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Energy Audit Section #12 09/18/2007 Energy conservation is a growing concern for many people in this day and age. People are becoming more aware of the effects that wasteful habits are having on this planet and more people by the day become aware of global warming. This global warming is produced by power plants burning fossil fuels to generate electricity to power the appliances that we use in everyday life. If we can understand the way we use energy we can begin to see how we can cut down on its use saving us money and the environment. For this Energy Audit I have selected 5 appliances that I normally use in my everyday routine. The first item is my computer. My computer runs at 280 watts per hour (Apple, 2007) and is rarely ever shut off. This means that my computer on average runs about 22 hours a day at 280 watts per hour. Using basic multiplication we realize that my per-day wattage for my computer comes to 6,160 Watts per day (22hrs/day X 280 W/hr). The second appliance I use normally is my desk lamp. This is used when I do homework and sit at my computer so on average about 4 hours a day. The lamp holds a 60-watt bulb meaning the lamp runs at 60 watts an hour for 4 hours a day. This equates to 240 watts of meaning the lamp runs at 60 watts an hour for 4 hours a day.... View Full Document

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