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Intro To Circuits and Meters By Alex Chambers Lab Preformed: 2 September 2008 Report Submitted: 9 September 2008 Goals: The goal of this lab was to gain basic knowledge and experience with circuits and equipment used in the laboratory. Data was taken for resistance, voltage, and current to understand circuits and how to quantify them. Theory: Electrical circuits are comprised of separate components such as batteries, wires, switches, resistors, and light bulbs. The battery is a supply of energy or power, the wires are the path and carrier of the energy to the other components of the system. Along the wires, resistors restrict the flow of power in the system. Using a DMM, the components can be quantified in (volts, resistance, and amps). Procedure: Part I: Various batteries of different power output are set out at the lab. Using the DMM, measure the amps produced by each battery. Parts II: A board with various sized and rating resistors are set out at the lab. Using the DMM, measure the resistance in ohms of each resistor. the resistance in ohms of each resistor.... View Full Document

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