeball ophthalm/olog/ist eye/science or study of/specialist ophthalm/ic eye or eyeball/refer to 555. OPISTH/Obackwards (bending) opistho/tonus backward (bending)/tone (muscle contractions tilting head & spine backward; seen with tetanus and Central Nervous System injuries) 556. OPTOvision, sight, eye opto/metr/ist vision or sight/measurement/specialist related term(s): -OPT-, OPIA-, -OPSY 557. ORAmouth or/al mouth/pertains to 558. ORBcircle or dish orbit/al circle or dish (eye socket)/pertains to (orbit is actually a circular track) related term(s): ORBIT/O559. ORCHI/Oteste or seed producer orchi/oma teste or seed producer/tumor or swelling orch/itis testicle/inflamed related term(s): GON/O-, ORCHID/O560. -OREXIA appetite an/orexia without/appetite (not hungry) 561. -ORRHAPHY suturing or repair neur/orrhaph/y nerve/suturing or repair/procedure of 562. ORTH/Ostraight, normal, correct ortho/dont/ic straight, normal, correct/teeth/refers to 563. OSmouth trache/os/tom/y windpipe/mouth/cut/process 564. OSCILL/Oto swing oscillo/graph to swing/instrument (that measure electric activity of heart and muscles) 565. -OSE sugar malt/ose malt/sugar 566. -OSIS condition of or disease scoli/osis crooked (lateral curve)/condition of or disease related term(s): -ASIS, -ESIS, -SIS 567. OSMOsmell an/osm/ia without/smell/refers to related term(s): OLFACT/O568. OSTE/Obone osteo/path bone/disease (most diseases caused by bone misalignment) osteo/por/osis bone/cavities (pores)/condition of 569. -OSTOMY mouth like opening produced by surgery col/ostomy colon/opening (mouth like formation) procedure 570. OT/Oear ot/itis ear/inflamed 571. -OTOMY cutting, to cut, cut into tracheo/tom/y rough (windpipe)/cut into/procedure of ana/tom/y apart/cutting/procedure of or process of 572. -OTRIPSY crushing or to crush neur/otrips/y nerve/crushing or to crush/procedure of (surgical) litho/tripsy stone/crushing/procedure of (kidney or gall stones 'calculi') 573. OV/Oegg ov/ary egg/refer to ovul/ate egg/state of or process of (producing) alternate spelling: O/O-, OVA-, OVIrelated term(s): OV/U574. OX/Ysharp or oxygen molecules oxy/op/ia sharp/vision/refers to oxy/gen sharp (mentally)/producing, developing, forming oxy/gen/ation oxygen (molecules)/development/process of alternate spelling: OX/O575. PACHYthick pachy/derm/ia thick/skin/refers to related term(s): PACHY/DERM (elephant-like) 576. PALAT/Opalate, plate or plate of the mouth roof palato/plasty palate (roof of mouth)/repair palat/oplasty roof of mouth or palate/surgical repair palat/ine plate of mouth roof (skull bones)/state of 577. PALL/Opale or lack of color pall/or pale or lack of color/one who (characteristic of illness) 578. PALM/Apalm or palm of hand palm/ar palm or palm of hand/refer to (front of the hand 'palms forward' as seen in the human anatomical position) 579. PALPAT/Otouching or to touch palpat/ion touching or to touch/process of (physical diagnosis procedure) 580. PALPEBRAeyelid palpebr/itis eyelid/inflamed related term(s): BLEPHARO581. PALPITquivering or fluttering palpit/ation quivering or fluttering (heart)/process of 582. PALSY slight or moderate paralysis Cerebral Palsy (C.P.) brain: paralysis (injury to brain that causes temporary or permanent loss of sensation, movement, control) 583. PANall, total, complete pan/dem/ic all, total, complete/people/pertain to (spread of disease) pan/creat/itis all/flesh/inflamed 584. PAPILLAnipple papill/ary nipple/state of or refer to 585. PARAnear, beside, beyond, around, similar, abnormal para/thyr/oid near/shield shaped/resembling related term(s): PAR586. -PARESIS paralysis hemi/pare/sis half/paralysis (slight)/condition of (this occurs in tertiary syphilis of C.N.S.) related term(s): -PLEG/IA 587. PARIET/Owall or partition pariet/al wall or partition/refer to (skull bone) partition/refer to (pertains to walls of a cavity) alternate spelling: PARIETrelated term(s): PHRAG-, SEPTA- 588. PART/Obirth or labor post/part/um after/birth or labor/refers to related term(s): NAT-, NATO, TOCI/O589. PATELL/Olittle dish or knee cap patell/ar little dish (knee cap)/refer to 590. PATH/Odisease path/o/log/y disease/science of or study of/process of 591. PAUS/Ostoppage meno/paus/al monthly/stoppage/refers to (female 30 day '+/-' cycle) 592. PECT/Ochest pector/al chest (anterior breast area)/refer to related term(s): PECTERO593. PEDfoot or feet ped/al foot or feet/refer to alternate spelling: PEDO-, PEDI-, related term(s): PES, POD-, PODO594. PEDIchild ped/iatrics child/treat ped/ia/tric/ian child/treats or cures/one who related term(s): PEDIA595. PEDICUL/Olice pediculo/sis lice (head, body or pubic)/condition of 596. PELIpurple peli/osis purple/condition of (purple spots seen in and on immuno/compromised patients) 597. PELLskin pell/agra skin/rough or painful related term(s): CORI/O-, CUT-, CUTI/O-, DERMAT/O-, DERMO598. PELVI/Obase, basin, pelvis pelv/ic base, basin, pelvis/refers to (bounded by hip bones and sacrum) alternate spelling: PELV/O599. PEN/Otail, organ of copulation, penis pen/itis penis/inflamed 600. -PENIA decrease in number leuko/cyto/penia white (WBC's)/cells/decrease in number 601. PENT/Afive pent/agon five/walls penta/dactyl five (normal)/fingers and toes on each limb 602. PEPS/Odigestion dys/peps/ia difficult or painful/digestion/refers to alternate spelling: PEP-, PEPSI-, PEPT/O603. PER- through per/cutane/ous through/skin/state of per/meate through/opening 604. PERIaround peri/cardi/um around/heart/refers to peri/stal/sis around/to clasp and compress/condition 605. PERINE/Obase or floor perin/eal base or floor/refers to (area between anus and external genital organs 'scrotum and vulva') 606. PERITON/Ethat which holds the lower viscera peritone/um that which holds the lower organs/refers to (two layered serous membrane in abdomino/pelvic cavity that hold organs) periton/itis membrane holding lower viscera or organs and structures/inflammation 607. PERONEOpin or concerning the lower outside