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DAQ Status for cosmic-ray test in RAL Contents Status Setup for cosmic-ray test bench Schedule Hideyuki Sakamoto MICE Phone meeting 12th July 2007 Scheme for DAQ DATE (Data Acquisition and Test Environment) framework. Need to build modified readout program for MICE in DATE. Other part (e.g. data format, eventBuilding) will use default one. Readout program is prepared for each modules. VLSB module made by...

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Status DAQ for cosmic-ray test in RAL Contents Status Setup for cosmic-ray test bench Schedule Hideyuki Sakamoto MICE Phone meeting 12th July 2007 Scheme for DAQ DATE (Data Acquisition and Test Environment) framework. Need to build modified readout program for MICE in DATE. Other part (e.g. data format, eventBuilding) will use default one. Readout program is prepared for each modules. VLSB module made by FNAL TDC/ADC module made by CAEN Sub-framework (readout+initializing) is under preparing by James. Status New RHB is coming today, taking data with test charge injection/cosmic-ray. Threshold: 100,120,160,200,240 Bias ON & Heater ON Try heater current to be low by heating cryostat with OXFORD temperature controller. Started working on DATE from last week. Yesterday, once success to starting readout program in DATE. fail at 2nd try Should be finished in next week at RAL. Readout code is under implementing. Sub-framework is almost done? Command lists are replaced from AFEII to AFEIIt. Can be tested at stand alone. Linux driver for SBS(bit3) dataBLIZZARD to test in Imperial. In next week, test will also be done in RAL.. (using CAEN) Threshold 100 It seems LHB RHB compared with previous version for Excel sheet. Threshold 120 Increase noise Threshold 160 Increase noise Threshold 200 Decrease noise Threshold 240 Decrease/Same? noise OLD version (afeIIt_vlsb_daq_810.c.xls) Previous RHB Bias ON threshold 160 w/o charge injection test_pulse_033_old-excel_thre160_heater_on_bias_on OLD version (afeIIt_vlsb_daq_810.c.xls) Previous RHB Bias ON threshold 200 w/o charge injection test_pulse_032_old-excel_thre200_heater_on_bias_on OLD version (afeIIt_vlsb_daq_810.c.xls) Previous RHB Bias ON threshold 240 w/o charge injection test_pulse_031_old-excel_thre240_heater_on_bias_on Comment for todays result Noise rate seems to be reproduced as previous RHB. Noise rate seems to be reversed at threshold 160 by eye. This may not true. For treatment of heater current, it is better to compare with the same RHB, so taking data with default setting with this new RHB. Possible reason for RHB noise Remember that we do not see ANY noise with test charge injection data. Lets check this fact by taking data as changing triggering rate. This will be done by LED pulse injection. If we take data with high rate, we cannot not see any noise as LED data. It not, there is problem at the setting of self trigger mode. Our goal is to identify/remove the noise. If heater current is the reason, then we should see any changeable results from it. We should check it taking by data with the default setting as previous. This is copy from ALICE web-page. Configuration Specify PCs for DAQ Run parameters Run options Staring data taking Run#, #/events, File name Start/Stop/Abort Slow progress for DATE Yesterday, reach to goal, but 2nd try was failed.=> finish in next week at RAL! Last week Yesterday Goal in RAL? VLSB data format for new firmware (ver. ce) Header Old Version cc First 4/5 lines (variable) New Version ce 7 dummy lines (fix?) + Trigger location (line#8&9) + Discriminator hit map (line#10-17) Channel address/ADC(128) 0 line? 145 Body Footer TOTAL Channel address/ADC(128) 2/3 lines 135 10 lines are added for debug information. ce is soon available. -- Need to check header length to kwame -32-bit VLSB data Counter Status bit ADC ADC Check numbers for cosmic-ray test To readout 5 stations. 