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Stephanie Warner PYC 242 C Dr. David Knight 27 November 2007 I Never Promised You a Rose Garden I Never Promised You a Rose Garden by Hannah Green is a book about a girl named Deborah Blau. The book tells of Deborahs life from the age of sixteen to nineteen as she is admitted into a mental institution. There she is diagnosed with schizophrenia and starts psychotherapy with Dr. Clara Fried. Deborah had created a world, the Kingdom of Yr, as a form of defense from a confusing and frightening reality. When Deborah was five, she had surgery to remove a tumor in her ovaries. This was a traumatic experience that involved a great deal of physical pain and shame. During her childhood, Deborah suffered frequent abuse from her anti-Semitic peers and neighbors. When Deborah first created Yr, it was a beautiful and comforting place, but over time the gods of Yr became tyrannical dictators who ruled Deborah's every word and action. The novel presents the issue of mental illness from multiple viewpoints. Deborah's three years in the hospital provides the reader with a picture of mental illness as it is experienced by the patient. Deborah's parents, Esther and Jacob, are torn between their love for their daughter and their shame at the stigma of her illness. They find the courage to allow Deborah to continue treatment even when there are few signs of recovery for a long period of time. Deborah struggles with guilt and resentment at her parents' disappointed expectations for her while her younger sister Suzy copes with her frustration at having to arrange her life around Deborah's illness. Dr. Fried slowly wins Warner 2 Deborah's trust through their therapy sessions. She never forces Deborah to accept her point of view. Over the course of three years, Dr. Fried helps Deborah gain the courage to point of view.... View Full Document

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