leg bone perone/al pin or concerning the lower outside leg bone/refers to perone/us pin/refers to (one of several muscles of leg that moves the foot) 608. PES foot tali/pes ankle/foot (club foot - ankle and foot turn inward) related term(s): PED-, POD-, PODO609. PETECH/Ismall petech/ial small/refers to (usually refers to small hemorrhages or spots on skin or brain) 610. PETIT little illness petit mal little illness/bad (less severe than grand mal epileptic seizures) 611. PETROrock, stone, hard petro/derma rock, stone, hard/skin osteo/petr/osis bone/stone-like/condition related term(s): LAP/I-, LITHO612. PHAGOeat, eating, perverse appetite phago/cyto/sis eat, eating, perverse appetite/cells (WBC's)/refers to alternate spelling: -PHAGY 613. PHALANG/Oclose knit row (fingers and toes) a/phalang/ia without/close knit row (fingers and toes)/refers to related term(s): PHALANX614. PHARMAC/Odrug relationship, to drug, medicine pharmac/o/log/ist drug or medicine/study of/specialist 615. PHARYNG/Othroat pharyng/itis pharynx or throat/inflamed (sore throat) 616. PHAS/Ospeech or speaking dys/phas/ia difficult or faulty/speech or speaking/refers to related term(s): PHAS617. -PHASE stage meta/phase change/stage or an appearance (stage of mit/o/sis-chromosomes visible changing) 618. -PHERESIS withdrawal or to separate hemato/pheresis blood/to separate (separating different types of blood cells: leuco/cytes, erythro/cytes, and thrombo/cytes) 619. -PHILE love of, to love, love for eosino/phil/ia rose red (WBC staining)/love of/refers to alternate spelling: -PHILIA related term(s): -PHIL 620. PHIM/Oto muzzle or muzzling phim/osis to muzzle or muzzling/condition of 621. PHLEB/Ovein phleb/itis vein/inflamed phleb/o/tom/ist vein/cut/specialist (draws blood) related term(s): VENO622. PHOB/O- fear hydro/phob/ia water/fear (rabies)/refers to 623. PHOC/Oseal phoco/mel/ia seal/limbs/refers to (flipper babies caused by thalidomide and other drugs) 624. PHON/Ovoice or sound dys/phon/ia faulty or difficult/voice or sound/refers to 625. PHOR/Ofeeling (mental) eu/phor/ia good/feeling (mental)/refers to (esthesia means a physical feeling) 626. -PHORESIS migration, transport, move or carry a/phoresis no or lack of/migration, transportation, movement hemo/phoresis blood/carrying, migration, transmitting chema/phoresis chemical/not moving epi/phoresis above/to carry or bear (the term -PHORESIS is a suffix, the term PHORES/I- is a prefix) 627. PHOT/Olight photo/graphy light/process of recording with device photo/phobia light/fear of 628. PHRAG/Owall or partition dia/phragm across or through/wall or partition related term(s): PARIET/O-, SEPTA629. PHRASOspeech or talk a/phras/ia without/speech, talk, unable to understand phrases/refers to 630. -PHRAXIA stoppage or obstruction hemo/phrax/ia blood/stoppage or obstruction/refers to 631. PHREN/Omind or diaphragm phren/ia mind (mental disorder)/pertains to phren/ic (nerve) diaphragm/pertains to 632. -PHYLAXIS protection or guard pro/phylaxis before/protection or guard ana/phylaxis away from/prevention 633. PHYSI/Ofunction of or nature of physi/o/log/y function or nature of/science of/process of 634. -PHYSIS growth or nature of sym/physis together/growth or nature of alternate spelling: -PHYSIC 635. PHYTOplant phyto/toxin plant/poison (plant poisons effecting human) related term(s): -LICHEN 636. PIAgentle pia mater soft or gentle: mother (innermost meninges 'membrane' layer covering the spinal cord) 637. PIL/Ohair pil/oma hair/swelling or tumor-like (condition in hair follicle) related term(s): -THRIX, TRICH/O638. PINN/Afeather or feather like pinna/form feather like/shape (the outer ear projection is called the pinna) 639. PITUIT/Ophlegm or glue like mucus pituit/ary phlegm or glue like mucus/refer to (mucoid fluid discharges when gland is pinched during dia/section) 640. PITYR/Ibran (cereal like scales on skin) pityri/asis bran (cereal like scales on skin)/refers to 641. PLACENT/Acake placent/itis cake/inflamed (afterbirth or structure attached to uterine wall during pregnancy that provides nutrition to the fetus) 642. -PLAKIA plate or plate-like leuko/plakia white/plate (pre-cancerous lesions on a membrane or the skin) 643. PLAN/Oflat or a plain plan/us pes plan/us foot: flat or a plain (flat footed) 644. PLANT/Osole of foot plant/ar sole of the foot/refer to (plantar warts 'verruca' are found on the bottom of foot) 645. PLASgrowth, development, formation hyper/plas/ia excessive/growth, development, formation/pertains to alternate spelling: PLAS/O-, PLAST related term(s): -PLASM 646. -PLEG/IA paralysis quadri/plegia four (limbs)/paralysis (often caused by a stroke 'Apoplexy or CVA') para/plegia beyond (lower two limbs)/paralyzed related term(s): -PARESIS, -PLEXY 647. PLEUR/Oside or rib pleur/itis side or rib/inflamed (this is an inflammation of the membrane that covers the lung just inside the ribcage) related term(s): COST/O648. -PLEXY paralysis neuro/plexy nerve/paralysis related term(s): -PARESIS, -PLEGIA 649. -PNEA breathe or breathing a/pnea without or lack of/breathe or breathing related term(s): PNEUM/O-, PNEUMON/O-, PNEUMAT/O-, SPIRO650. PNEUM/Olung, air, respiration pneumo/thorax air (within)/chest alternate spelling: PNEUMArelated term(s): -PNEA, PNEUMON/O-, PNEUMAT/O651. -POIE/SIS to make, form, produce hemato/poie/sis blood (large amount)/to make, form, produce/condition or state of (usually refers to blood production by bone marrow: erythro/poiesis 'RBC's) 652. POIKIL/Oirregular or varied shape poikilio/cytic irregular or varied shape/cell 653. POLI/Ogray polio/myel/itis gray/spinal cord/inflamed (virus attaches anterior gray motor horn 'rami of the spinal cord) 654. POLLEXthumb pollex/ectomy thumb/removal 655. POLYmany poly/dipsia many/thirsts (being thirsty) related term(s): MULTI-, PLURI656. PONS bridge pons bridge (surrounds the brain stem in front and connects to the cerebellum: switchboard) related term(s): PONT/O657. POR/Ocavity or