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- 1 PM586 SEC H PROJECT PART 1 SEITZ HUNTSVILLE PROJECT PROJECT REPORT Introduction Project Planning is the key to the success of a Project. Seitz Huntsville Project is a very large project with a budget of $2,750,000 to be completed in only 18 months. Janis Clark, the Project Manager for Seitz Huntsville Project seems very determined in implementing this Project, having all the support from board of directors and access to functional elements at the corporate plant. Steve Pokorski, the Vice President of Operations, and Joe Downs (was also a Project Manager candidate for this project), the Director of Plant Engineering, were also asked to help Janis in anyway, even if they had to go out of the way. 2 Janis Strategy Mark Green, the Project Sponsor asked Janis to furnish the Project artifacts before proceeding further and Janiss approach was to convert her task list to Project Charter, Scope Statement and WBS. Since she had already created a task list, it was easier for her to build a WBS but that certainly is correct path. Janis, to the best of my knowledge, should have created a Project Charter first with the help of her assistants. A charter document is the WHAT of a project and if not planning properly, the Project is destined to fail. Charter document is used to communicate between the Project Teams, Stake holders and the rest of the company about the Project. This document is the foundation of the Project. It authorizes the project manager to proceed with the project. After creating the Project Charter and seeking approval from the board of Directors, Janis already had the help from the headquarter plants Director and VP who could help her with staffing by promoting and moving employees to Huntsville. At this point, Janis should have called a project team meeting and discuss the Scope statement. If this was not possible, she could have asked for help from her assistants in building a Scope Statement and obtain approval from the stakeholders. In this case, the boards of directors are most probably the stake holders. After getting an approval on Project Charter and Scope Statement, Janis should have gotten help from her employees/assistants on identifying the work packages and collecting them as WBS. Scope should have been decomposed into work packages and then organized with indents and without dependencies. Over all, Janis approach towards the project from the beginning was incorrect and if the Board of directors had not asked for the artifacts, Janis wouldnt have worked on them and suffered the consequences later. She used the backward approach by building the task list first. 3 Conflicts Janis, being selected as the PM and board of directors instructing Joe Downs (Project Manager Candidate for this project, turned down) to help Janis in anyway and even if his own performance suffers, may not go well. Janis has to be cautious when dealing with Joe and mostly try to get help from Steve Pokorski, the VP of Operations. Although, she may also have issues with Steve as to when asking for his best employees to come and work for her in Huntsville by giving them a promotion, Steve may not be pleased about loosing his best employees to Janis. She may want to approach Steve by asking him for a few of his best employees or even going to the board of directors and asking them to give her some of best employees in headquarter. Appendix PROJECT Project CHARTER Name Project Manager Owner(s) Seitz Huntsville Project Janis Clark Seitz Corp Scheduled Completion Date: Mission Expanding Seitz Corp to Southern district 06/1/2010 Project Number Prioritization Start Date: SEP-175 Urgent 1/31/2008 Scope Seitz Corp is investing to expand in Huntsville, Alabama, to expand their operations nationwide and utilize their best employees in a new project for fiscal year 4 Objectives Construction of a new plant in Huntsville, Alabama Assumptions The Milwaukee headquarter and the new Huntsville project team will work together to ensure a quality project Constraints Recruiting from internal and external sources. Extracting best technical employees from the Headquarter Time/Decision Points Jan 31, 2008 Project Begins June 1, 2010 Project Ends Cost/Financial Assumptions Seitz Huntsville Project has a big budget with a great Project team supported by the headquarter and the board of directors. Project has a great plan of utilizing internal resources. User Acceptance Criteria/Quality Utilizing same technology that operates in Milwaukee headquarter and the best employees. Major Risks Getting the pant ready by the end of year 2009 will help introduce a new product from the plant; this is a great opportunity to capture a major new market segment. KEY STAKEHOLDERS Name 5 Project Core Team: Janis Clark Project Manager Mark Green Board of Directors Regional Sales Manager Marketing Director Steve Pokorski, the Vice President of Operations - Milwaukee Joe Downs, the Director of Plant Engineering - Milwaukee Janis Assistants Subject Matter Experts (SME) (Include company & channel designations if applicable) Janis Clark Seitz Huntsville Project Manager Seitz Corp APPROVALS Signature Janis Clark Type Name Project Manager Approval: Owner/Sponsor Approval: Date 09/24/2008 09/24/2008 Mark Green PROJECT SCOPE STATEMENT Project Name Project Manager Owner(s) Seitz Huntsville Project Janis Clark Seitz Corp Project Number Prioritization SEP - 175 Urgent Refer to Project Charter for further details Project Description Expanding Seitz Corp to Southern district. Building a new plant to increase productivity nationwide Project Build a plant in Huntsville, Alabama and start producing plastics items 6 Product Project Deliverables Project Charter, project Scope, WBS Project Objectives With a budget of $2,750,000 and 18 months, utilizing the resources and support from the headquarter, build the plan and start delivering by 6/1/08 Type Name Project Manager Approval: APPROVALS Signature Janis Clark Mark Green Date 1/24/2008 1/24/2008 Owner/Sponsor Approval: WBS (WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE) WBS CODE 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 1.10 2.0 2.1 2.2 ACTIVITY Planning Phase Select Architect Recruit & Train Managers Select Real Estate Consultant Pre-Production Plan Create Production Plan Building Concept Building Design Site Procurement Select General Contractor Permits & Approvals Preparation Phase Site Preparation Building Construction 7 2.3 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 4.0 4.1 4.2 Landscaping Plant Readiness Phase Plant Personnel Recruiting Equipment Procurement Raw Material Procurement Equipment Installation Product Distribution Plan Truck Fleet Procurement Pre-Production Run Production Phase Production Start-Up Distribution Reference Week 3 Lecture ... 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