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The Fountain 30/01/2008 18:20:00 Parallelism Hair on the tree prickles as he nears it. Hair on Lizzys neck does the same when he kisses it. The nebula appears in all 3 worlds: space traveler soars into it, modern people see it in telescope, Mayans say its where their dead go. Star shines above the dark storm clouds in the Mayan jungle, the Franciscan priest is alone in the forest using the dagger as a guide to find the hidden temple. Thomas is the warrior in Spanish times, Tommy is the drifter and the surgeon Ring: Spanish queen gives Thomas a ring of promise of his quest and a promise of her marriage to him upon his return, Tommys wedding ring to Isabella, and. finish it : hears that voice in the bubble, Izzy tells him finish it when shes in the hospital, instructing him to finish the final chapter of her book... View Full Document

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