2 VME crates Slow control will be separated from DAQ crate. 8 AFEIIt boards To readout 5 stations, we need 3200 channels in total. 8 VLSB modules 1 VLSB is needed to readout 1 AFE board 1 ADC & TDC module Used for readout defining counter How many channels are used? Upside Define counter Patch panel 2channles for TDC/ADC Light shield box embedded 5 stations 3200(640 x5) channels for VLSB Low energy filter block Downside Define counter 2channles for TDC/ADC Requires 4 for TDC/ADC & 3200 for VLSB How about VLSB modules? This cabling is virtual. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 8 AFEIIt boards = 8 VLSB modules Setup for test bench (R12) Slow control/Monitoring Optical cable MIL 1553 V2718 VME crate DAQ(LDC/GDC) Optical cable V2718 V1270 V1724 VME crate VLSB VLSB VLSB VLSB VLSB VLSB VLSB V977 VLSB Schedule This week (~13th) Checking signals for newly RHB today! Testing code for VLSB module in Imeprial. Waiting for driver for SBS(Bit3) dataBLIZZARD. Implement readout code for new firmware (ce). Next week (16th ~ 20th) Set up test bench at R12 in RAL with JSG/Mike/Nicholls/Craig/etc. Clone system for Geneva University Testing code for CAEN modules(V977, V1270, V1724) in RAL. To test VLSB modules in RAL, need more modules! Please send to RAL! Imperials VLSB will be in use for QA. The week after next (23rd ~ 27th) DAQ workshop (23,24,25) Finish to setup DAQ system (mainly to debug readout program, I think) R12 Here coming 2 cryostats & 1 compressor & 1 transformer & 8 AFE boards & 5 stations & 25 inter/external waveguides & 1 patch panel & 2 VME crates & 2 NIM crates & VME/NIM modules & 2 DAQ PCs & other stuff

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Illinois Tech - PC - 204
Software Workshops Next workshop is at RAL, in the Norton Room in R1 (level 2, just near the MICE office 2.45) from Wednesday 19th Friday 21st July. Website will be up soon, in the meantime, please email me if you are coming so that I can get an i
Illinois Tech - PC - 167
Progress report onCalorimeter design comparison simulationsMICE detector phone conference 2006-01-27 Rikard Sandstrm1 At 6 pi mm, partial scraping in trackers.Before I begin: Scraping in trackers Particles still make it through the experim
Illinois Tech - MICE - 116
TOF statusM. Bonesini Sezione INFN Milano BicoccaM. Bonesini - VC 18-12-081TOF0 INSTALLATIONPreliminary installation before Q7 (July 08)Installation in final position inside DSAM. Bonesini - VC 18-12-082During data taking: one broken
Illinois Tech - PC - 100
MICE Analysis Code MakeoverChris Rogers 14th September 2004Analysis Code updatesHighlights: Common interface with reconstruction and simulation output for future development Statistical Weighting for events Emittance Calculations in trace spac
Illinois Tech - PC - 100
BTrf Dependencies DiagramBTLinacPhysVol BTGlobalEMField BTrfWindowLogicVol BTrfCavityLogicVolBTLinacCellPhaseInfoBTPillBoxBTrfMapBTAccelDeviceBlue classes have been unit tested. Some possible bugs are: - BTPillBox has Ez=0 in Ref Particle
Illinois Tech - PC - 160
2 5@6 FE 5 @6jk @6 Bj !iWaj GF 7iBfTTwfTjTYv8 @5 6 B j j 9 k5j 2 8 6 j5 7!g} W75A@iGd@ 4475 E G7i`@9 n aj5! F Aj l gg}aW7i`@!w E ' 8 @ 9 9j5 9 j @ zxy~z y z x~ s e!aa4ufa 2 8j udTg F @ Bj B @ 9 96 8 j @ j 9 B @ ! E T!A@4j l fGg F 6
Illinois Tech - PC - 252
Station spacing study Status report T.Sashalmi 20/04/2007Quick review from Takashi Matsushita's work*, what I've followed:Choose the smallest fitting parameters, , and , with the best selection efficiency*http:/www.mice.iit.edu/cm/cm15/cm15_mat