passage (porous) osteo/por/o/sis bone/cavity or passage (porous)/condition of 658. POSTafter or behind post/part/um after/birth/refers to poster/ior after or behind/refers to 659. -POX pits small pox tiny/pits (some remain on skin after primary lesions disappear) 660. PRAND/Imeal or breakfast prandi/al meal or breakfast/pertain to a/prand/ial without/meal/refer to 661. -PRAX/IA movement or action pharmaco/prax/ia drug/movement or action/pertain to myo/prax/is muscle/action/refers to related term(s): KINESIO662. PREbefore pre/natal before/birth related terms: ANTE-, PRO663. PREPUCE foreskin or hood prepuce foreskin or hood (skin covering of penis 'tail' and clitoris 'penis-like') 664. PRESBYOold presby/op/ia old (weak eyes of elderly)/vision/refers to (vision defect seen with advancing aging known as far sightedness - 'Hyper/opia' - where one can see objects clearly far away, but not close up) 665. PRIM/Ifirst prim/ary first/refers to related term(s): PROT/O666. PRObefore pro/gnosis before/knowledge pro/phorlax/is before/prevention or guard/refers to related term(s): ANTE-, PRE667. PROCT/Orectum or anus proct/o/log/ist rectum or anus/science or study of/specialist 668. PRONEto bend forward pronat/ion to bend forward/process of (to lay face down; to lower; to turn hand palm downward or backward) related term(s): PRONAT/O669. PROPRI/Oproperty (nerve stimuli or information) proprio/ceptor property (nerve stimulation or information)/ones own receives (these are nerve receivers in the bodies joints) 670. PROSTAT/Oone who lies before prostat/ectomy one who lies before/excision (cut out) (prostate gland lies in front of urinary bladder) 671. PROT/Ofirst proto/zoon first/animals (protozoa - the one cell animal) related term(s): PRIMI672. PROXIM/Oclose or closest proxim/al close or closest/refer to 673. PRUR/Iitch or itching prur/itis itch/inflamed related term(s): PRURIT/O674. PSEUD/Ofalse pseudo/membranous false/skin like/state of 675. PSOAS loin (lumbar) psoas loin (lumbar) (these are muscles above the flank and beside the lumbar region) 676. PSOR/Ito itch psori/asis to itch/condition of 677. PSYCH/Omind psych/olog/y mind/science of or study of/process of 678. PTERYG/Owinged pteryg/oid winged/resembles (membrane growth on medial aspect of eyeball) 679. -PTOSIS to drop, fall, displace splanchno/ptosis viscera or organ/to drop, fall, displace nephro/ptosis kidney/to drop, fall, displace 680. -PTYSIS spitting or spit hemo/ptysis blood/spitting or spit 681. PUB/Oprivate parts pub/ic private parts/refers to 682. PULMON/Olung pulmon/ary lung/pertains to alternate spelling: PULM/Orelated term(s): PNEUM/O- 683. PULP/Osolid flesh pulp/itis solid flesh/inflamed 684. PUPILL/Opupil pupillio/meter pupil/to measure (size of ring shape) 685. PURPUR/Opurple purpur/ic purple/refers to (small purple hemorrhages appear on the skin, membranes, organs, tissues) 686. PYEL/Opelvis or kidney pyelo/nephr/itis pelvis/of kidney /inflammation 687. PYKN/Othick, dense, compact pykn/emia thick/refers to blood (often causing heart attacks and stroke) related term(s): PYCN/O688. PYL/Ogatekeeper pyl/or/ic gatekeeper/one who/refer to (lower sphincter (that which binds together) of stomach) 689. PYOpus pyo/gen/ic pus/produce/refers to related term(s): PY690. PYRET/Ofever pyret/ic fever 'febrile', heat, fire/refers to pyreto/gen fever/producing related term(s): PYREX691. QUADR/Ifour quadr/ants four/refers to (4 abdominal divisions around navel '+') alternate spelling: QUAD692. QUINT/Ifive quintu/plet five/offspring or folds 693. RADI/Oray, spoke, X-ray, radio activity radia/tion ray, spoke, X-ray, radio-activity/process of or state of rad/ius spoke/refer to (lateral bone of forearm - to side with palm up) 694. RADIC/Onerve root or spinal nerve radicul/itis nerve root/inflammation related term(s): RADICUL/O695. RAYspoke or wave length ray spoke or wave length (This is one or more lines from a common center: energy, X-ray, spectrum, radiant, fluorescence, and heat. Types vary: X-ray, alpha, beta, gamma, delta, actinic, cathode, hard, heat, infrared, luminous, medullary, positive, primary, secondary, roentgen, ultraviolet, etc.) 696. REagain re/spir/ation again/breath/process of 697. RECT/Orectum or straight recto/clysis rectum or straight/washing out rectus abdominal muscles straight/belly/muscle 698. REN/Okidney ren/al kidney/pertaining to 699. RETICUL/Onetwork reticul/ation network/process of (a massive net: composed of the net and WBC's in bone marrow and in lymph nodes) 700. RETINA net or net like Retin/itis net or net like/inflamed (the appearance of the blood vessels on the thin inner eye layer at back of eyeball) 701. RETR/Oback of, behind, backward, after retro/cervic/al behind/neck/refers to retro/grade back of, backward, behind, after/movement retro/col/ic back of/big intestine/refers to 702. RHACHI/Ojointed vertebrae, spine, spinal column rhach/itis jointed vertebrae, spine, spinal column/inflamed alternate spelling: RACHIOrelated term(s): RACHI703. RHEUMAT/Odischarge or flow through rheumat/oid arthr/itis discharge or flow through/resembles: joint/inflamed 704. RHIN/Onose rhino/plasty nose/repair or plastic surgery (nose job) rhin/itis nose/inflamed rhin/o/rrhea nose/running 705. RHOMB/Oparallelogram or diamond shaped rhomb/oid muscles (major and minor) parallelogram (diamond shaped)/resembles: muscles (one of two muscles beneath the large trapezius muscles of the neck and back 'cervical and thoracic vertebra'.) 