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IR Lecture Notes 9.24.07 Session XII Learning Objectives:-Challenges related to global governance-Systems of global governance-Controversies in political-military world-Introduce cultural world A. Challenges of governing a global system ad maintaining the state in a world shaped by globalization 1. Castells Crises Faced by States a. Efficiency: state is not necessarily the most efficient group to oversee everything; i.e., pollution b. Legitimacy: state is losing power and authority in some areas. ie, terrorism, ethnic nationalists c. Identity: people no longer identify with a nation-state; competing loyalties; eroding nationalism and patriotism d. Equity: social injustice; globalization is predatory in some cases 2. How do deal with anarchy and the security dilemma, with minimal impact on Westphalian rules and sovereignty? a. ex: Do we built up our defense at a great cost, or should we depend on alliances? 3. Choices of system governance: a. Balance of Power: security dilemma, because you can never be sure the a.... View Full Document

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