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Donald G. Hill, Ph.D. Consulting Petrophysicist The World is My District California Registered Geophysicist 170 California Registered Geologist 6043 Kentucky Registered Professional Geologist 1624 Texas Licensed Professional Geophysicist 6289 Petrophysics, Borehole Geophysics, and Subsurface Geology Planning, Oversight, and Interpretation 1012 Hillendale Ct. Office: (510) 450-6102 Walnut Creek, CA 94596 FAX: (781) 240-6208 e-mail: Home: (925) 947-1541 Cell: (925) 437-5748 DRAFT DRAFT -- Memorandum Memorandum Subject: Leverett J-Function Date: May 17, 2004 ABSTRACT Converting capillary pressure data to the (dimensionless) Leverett J-Functions facilitates facies identification and comparison of potential reservoir performance, as well as providing independent verification of wireline petrophysical analyses. LEVERETT J-FUNCTION The Leverett J-Function (Leverett, 1941; Craig, 1971) is a normalized (dimensionless) representation of capillary pressure (P c ) measurement data, which attempts to eliminate some of the dependencies upon measurement protocol and conditions, making it easier to compare measurements from multiple core samples. The J-Function representations are claimed to be dependent only upon: pore size distribution, radius of the largest pore(s), fluid wettability, and interfacial tension of the fluid pair involved BASIC DEFINITIONS ... View Full Document

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