706. RHYTID/Owrinkles rhytid/ectomy wrinkles/plastic surgery to remove wrinkles rhytido/plasty wrinkles/plastic surgery or repair 707. RICHETTS/IA rickets like symptoms in joints rickets like symptoms in joints/refers to (Dr. Howard Ricketts was an American Pathologist '1871-1910' who identified this organism. Remember some terms in the sciences are named for people. Rickets is usually caused by the deficiency of Vitamin A & D) 708. ROENT/OX-ray roent/gen/ic x-ray/beginning or caused by/refer to 709. ROTAT/Oto turn or swing around rotat/or to turn or swing around/one who 710. -RRHYTHM rhythm or contraction a/rrhythm lack of or without/rhythm or contraction 711. RUBE/Ored rube/osis red/condition of alternate spelling: RUBER/Orelated term(s): RUBELLO-, RUBEOL712. RUG/Afolds rug/ae folds/refers to (seen in vagina; stomach; intestines) 713. SACCHAR/Osugar sacchar/ide sugar/likeness 714. SACR/Osaucer or sacred bone sacr/al saucer or sacred bone/pertaining to 715. SAGITT/Oarrow or arrow like mid/sagitt/al middle/like and arrow or arrow-like (cut)/refers to (visual or surgical cut separating body or parts into right and left segments) 716. SALIV/Ospit saliv/ation spit (making)/process of saliva/process of (making or producing) 717. SALPING/Otube, duct, canal salping/itis tube, duct, canal/inflamed 718. SARC/Ofleshy sarc/oma fleshy/tumor (these are tumors of the body's hard tissue 'bones, muscle, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage' that become soft or flesh-like) 719. SCAB/Oto itch scab/ies to itch/condition of (mite infestation of skin) 720. SCAPUL/Oshoulder blade scapul/ectomy shoulder blade/removal (surgical excision) 721. SCHIZ/Osplit or splitting schizo/phren/ia split/mind/refers to related term(s): SCHIST/O-, SCISS/I722. SCLER/Ohardening athero/scler/osis yellow fat or porridge/hardening/condition of (this is the leading killer or CardioVascular Disease in the U.S.A.) scler/itis hard/inflammation (sclera is the hard outer white membrane layer of eye) 723. SCOLI/Ocrooked or twisted scoli/osis crooked or twisted (spine)/condition of 724. -SCOP/E to view or examine/instrument micro/scop/e small/to view or examine/instrument 725. -SCOPY to examine or view lapro/scop/y abdomen wall or abdominal/to examine or view/procedure of (process of) 726. SCOT/Odarkness scot/oma darkness (blind spot)/swelling or tumor (causing) (portion of retina of the eye: blind spot) 727. SCROT/Osac or pouch scrot/al sac or pouch/refers to related term(s): VESIC/O728. SCURVY to scratch scurvy to scratch (vitamin C deficiency) 729. SEB/Ooil seb/aceous gland oil/pertains to (sebaceous gland of hair follicle: sebum means oil like -oleum) 730. SECRETO- separating or to separate secreat/or separating or to separate/one who 731. SECT/Oto cut sect/ion to cut (several times) or to cut apart/procedure of (to section an organ) related term(s): -CIS, -TOM 732. SEMIhalf semi/conscious half/aware related term(s): DEMI-, HEMI733. SEMIN/Oseed or seed producer semin/al seed or seed producer/refers to semen seed (male sperm 'with fluid') related term(s): GONO-, SEMEN/O734. SENIL/Eold senil/ity old/state of (mental and/or physical weakness) (Presbyt/iatrics and Ger/iatrics treat diseases of old age) 735. SEPT/Apartition or wall sept/um partition or wall/refers to (wall dividing a space: nose and heart) related term(s): PARIET/O-, PHARG/O736. SEPT/Iseventh septi/para seventh/child births or born infants 737. SEPT/O- poison, infection, decay, putrefy sept/ic poison/refer to related term(s): SEPS/O-, TOX/O738. SIAL/Osaliva or spit sial/aden/itis saliva or spit/gland/inflammation hypo/sialo/gogic low/saliva/production related term(s): -PTYSIS, SALVI/O739. SIDER/Oiron sidero/cyte iron/cell (specialized RBC's that contain iron in a form other than hematin) related term(s): FERR/O-, HEME740. SILIC/Osilicon carbon particles silico/sis silicon carbon particles/refers to (also known as: arc welders disease inhaling iron particles) 741. SIN/Ocavity sin/us cavity/refers to (air-filled or open space in bone) related term(s): ALVEOL/I742. SINISTR/Oto the left or left sinistro/card/ia to the left or left/heart/refers to 743. SKELET/Odried up or to attach skelet/al dried up or to attach/refers to 744. SOLE- the sole of the foot sole/us sole of foot/refers to (muscle running from the back of the lower leg to the sole of the foot) 745. -SOL in solution or solution aero/sol air/solution 746. SOM/Obody psycho/somat/ic mind/body/refer to (the term SOM/O is a prefix, the term SOME is a suffix) related term(s): SOMAT/O747. SOMN/Osleep somni/pathy sleep/disease (sleep disorder) related term(s): HYPN/O748. SON/Osound sono/gram sound/recording or writing (diagnosis) related term(s): ECHO749. SPAD/Ito tear epi/spad/ism upon/to tear/state of (usually abnormal opening on the upper side of the male penis or shaft) related term(s): AVULS/I-, tip: DACRY/O- and LACRIM/O- means "to tear" as in tearing or crying 750. -SPASM involuntary contraction myo/spasm muscle/sudden involuntary muscle contraction 751. SPERM/Osperm spermo/cide sperm/to kill alternate spelling: SPERMAT/O752. SPHER/Oball, globe, round spher/o/cyte ball, globe, round/cells 753. SPHINCT/Othat which binds together sphinct/er that which binds together or tight (ring like) (The 'pylorus sphincter' is known as the gatekeeper to the small intestines. The 'anal sphincter' is this ring binds together at the end of the big colon) 754. SPHYGM/Opulse sphygmo/mano/meter pulse/by hand/measurement (this records the pressure of blood above atmospheric pressure 760 mm/hg as it passes through arteries) 755. SPHYXI/Opulse or lack of pulse a/sphyx/ia without/pulse/refers to (this refers to lack of a heart beat 'no pulse' due to lack of breathing) 756. SPIN/Othorn or thorny spin/al thorn or thorny/refers to (sharp pointed projection of bone: the spine has multiple thorny projections) related term(s): CORNU- (means horn or horny) 757. SPIR/Obreathe or breathing spir/o/meter breathe, breathing/measure spiro/gram breathing/record spiro/graph breathing/instrument used to record related term(s): -PNEA 758. SPLANCHN/Oorgan splanchn/o/log/y organ (viscera)/study of/process of 759. SPLEN/Ospleen splen/o/tom/y spleen (organ)/cut into/procedure of related term(s): LEINO760. SPONDYL/Overtebra spondyl/itis vertebra/inflamed 761. SPRAIN to wring out or press out sprain to wring out or press out (usually with tears, swelling, and bleeding) 762. SQUAM/Oscaly squam/ous scaly/refers to 