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Name______________________________________Student # ___________________________________________ Major: Secondary Education: Social Science (6-12) Content major: History (06) This advising sheet applies to those students who earned initial college credit Fall 2006 through Spring 2008. It also applies to those students with a baccalaureate degree who begin or continue certification requirements during this period. PROFESSIONAL STUDIES (31 semester hours) [UA and overall GPA 2.75 or higher, no grade below a C] Junior YearFirst Semester SPE 300 Survey of Sp Ed & Accom Strat ___ __ 3 ___ ___ Junior YearSecond Semester *BEP/BEF 360 Social, Psycho Fnd of Educ ___ __ 3 ___ ___ *CSE 390 Inst & Accom In Sec Schools ___ __ 3 ___ ___ *CSE 493 Diversity Block Seminar ___ __ 1 ___ ___ *Corequisites A student may not enroll in more than five professional studies courses before he/she has unconditional admission to TEP.... View Full Document

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