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Christopher Brock November 19, 2002 Praying For Sheetrock Peoples lives do not consist, on the whole, of politics and large ideals, but of children and groceries and laundry and paychecks. This quote from the book Praying For Sheetrock is a quote that can be applied universally. What Melissa Fay Greene is trying to say is that people do not think globally, they think individually, or locally. By observing the way people live life, this quote holds true. It is also apparent in the book itself. In the book Praying For Sheetrock , citizens in McIntosh County, Georgia were split in half racially. However, the commissioners were all white and oppressed the rich and close-knit black community. A black man named Thurnell Alston rose to become the commissioner of McIntosh County. His struggle was assisted through the support of the black community. In time, though, the people that once supported Thurnell became less interested in his cause. His once supporting citizens were now only interested in the ... View Full Document

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