763. -STALSIS to contract peri/stalsis around/to contract 764. STAPED/O- stirrup staped/ectomy stirrup (shape)/excision or removal (One of three tiny bones of the middle ear: mallus/incus/stapes = hammer/anvil/stirrup) related term(s): STAPES 765. STAPHYL/Ogrape or grape-like clusters straphylo/coccus grape or grape-like clusters/berry (bacteria appearance) related term(s): UV-, UVE/A-, UVE/O-, UVUL/O766. -STASIS stoppage, standing, location hemo/stasis blood/stoppage (arrest of bleeding or circulation; blood stagnation causing clots) homeo/stasis same or equal/standing or location alternate spelling: -STASIA 767. -STAT to stop or immediately hemo/stat blood/to stop (device or drug that immediately arrests blood flow. STAT. or stat means immediately - stop what you are doing and help) 768. -STAXIA dripping or trickling epi/staxia upon/dripping or trickling (epistaxis means nosebleed) 769. STEAT/Ofat steato/rrhea fat/flow (flow from the sebaceous 'oil' glands of hair follicle) related term(s): ADIPO-, LIPO770. STEN/Onarrowing sten/osis narrowing/condition of 771. STEREOthree dimensional or solid stereo/cine/fluoro/graphy three dimensional (viewing)/motion picture/fluorescence/recording procedure 772. STERN/Ochest sternum or breastbone stern/al chest, sternum, breastbone/pertain to 773. STETH/Ochest stetho/scope chest/to examine related term(s): PECT/O-, PECTER/O-, THORAC/O774. -STOLE contract sy/stole together/contract (blood pressure created by heart chamber contraction) dia/stole between/contraction (lower blood pressure that occurs when heart chamber is filling with blood between contractions of the heart muscle) related term(s): -SPASM, -STALSIS 775. STOMAT/Omouth stomat/itis mouth/inflamed 776. STRABISM/O- to squint or squinting strabism/us to squint or squinting/refers to (lazy eye 'one eye deviates' do to loss of acuity, muscle, nerve damage. Types include: 'cross-eyed, wall-eyed, intermittent, vertical, paralytic,& spastic') 777. STRAIN to draw tight strain to draw tight (stretch) (less severe than a sprain) 778. STRAT/Ilayer strati/form layer/shaped strat/um basal layer/refers to: base of (skin) 779. STREPT/Otwisted or twisted chain strepto/coccus twisted or twisted chain/spheres (bacteria appearance) 780. STRI/Astripes or threads stria/tion stripes or threads/process of (usually associated with muscle appearance and skin stretch marks) 781. STRICT/Odrawing or binding strict/ure drawing or binding/state of 782. STY/E raised stye raised (This is the inflamed sebaceous gland and hair follicle near an eyelash follicle) related term(s): HORDEOL/O- (muscles: area of leg calf) 783. SUBbeneath, under, less or lesser sub/lingu/al under/tongue/pertains to sub/dur/al under/hard (meninges layer)/refers to sub/lux/ation lesser/dislocation/process of 784. SUDORIFER/Osweat sudorifer/ous sweat/pertain to related term(s): HIDR/O 785. SULF/Osulfur sulfon/amide sulfur/in protein related term(s): THIO786. SUPERabove or upon super/cil/ia above/hairs/refers to (eyelash-like) super/ficial on or near/refer to surface 787. SUPINAT/Oto throw backward supinat/ion throwing backward/process of (to turn the body or part upward) 788. SUPRAabove or upon supra/pelvic upon or above/pelvis or basin supra/cost/al above/ribs/pertaining to 789. SUR/Aon calf of leg sur/al on calf of leg/refers to 790. SURG/Iworking by hand surg/ical working by hand/refers to surgeon one who works by hand 791. SUTURE sewing together sutur/ing sewing together/procedure of 792. SYMtogether sym/physis together/growth related term(s): COM-, CON-, SYN793. SYNtogether syn/drome together/running (signs and symptoms) syn/apse together/point of contact syn/ovi/al together/like egg/ refer to related term(s): COM-, CON-, SYM794. SYNCOPE to faint or fainting syncope to faint or fainting 795. SY/STOL/Oto draw together or contract systol/ic to draw together or contract/refer to related term(s): TRACT/O796. TACHYfast or swift tachy/card/ia fast or swift/heart/refers to 797. TAL/O- ankle tal/us ankle/refers to 798. TARS/Obroad flat surface meta/tars/al beyond/broad flat surface/refer to 799. TART/Odregs, sediment or particles tart/ar dregs, sediment or particles/pertains to (minerals and other particles deposited on teeth. Also known as Plaque or Calculus) 800. TAX/Oarrange, to order, to organize, locate tax/o/nom/y arrange, to order, to organize, locate/law/process of (to classify plants or animals, to organize or put a order to items in biology) 801. -TAXIA muscle coordination a/taxia without/muscle coordination 802. TEL/Oend or outward telo/phase end or outward/stage (the end stage or phase of mitosis) related term(s): TELE803. TEMPOR/Otemple tempor/al temple/refers to (bones of both sides of skull at its base) 804. TEN/Otendon teno/desis tendon/binding (surgical fixating or reattaching a tendon) related term(s): TEND/O-, TENDON805. TENS/Oto stretch or stretches tens/or to stretch or stretches/one who alternate spelling: TENT/O806. TERAT/Omonster terat/o/logy monster/study of (medical special that studies deformed offspring) alternate spelling: TERA807. TERES round teres round (round and smooth muscles or ligaments that are cylindrical) 808. TERM end, place at the end, boundary term a set period of time like the end of pregnancy related term(s): TERMIN/O809. TERT/Ithird terti/para third/birth tert/iary stage third/state of or condition: phase (3rd stage of a disease like syphilis, which forms gummas or gum-like lesions) related term(s): TERT810. TEST/E- shell or seed producer test/icle shell or seed producer/small (the appearance is that of a shell and it produces the seed called sperm) 811. TETAN/Ospasm or spasms tetan/y spasm or spasms/process of (contraction of muscles-like in lockjaw) 812. TETR/Afour tetra/olog/y (of Fallot) four/science of or study of/process of (combination of four abnormalities seen in a Fallot's Heart) 813. THANAT/Odeath thanato/log/y death/studying or study of/process of related term(s): NECR/O814. THEL/Onipple