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1 of 6 [ Print View ] Class PH1110A2007 Assignment 5 Due at 5:00pm on Friday, September 7, 2007 View Grading Details A Wild Ride A car in a roller coaster moves along a track that consists of a sequence of ups and downs. Let the x axis be parallel to the ground and the positive y axis point upward. In the time interval from to s, the trajectory of the car along a certain section of the track is given by , where is a positive dimensionless constant. Part A At is the roller coaster car ascending or descending? Hint A.1 How to approach the problem The direction of motion of a particle is given by the direction of its velocity. In this particular case, you need to establish if velocity of the car points upward or downward. That can be easily determined by simply looking at the sign of the vertical component of the velocity of the car. Part A.2 Find the vertical component of the velocity of the car Find the y component of the velocity of the car, , at . Hint A.2.a Velocity components Hint not displayed Express your answer in meters per second in terms of . ANSWER: = Answer not displayed ANSWER: ascending descending Part B Derive a general expression for the speed of the car. Hint B.1 How to approach the problem The speed of a particle is the magnitude of the velocity vector of the particle. Since the magnitude of a vector depends on its components, to find the speed of the car you need to know the components of the car's velocity. Hint B.2 Magnitude of a vector The magnitude of a vector , whose components are and , is given by . 2 of 6 Part B.3 Find the components of the velocity of the car Find a general expression for and , that is, the ... View Full Document

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