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Questions- A rose for emily

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WILLIAM FAULKNER, "A ROSE FOR EMILY" BLOOMSBURG UNIVERSITY SPRING 2008 20.201 (04) COMPOSITION 2 Ferda Asya QUESTIONS WILLIAM FAULKNER (1897-1962) "A ROSE FOR EMILY" (1931) Answer the following questions with specific references to the story on pp. 2218-2224 of The Norton Anthology of American Literature. 1. How does the information provided in the first section indicate the nature of the...

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FAULKNER, WILLIAM "A ROSE FOR EMILY" BLOOMSBURG UNIVERSITY SPRING 2008 20.201 (04) COMPOSITION 2 Ferda Asya QUESTIONS WILLIAM FAULKNER (1897-1962) "A ROSE FOR EMILY" (1931) Answer the following questions with specific references to the story on pp. 2218-2224 of The Norton Anthology of American Literature. 1. How does the information provided in the first section indicate the nature of the conflict in the story? What is the conflict? 2. Who is the protagonist and who is the antagonist of the story? 3. What does the description of Miss Emily Grierson's house in the second paragraph reveal about her social position in the town at the time of her death? 4. List two ways in which the men of Colonel Sartoris' generation differ from those of the next generation. 5. What is the real reason for which Miss Emily does not have to pay taxes in Jefferson? 6. Describe the general attitude of the town toward Miss Emily. 7. Explain how Miss Emily's reasons for murdering Homer Barron are related to her personal history and to the manner she has handled previous conflicts. 8. Find two instances of Miss Emily's communication with the outside world and describe both her attitude toward the people with whom she comes in contact and the attitude of the people toward her. Explain the reasons for such attitudes. 9. Does Miss Emily want to exact revenge or wish to keep Homer Barron forever? 10. Describe the changes that occur in Emily's Miss external appearance throughout the years. 11. What is Miss Emily's sense of self? How does she maintain it? 12. What does "impervious" (p. 2223) mean? How does it apply to Miss Emily? Miss Emily? 14. Who is speaking in the story? Why do you think the narrator uses we rather than I? What is the advantage of this point of view? 15. What details foreshadow the conclusion of the story? Did you anticipate the ending of the story? 16. Draw and label a plot diagram for the story. Justify your reasons for labeling the diagram in this way. 17. What advantage does William Faulkner gain by not relating the events of the story in chronological order? 18. Define gothic fiction and identify the details which establish a gothic atmosphere in the story. 19. On two occasions Miss Emily is described as an "idol" (p. 2220 and p. 2223). Why is this an appropriate description for her? Why not? 20. What does the "long strand of iron-gray hair" (p. 2224) mentioned in the last paragraph suggest? 21. Write, in your own words, the thesis of this story. 22. Do you find this story grim or humorous? Why? 23. What is the effect of the final paragraph of the story? How does it contribute to your understanding of Miss Emily? Why is it important that the reader gets this information last rather than at the beginning of the story? 24. Why do you suppose that Faulkner titled this story "A Rose for Emily"?

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