thel/ectomy nipple/removal or excision (surgical procedure) (usually associated with breast cancer) 815. THEN/Opalm of hand or sole of foot then/ar palm of hand or sole of foot/pertains to (palm of hand and the fleshy part at base of thumb) 816. THEOGOD theo/mania god/madness theo/log/y god/study of/process of 817. THERAP/O- treating or curing therap/y treating or curing/procedure of chemo/therap/y chemical (with)/treatment or cure/procedure of 818. THERM/Oheat, hot or warm therm/ometer heat, hot or warm)/measurement therm/al temperature/pertain to thermo/gram heat/recording (diagnostic graphic record of heat variations: blood flow or tissue changes) 819. THORAC/Ochest thoraco/centesis chest (thorax)/surgical puncture to drain fluid (thorax 'chest' relates to the 12 chest vertebra with 12 pairs of attached ribs) related term(s): PECTER/O-, STETH/O820. THROMB/Oclot, clump together, curdle thromb/osis clot, clump together, curdle/condition of (this is a blood clot somewhere in the vascular system or an organ) 821. THYM/Osoul, emotion, flowery smell thym/us soul, emotion, flowery smell/refers to (endocrine gland that is part of the immune system '1-13 Y/O blood development') 822. THYR/Oshield or shield shaped thyr/oid shield or shield-shaped/resembling 823. TIBIAshinbone tibi/al shinbone/refers to tibi/algia shinbone/pain 824. -TIC capable of or state to caus/tic burning or burn/capable of or state of 825. TINEAfungus tine/al fungus/refers to 826. TINNITUS jingling, tinkling, ringing tinnitus jingling, tinkling, ringing (inflamed lower part of cochlea 'snail' of inner ear: causing a ringing sound) 827. -TION process of or procedure of nutri/tion nourishment/process of or procedure of related term(s): -AGE, -ATION, -IATION, -ING, -ION, -Y 828. -TIVE nature of or quality of in/sensi/tive not/feeling or to feel/nature of or quality of 829. TOCI/Obirth, giving birth, birthing dys/toci/a difficult, painful, faulty/birth/refers to alternate spelling: TOCrelated term(s): NAT-, NATO-, PARTO830. -TOM/E cutting instrument derma/tom/e skin/cut/instrument (an instrument used to cut into the skin) 831. TON/Otension, tone, pressure tono/meter tension, tone, pressure/to measure (instrument used to measure pressure or tension within the eye 'intra/ocul/ar') 832. TONSILL/Oalmond shape tonsill/ectomy almond shape/removal or excision (this lymph node gland tissue becomes overwhelmed and swollen with infections) 833. TOP/Olocation top/al location/refers to ec/top/ic outside/location/pertains to (usually a mal-positioned pregnancy in the wombs tube, cervix, on the ovary) 834. TORSItwisted tors/ion twisted/refers to (Torsion means twisting of a body part. This is usually a twisting of the blood vessels around the vas de/ference in the male scrotum, causing a blood flow blockage, pain, & vessel dilation) related term(s): ILEO-, VARIC/O-, TORTI835. TOX/Opoison tox/ic poison/refers to toxic/olog/y poison/science of/procedure of (science that studies how poisons are chemical composed, action tests, and antidotes) related term(s): SEPS/O-, SEPT/O- , VIR/O836. TRACHE/Orough trache/o/tom/y rough/to cut into/refers to (the cut is between the semi-circular cartilage rings of the windpipe) related term(s): TRACHY837. TRACT/Oto draw or pull tract/ion to draw or pull/process of related term(s): SYSTOL/O838. TRANSacross or through trans/fus/ion across or through/connect/process of trans/verse across/to draw (horizontal cut creating the top and bottom parts of the body or a structure) related term(s): DIA839. TRAUMA wound trauma wound 840. -TRESIA perforation or opening a/tresia without/perforation or opening 841. TRIthree tri/ceps three/headed (muscle in back of arm - extends forearm) tri/gemin/al three (parts)/form or development of/refer to 842. TRIAGE to sort or classify triage to sort or classify (screening: in hospitals, at accidents, in war to prioritize treatment) 843. TRICH/Ohair tricho/crypt/osis hair/hidden/condition (any hair follicle disease - hidden below surface) tricho/mon/iasis hair/single or one/condition (VD parasitic infection: protozoa has one tail 'single hair or tail projection') related term(s): PILO-, -THRIX 844. -TRIGOrubbing inter/trigo between/rubbing (friction causes skin weakness usually between digits & fungus infection) 845. TROCHLE/Opulley or pulley like trochle/ar pulley or pulley-like/refer to (name of fourth '4th' cranial nerve: innervates superior oblique eye muscles) 846. TROP/O- (TROP/IN) stimulate or to turn gonado/tropin (hormone) teste or ovary/stimulate trop/ism to turn/state of (reaction to stimuli - turn toward or away from heat, cold, light, etc.) 847. TROPH/Odevelopment, nourishment or nutrition hyper/troph/y increased/development/process of tropho/therapy nourishment or nutrition/treatment 848. -TRIPSY to crush litho/tripsy stone/crushing (gall stones) 849. TRYPAN/Oborer, to bore, drill trypano/som/iasis borer/body/disease or condition related term(s): TREPAN/O850. TUB/Ocanal or tube tub/al ligation (female sterilization) canal or tube/refers to: to bind (burning or cauterizing)/procedure of 851. TUBERCUL/Oswelling, nodule, tubercule tuberculo/sis swelling small/condition (Bacteria bacillus rods - 'Mycobacterium tuberculosis' that form nodular colonies 'swelling' within lungs, bones, and in other body tissues. Over one third of the world population has this disease) 852. TUM/Oswelling or tumor growth tum/or swells, to swell, swelling/one who (Note: Tum/or (swelling); Reb/or (redness); Cal/or (heat); Dol/or (pain) are all signs of: 'Inflammation. The word 'Tumor' is often associated with a cancerous swelling both benign or malignant) 853. TURGOR/Oswelling turgor swelling (skin test for hydration) 854. -TUSSIS cough per/tussis through/cough Pertussis (Whooping cough) is characterized by fits of coughing followed by a noisy, "whooping" indrawn breath, and is caused by the bacteria "Bordetella pertussis" 855. TYMPAN/Oeardrum tympan/itis eardrum/inflamed (outer part of middle ear) 856. TYPH/Ostupor typh/oid stupor/resembles(bacterial infection causing high fever and a stupored state) 857. ULCERsore ulcer/ation sore/process of (may develop in many diseases or conditions) 858. -ULE small or lesser tub/ule canal/small or lesser related term(s): -CULE, -ICLE,- IOLE, ULA 859. ULN/Aelbow uln/ar elbow/refers to 860. ULTRAbeyond ultra/sound (US) beyond (normal hearing levels)/sound (waves) ultra/micro/scop/e beyond/small/view/instrument (objects invisible through ordinary microscope: side illumination 'darkfield') 861. UMBILIC/Onavel umbilic/al navel (watery)/refers to 862. UNGUIN/Onail unguin/al or ungun/al nail/pertain to (Note: ung 'unguentum' is the abbreviation for ointment) alternate spelling: UNGU/Orelated term(s): ONYCH/O863. UR/Ourine ur/olog/y urine/study/process or procedure of alternate spelling: UR/A-, UR/E-, UR/Irelated term(s): UR864. URETER/Osmall canal ureter/itis small canal/inflamed 865. URETHEROcanal urethr/itis canal/inflamed (tube running from urinary bladder to outside of body) 866. URTICARI/O- hives or nettles urticar/ia hives or nettles (skin condition)/pertain to 867. UTEROwomb uter/al womb/refers to 868. UVE/Agrape uve/itis grape/inflamed (thin membrane between retina and sclera of eye - iris, ciliary body and choroid vascular layer) related term(s): STAPHYLO-, UV-, UVE/O-, UVUL/O869. VAG/Owanderer (the longest cranial nerve) vag/us wanderer/pertains to (tenth cranial nerve that wanders down through torso body cavities) 870. VAGIN/Osheath vagin/al sheath/refers to vagin/itis sheath/inflamed 871. VALGUinward valg/us inward/refers to (genu valgus means knock-kneed or the turning inward of the knees) alternate spelling: VALG/US, VALG/UM 872. VALVUL/Otiny fold or small valve valvul/itis tiny fold or small valve/inflamed 873. VAR/Uoutward var/us outward/refers to (genu varus means bow-legged or the turning outward of the knees) alternate spelling: VARUS, VARUM 874. VARIC/Otwisted varico/cele twisted/rupture or protrusion (veins of spermatic cord) related term(s): ILEO-, TORSI875. VARICELLA tiny spot varicella a tiny spot (chickenpox lesions - macules 'spots', papules 'pimples', vesicles 'blisters', and crusting lesions appear on the skin during different stages. It lasts 10 days and is caused by the herpes zoster virus that also causes shingles later in life) 876. VAS/Ovessel vas/ec/tom/y vessel/out/cut/procedure of related term(s): ANGI/O877. VEN/Ovein ven/ous vein/pertain to related term(s): PHLEB/O878. VENTR/Obelly ventr/al belly/refer to ventr/icle belly/small 879. VERAtrue polycythemia: vera many red blood cells: true (also known as erythremia) 880. VERMIworm vermi/form worm/shaped (shape of appendix projecting from the cecum) related term(s): ASCAR/IS, HELMINTH/O-, VERMI881. VERRUCA/Ewart plantar verruca(e) foot/refers to: wart 882. -VERSION turn or to turn in/version inward/turning (usually foot) related term(s): VERS883. VERTEBR/Ojointed vertebr/al jointed/refers to (six or more articulations or joints on each vertebral bone) 884. VERTIGO whirling vertigo whirling (maze part or labyrinth of inner ear inflamed causing a spinning sensation) 885. VESIC/Osac or small blister vesic/al sac or small blister/pertains to related term(s): VESICUL/O- 886. VILL/Ishaggy hair vill/us shaggy hair (appearance)/refers to (hair-like structure in small intestine that absorbs nutrients into the blood) 887. VIR/Opoison vir/al poison/refers to (smallest of etiologic infectious agents thought to cause severe poisoning) related term(s): SEPS/O-, SEPT/O-, TOX/O888. VISCER/Aorgan e/viscer/ate out (from)/organ/process of or procedure of 889. VIT/Oalive, life, living vit/al alive, life, living /pertains to (your resume' is your personal vitae) related term(s): VIV/I890. VITILIG/Oto corrupt Vitiligin/ous to corrupt/state of (leuko/derma: white patches on skin often seen in dark skinned people) 891. VOLV/Oto twist, twisting, rolling volv/ulus twisting or rolling/refers to (bowel obstruction causes by the bowel twisting - stops forward food movement) 892. VULV/Ocovering vulv/a covering/refers to (the covering tissue of the female external genitalia) 893. WHEAL round or circle wheal round (A circular elevated skin condition with a pale red periphery that itches and white in center. It is associated with urticaria or hives and insect bites) 894. WHITLOW white flow whitlow white flow (suppurative 'pus forming' at end of finger or toe - often a nail abscess) related term(s): FELON 895. XANTH/Oyellow xanth/derma yellow/skin xanth/oma yellow/swelling (flat, soft, nodule usually seen on the eyelid) related term(s): LUTE/O896. XEN/Ostrange or foreign xen/ophthalm/ia strange/eye/refers to xeno/phob/ia stranger/fear of/pertains to 897. XEROdry xero/derm/a dry/skin/refers to (X is pronounced like a z) against medical advice 898. YAWS raspberry appearance yaws raspberry appearance (spirochetal bacterial infection of skin in humid environments) 899. -Y procedure of or process of therap/y treating or curing/procedure of or process of related term(s): -AGE, -ATION, -IATION, -ING, -ION, -TION 900. ZYGOunion zygot/e union/instrument 901. A & A awake and aware awake and aware 902. A & O alert and oriented alert and oriented 903. A & W alive and well alive and well 904. ACL anterior cruciate ligament anterior cruciate ligament 905. ad. lib. as desired or at liberty as desired or at liberty 906. ALL allergy or acute leukocytic leukemia allergy or acute leukocytic leukemia 907. AMA against medical advice 908. ASTOL as tolerated as tolerated 909. B1 Thiamine HCL Vitamin or first degree (Stage I) burn (a sun burn is a first degree burn) 910. B2 Riboflavin Vitamin or 2nd degree (Stage II) burn (blistering is present with a 2nd degree burn) 911. B3 3rd degree (Stage III) burn (tissue charring is present with a 3rd degree burn) 912. B4 4th degree (Stage IV) burn (most tissue destroyed with a 4th degree burn) 913. B6 Pyridoxine HCL Vitamin Pyridoxine