Illinois Tech - PC - 175
Future Software WorkshopsStart 19th April 14th June 19th July 31st August 4th October End 21st April 16th June 21st July 3rd September 6th October Location RAL Fermilab Imperial Riverside RAL Local Organisers Malcolm Malcolm Aron, Chris & Takashi Am
Illinois Tech - PC - 175
Proposed MICE Software Phone Meeting Times = 22nd March 1700 GMT 5th April 0900 GMT 19th April 1700 GMT 3rd May 0900 GMT 17th May 1700 GMT 31st May 0900 GMT
Illinois Tech - PC - 304
Analysis PC Schedule 2008Tuesdays alternate weeks, 16:30 18:00 GMT, with ad hoc exceptions 18 December 2007 8 January 22 January 5 February 19 February (too soon after CM20?) 4 March 2008 5 February 20081MICE Analysis Meeting Tuesday 5 Febr
Illinois Tech - PC - 304
Beam momentum measurement using TOFs: progress reportAnalysis Meeting, February 2008 Mark Rayner Oxford/RALAnalysis Meeting m.rayner@physics.ox.ac.uk Slide 1Beams/scenarios to investigate Particle composition of beam Muons/pions/protons 10
Illinois Tech - PC - 241
Summary of the current status: -* 22-way station connectors produced so far, 75 pieces: - 1.07 mm holes at production * 22-way waveguide connectors produced so far, 75 pieces: - 1.07 mm holes at production - 30 of them sent to G-Tech untouched * bulk
Illinois Tech - PC - 280
Station QA Analysis (G4MICE) For details of software see my previous talk here:xhttp:/www.mice.iit.edu/pc/pc279/pc279_ellis_analysis.pptSlower progress since the last meeting than I had wanted to make due to other commitments. Have made
Illinois Tech - PC - 267
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 14:07:32 +0200 From: tortora@roma3.infn.it Subject: Re: [Mice-detector] uploading talks for today's MICE PID PhConf 14:30 gmt dear all, Quoting vittorio.palladino@na.infn.it: > . > > 5) Project Leaders >Schedule of arrival an
Illinois Tech - PC - 300
ISISStatus/MICEScheduleISISduetoclosesynchrotronat12noon ISIShasabusyscheduleofacceleratorphysicsbeforethe mainuserrunRunninginstorageringmode ExperimentingwithsecondharmonicinRFsystemWehave6shiftsscheduledaslateaspossibleinthemachine s
Illinois Tech - PC - 300
Controls Status Decay Solenoid Beamline Power Supplies Target Drive Beamline Monitors Network Consoles & Servers24th January 2008 Brian MartlewDecay Solenoid Controls Control system hardware and software complete. System is essential opera
Illinois Tech - PC - 158
Longitudinal Beam Dynamics Issues in MICE Scoping StudyChris Rogers Analysis PC 15th December 20051Disclaimer and Overview First pass - scoping study for a proper study Consider RF phase/voltage G4MICE model Examine analysis issues for MICE
Illinois Tech - PC - 250
Station spacing study Status report 04/04/2007Quick review from Takashi Matsushita's work*, what I've followed:*http:/www.mice.iit.edu/cm/cm15/cm15_matsushita_simulation.pdf 5 different setups (easily expandable ) G4MICE -CVS version (a week
Illinois Tech - PC - 250
Here are some (hopefully) helpful comments for today's meeting. 2 - Software and Analysis for Cosmic Test Bench -An application (Station5Test) was added to G4MICE while Aron and I were at Fermilab and we produced the necessary calibration and cabling
Illinois Tech - PC - 197
DecodingTakashi Matsushita t.matsushita@imperial.ac.uk Imperial CollegeT. Matsushita 1Introduction or historyThis is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Eve
Illinois Tech - PC - 197
G4MICE TOF Reconstruction & KEK Test Beam Analysis UpdateAron Fish Tracker Phone Conference May 25, 20061MICEModel work in G4MICE The MICEModel in G4MICE is used to represent any stage of MICE in any level of detail. Representations o
