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Peer Re: Feedback-Bullard Houses The Objective: To come to an agreeement regarding the sale of the Bullard Houses Complications: As buyer, I was prohibited from disclosing the intended use of the property for a hotel. Reflections on the Interaction: The fact that you opened the negotiations with specific numbers (price, number of shares) led me to believe that price was your primary interest.. While it did bring me to increase my price rapidly, it short-circuit the more important issue of preserving the Bullard houses as they stand. Also, tt may be attributable to the group nature of the negotiation, I but found it difficult to get the details of what exactly you needed/ wanted with regard to the maintenance of the houses. Therefore, I was truly under the impression that the use of the location for a hotel would be in accordance with your needs: the location would be one in which ppl reside (albeit for brief periods of time), and the row of brownstones would remain outwardly intact (the hotel had plans to use the structures for a lobby etc). Suggestions: In future negotiations, it may prove useful to convey an greater interest in collaboration, rather than what came across as competitiveness. ... View Full Document

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