HCL Vitamin 914. B7 Biotin Vitamin Biotin Vitamin 915. B8 Adenosine Phosphate Vitamin Adenosine Phosphate Vitamin 916. BaE barium enema related term(s): BE 917. BID two times per day two times per day 918. BP blood pressure (Average Intra/vascular 'BP' is 120/80 mm/Hg above atmosphere pressure. Low 'BP' is 90/60 or lower; High 'BP' is 140/90 or higher) 919. BS blood sugar, bowel sounds, before sleep, breath sounds, Blue Shield blood sugar, bowel sounds, before sleep, breath sounds, Blue Shield 920. BT body temperature, bleeding time, brain tumor body temperature, bleeding time, brain tumor 921. BUN blood urea nitrogen blood urea nitrogen 922. BX biopsy or Blue Cross biopsy or Blue Cross 923. CBC complete blood count complete blood count 924. CC chief complaint or chief component chief complaint or chief component 925. CF cystic fibrosis cystic fibrosis 926. CHF congestive heart failure congestive heart failure 927. CL contact lenses contact lenses 928. CNA chart not available, certified nurse's aide chart not available, certified nurse's aide 929. COLD chronic obstructive lung disease (asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, bronchiectasis) 930. CO cardiac output or computer order cardiac output or computer order 931. CP cerebral palsy, chest pain cerebral palsy, chest pain 932. CVA cerebrovascular accident cerebrovascular accident 933. D & D diarrhea and dehydration diarrhea and dehydration 934. DAD drug administration device drug administration device 935. DAT diet as tolerated diet as tolerated 936. DD differential diagnosis (differentiating between diseases 'signs & symptoms' or their etiology 'cause') 937. DNS did not show did not show 938. DPT diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus (pertussis is also known as whooping cough, tetanus is also known as lock jaw) 939. DX & PX diagnosis and prognosis diagnosis and prognosis 940. DZ disease or dozen disease or dozen 941. EKG electrocardiogram related term(s): ECG 942. EMG electromyography (diagnostic procedure of recording muscle electricity - muscle fire power) 943. ENT ear, nose, and throat ear, nose, and throat 944. ESWL extracorporal shock wave lithotripsy extracorporal shock wave lithotripsy 945. FBS fasting blood sugar fasting blood sugar 946. FOD free of disease free of disease 947. Fx fracture or fractional urine fracture or fractional urine 948. GH growth hormone growth hormone 949. GI gastrointestinal or granuloma inguinal gastrointestinal or granuloma inguinal 950. GTT drop, drops or glucose tolerance test drop, drops or glucose tolerance test 951. H1 herpes simplex type 1 herpes simplex type 1 are oral herpes 952. H2 herpes simplex type 2 herpes simplex type 2 are genital herpes 953. HAV Hepatitis A virus Hepatitis A virus 954. HBV Hepatitis B virus Hepatitis B virus 955. HCV Hepatitis C virus Hepatitis C virus 956. HH hard of hearing hard of hearing 957. I & O intake and output intake and output 958. ICU intensive care unit intensive care unit 959. ID infectious disease, initial dose, intradermal infectious disease, initial dose, intradermal 960. IV intravenous intravenous 961. KUB kidney, ureter, bladder kidney, ureter, bladder 962. LBP low blood pressure (starts at 90/60 mm/Hg above atmospheric pressure of 760: 'or lower') 963. MD muscular dystrophy, manic depression, mental deficiency, Medical Doctor muscular dystrophy, manic depression, mental deficiency, Medical Doctor 964. ml milliliter milliliter 965. MMR measles, mumps, and rubella measles, mumps, and rubella 966. MS multiple sclerosis, mitral stenosis multiple sclerosis, mitral stenosis 967. N & V nausea and vomiting nausea and vomiting 968. NPO nothing by mouth nothing by mouth 969. OTC over the counter (over the counter items are sold without prescription) 970. PE physical exam, pulmonary embolism, pleural effusion physical exam, pulmonary embolism, pleural effusion 971. PRN as needed as needed 972. PROM partial range of motion partial range of motion 973. QD every day or once a day every day or once a day 974. QID four times per day four times per day 975. Q every every 976. RBC red blood cell (also refers to a red blood cell count) 977. ROS review of systems review of systems 978. RR respiration rate or recovery room respiration rate or recovery room 979. Rx prescription, drug, medication, reaction prescription, drug, medication, reaction 980. S.O.S. if necessary, if urgently required, may be repeated once if necessary, if urgently required, may be repeated once 981. sig. Let It Be Written, label, instructions (often seen on prescriptions) 982. SOB shortage of breath shortage of breath 983. stat immediate immediate 984. STD sexually transmitted disease, skin test dose sexually transmitted disease, skin test dose 985. SX symptom, sign, surgery symptom, sign, surgery 986. TBC tuberculosis, total blood (cell) count (this disease infects 1/3 of the world population) related term(s): TB 987. TENS transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation 988. TIA transient ischemic attack (Rapid blockage in carotid artery in the neck, that causes stroke symptoms. Typically, the clot suddenly passes through and the symptoms usually disappear: Sign of pending major stroke or CVA cerebrovascular accident) 989. TKO to keep open to keep open 990. TPR temperature, pulse, respiration temperature, pulse, respiration 991. UE upper extremity upper extremity 992. ung ointment (url means unrelated, urol means urology) 993. URI upper respiratory infection upper respiratory infection 994. US ultrasound, unit secretary ultrasound, unit secretary 995. UTD up to date up to date 996. UTI urinary tract infection urinary tract infection 997. VO verbal order verbal order 998. WBC white blood cells or white blood count white blood cells or white blood count 999. X & D examination and diagnosis examination and diagnosis 1000. YO years old years old ... View Full Document

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