Illinois Tech - PC - 197
Straightness checkTakashi Matsushita t.matsushita@imperial.ac.uk Imperial CollegeT. Matsushita 1Doublet-layer alignment - iRough alignment; Align center fiber to the alignment mark of the vacuum chuck Turn on suction switch We want the centr
Illinois Tech - MICE - 107
Summary of MICE beamline & hall installationsThis is a very rough summary of the progress since mid-DecemberRichard Apsimon & Andy Nichols MICO meeting 8th Jan 20081TargetLayout of MICE hallLinde refrigeratorDecay solenoidUpstream beaml
Illinois Tech - PC - 278
SW:prototypetestsandfulldetectorcostP.Chimenti,G.Giannini,D.Giugovaz,M.Prest, S.Reia,E.VallazzaMICEdetectormeeting3102007Prototype:Mechanics8layers19X19cm^2 10barsforeachlayer 4fibersforeachbar Aluminumframesfor singleplanes BOSHframefo
Illinois Tech - PC - 115
EMCal simulationsMICE Video Conference 2005-03-09Rikard SandstrmGeneva University1Outline Introduction Improved geometry Simulation of hits Energy loss, fibers, the mystery of e+ Simulation of detector response (Digitization) Summary
Illinois Tech - PC - 238
Waveguide status All the connectors have been shipped back to IC and Fermilab to be re-drilled. It is recommended to enlarge hole size to 1.09mm Bulkhead connectors have been drilled with 1.10mm Manufacturer said that D0 connector has 1.10mm hole
Illinois Tech - PC - 238
Station Acceptance Rig = DAQ Spreadsheet - Currently on version 9. Have identified some issues with the VLSB block readout. This will be investigated and may require some fixes of the VLSB (already anticipated) but will not be an issue for the statio
Illinois Tech - PC - 238
MICE Tracker Hardware Station QA progress Firmware TestingJanuaray 17, 2007Terry Hart, Illinois Institute of Technology, MICE Tracker Meeting1Station 5 QA ProgressMalcolm and Kwame with help from Bill, Michael, and me Testing AFE-IIt bo
Illinois Tech - PC - 238
MICE Tracker FirmwareDead Time and Muon Detection Studies for the MICE Tracker Tracker Data Readout Basics Progress in Increasing Fraction of Muons Tracker Can Record Ideas for Further Improvement Plans and OutlookJanuary 17, 2007Terry Hart,
Illinois Tech - PC - 336
Specify File/DirectoryDisplay with current file/directory shown Will change window title and remove [Run/Event] at rightBen Freemire 11/11/0812D Plot DialogSelect Field component and which coordinate to plot against specify other two co
Illinois Tech - PC - 153
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 From: Malcolm Ellis Subject: Item 2 of the Software Meeting Applications Migration -Simulation and Digitisation applications can now be found in MICE/Applications/ As of 29th November, the following classes produced by the Simu
Illinois Tech - PC - 251
PID, emittance and cooling measurementRikard Sandstrm University of Geneva 2007-04-17 MICE Analysis phone conference1Outline Emittance measurement Cooling measurement2Emittance measurement bias at downstream tracker ref plane3Emittanc
Illinois Tech - PC - 247
AFE IIt/VLSB UpdateVLSB Firmware Progress AFE IIt VLSB AFE IIt VLSBbitmaps from TriP-t chips bitmaps directing zero-suppressionmemory banks storing charge and time dataDFPGAdirects DFPGA and AFPGA data flow charge and time data Hardwar
Illinois Tech - PC - 247
Setup test bench/ Installation DATEHideyuki Sakamoto 16th May 2007 MICE phone meeting16th May 2007MICE tracker phone meeting1Contents Setup test bench DAQ rate/Dead time Installation DATE packageHistory April 2nd: Request Jean-Sebastien
Illinois Tech - PC - 253
DAQ test bench in Osaka We received a VME controller and input register from Jean-Sebastian today. Test bench for the modules are being setup in Osaka.
