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HIST 2111 Study guide for first exam You should know the meaning and significance of the following: the Aztecs the Incas Christopher Columbus reasons why Europeans were able to conquer Native Americans (Indians) Roanoke Island Jamestown Coercive Acts Powhatan Confederacy Continental Congresses indentured servitude Lexington and Concord slave trade Battle of Bunker Hill headright system Loyalists or Tories Virginia Company Common Sense the Puritans Declaration of Independence Plymouth Colony George Washington Mayflower Compact Benedict Arnold Massachusetts Bay Colony Battle of Saratoga John Winthrop Battle of Yorktown Roger Williams Articles of Confederation Anne Hutchinson Northwest Ordinance of 1787 William Penn Shays Rebellion King Philips War Constitutional Convention mercantilism/mercantile system (and the Va. And NJ Plans Navigation Acts and the Great Compromise or Bacons Rebellion Connecticut Compromise) Edmund Andros Federalists and Anti-Federalists Salem witch craze or witch hunt of 1692 Federalist Papers the Enlightenment the Great Awakening James Oglethorpe French and Indian War Currency Acts Proclamation of 1763 Sugar Act Stamp Act Sons of Liberty Quartering Acts Declaratory Acts Townshend Acts Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania Boston Massacre Committees of Correspondence Tea Act Boston Tea Party... View Full Document

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