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. POSSESSORY ESTATES FREEHOLD NON-FREEHOLD LIFE ESTATE FEE SIMPLE DEFEASIBLE FEE SIMPLE DETERMINABLE FEE SIMPLE SUBJECT TO CONDITIONS see Future Interest Chart TENANCY OF YEARS Fee simple (O to A and her heirs ) unlimited duration [fee simple absolute] Fee tail (O to A and the heirs of her body) until the line runs out. Life estate (O to a for life) until the measuring life runs out. Term of years (O to a for 10 years) until the term expires. Added Limitations (if any): If the estate is conveyed with no added limitation Absolute . Determinable *end automatically. ( until , during , so long as , while , and is placed before the punctuation mark). Subject to a condition subsequent *ends only if & when O enforces right to retake. ( but if , however , on condition that , and is placed after punctuation mark). pur autre vie (O to A for life) A can convey to B, but only for the life of A Pur autre vie... View Full Document

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