Illinois Tech - PC - 177
CKOV1Gh. Grgoire March 22, 2006 Contents 1. Proposal for a minimal cost threshold-type CKOV1 for MICE 2. Principle 3. Detailed views 4. Present status1PrincipleRe n1 gi o Re 2 ion g Re 3 ion gAssume 2 CKOV1 detector units along the beam, each
Illinois Tech - PC - 231
Subject: Entry Type: Start: End: Duration:Tracker module Phone call Wed 29/11/2006 14:04 Wed 29/11/2006 14:04 0 hoursTracker Phone Conference, 29 November 2006Present: RG, PC, KL, MT, TM, GB, ME, AF, TH, AB, MY, SG, CM, WL, SY1. station five: I
Illinois Tech - PC - 231
Station 5 as of 28 Nov 2006 All planes bundled All planes connectorised All planes glued Fibres potted Ready for cut/polishingShift takers; Aron, Ash, Maiko, Maria, Sarah, Takashi, VeraT. Matsushita 1bundling/connectorisationo view X - m
Illinois Tech - PC - 231
Station Acceptance Test UpdateNewsWeve received a water cooled He compressor + gas hoses (from RAL) and a chiller (from DESY) dept. requires electrical tests first (compressor needs a 3-phase plug fitted by an electrician) do a simple cooling te
Illinois Tech - PC - 236
TOF1 shieldingGh. Grgoire January 10, 2007Virostek shieldBeamTOF1 Active area = 42 cm x 42 cm1TOF1 maintenanceTOF1 could be extracted sideways from the cage using horizontal guide rails2Front viewCentral hole 600 mm3What hole si
Illinois Tech - PC - 340
Tracker phone call: 02Nov08: 14:30 GMT = Present: GB, HS, DK, TH, JL, KL, RG, CMacW 0. Actions from last meeting: - KL/CMacW: Prepare risk assessment for Lab7. - Stands. - RG: Organise plan for photography during set-up in Lab7. - Now beginning to mo
Illinois Tech - MICE - 115
MICE Wrap-upMichael S. Zisman Center for Beam Physics Accelerator & Fusion Research Division Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryMICE Collaboration Meeting 22RAL October 21, 2008Outline Introduction Meeting Goals Installation Meeting Items f
Illinois Tech - MICE - 115
Target Report IntroductionChris Booth Sheffield 20th November 2008Organisation Weekly phone meetings Sheffield, RAL (inc. MOM), Imperial Notes on web (thanks Ken!) Design initiative Shaft & bearings see Jason's talkVerification & Diag
Illinois Tech - MICE - 115
MICE Target Mechanical DesignqJason Tarrant STFC Introduction Investigations into target shaft failure Current suspicions and solutions Shaft re-design QA Milestone planqJason Tarrant / November 2008MICE Target Mechanical DesignqInv
Illinois Tech - MICE - 106
Beamline1. Beamline work since vc105 - Target misalignment & bits - Magnet measurements - Simulation debugging 2. Beamline review 16th. - Intro - Some recommendations 3. Whats next.Kevin Tilley MICE VC. 29th November1- Target misalignment & b
Illinois Tech - MICE - 106
MLCRConstruction complete: Racks Network rack present PPS racks present DAQ racks present. Last two racks in shipment Air Conditioning Being installed Electrical Earth straps in All cable trays. Power in progress Network Installation started yester
Illinois Tech - MICE - 106
February 17, 2009Tracker: Tracker construction QA rig Data acquisition Cryo-system Read out Slow controls ScheduleTracker construction:Tracker #1 completeTracker #2: 5 stations available2 sparesWill be QAed before Christmas
Illinois Tech - PC - 312
Analysis PC Schedule 2008Tuesdays alternate weeks 4 March18 March 1 April Move to 15:30 GMT = 16:30 BST 15 April 29 April 13 May 27 May (1 week before CM21)29 April 2008PC 3101JC - Meeting schedule etc. UB - G4MICE at UNH DF - Alignmen
Illinois Tech - PC - 129
CKOV-1 PROGRESSL. Cremaldi, D. Summers, U. Mississippi MICE Mtg JUNE 15, 2005 R. Godang, M. Reep, B. RankinsDESIGNAperture based on Tom Roberts beam spread plots at CKOV1. Sizing the radiator aperture at R=230mm. The window will be fused silica 1
Illinois Tech - PC - 165
Light Yield results from the KEK tracker test using G4MICEM. Ellis Tracker Phone Meeting 25th January 20061Outline Status/Disclaimer Light versus L1A timing L1A timing cut Light yield distribution vs 3HF concentration Space point distr
Illinois Tech - PC - 165
Tracker Hardware UpdateAron Fish 25/01/06Contents Disassembly Waveguide Mapping Waveguide Check Mirroring Bulkhead Connector Alignment Hardware EquipmentExisting & New Labels on WaveguidesWaveguide (Stays the same) 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6
Illinois Tech - PC - 138
Emittance Calculation Progress and PlansChris Rogers Analysis PC 18 August 20051Overview Talk in detail about how we can do the emittance calculation Sample bunch Remove experimental error (PID & tracking) Calculate Emittance Talk about oth
Illinois Tech - PC - 138
DRAFT - Ideas about PIDChris Rogers, Imperial College August, 2005We can do some interesting math when we seek to understand how errors in PID eect the emittance measurement. I will show two main results in section 1: Misidentication of particles
Illinois Tech - PC - 292
Hall meeting, 12/12/07 Willie, Ken, Paul, Matt, Ash, Tim. Mirror plates, delivered 20/12/07 DSA roof, fire escape is OK with H&S. Andy & Ken to speak to Paul Wright to discuss fall-backs on Jan 20th Target, going OK, baseline is for tamper-proof lase
Illinois Tech - PC - 147
Illinois Tech - PC - 143
" ! g g g b Yg `8aW F%XWwyX%y#%aX h %ydeg v b j d b W w#d %b d XSRdy h FgSpacbX #8Ed %gd #XX 8y g #Xbb %W cb%ycba8d X kangXW %a` Xay FsagW X b8yW #X %Wy d8Xy a jw b y ` h c %a6 g 6 vy j
Illinois Tech - PC - 185
Tracker review meeting talks, we agreed the following provisional timings: Engineering (mechanical) Cryogenic system Electronics QA and QC procedures Software Review KEK analysis Schedule, resources & risk Takashi Matsushita Alan Bross Alan Bross Pau
Illinois Tech - PC - 185
Engineering (Mechanical)Geoff BarberTakashi Matsushita t.matsushita@imperial.ac.uk Imperial CollegeT. Matsushita 1Contents Station assembly Tracker assembly Installation Patch-panel Installation procedure Infrastructure/Operation Ga
Illinois Tech - MICE - 101
Focus on DSA build: Shielding build (Steel & Concrete) Solenoid repair Survey datum points Solenoid plinth installation Rail system & alignment D2 installation in out position Alignment, logistics (wt, position) Cabling into synchrotron &
Illinois Tech - MICE - 101
MICE Target ReportVideo Conference 05/07/07 Chris Booth Sheffield 5th July 2007As reported at Collaboration meeting:Major problem with wear on ceramic bearings (after few hundred thousand operations, bearings become eccentric, significant quantit
Illinois Tech - MICE - 101
The Tracker Team, February 17, 2009Tracker sub-system reportMechanical:Time-critical issues:Detailing of station acceptance rig:Imperial draughtsman effort negotiatedCasualty of PSI solenoid repairCosmic rig detailing:Peter For