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Case Study MySpace Review Questions 1. Yes, there is a psychological contract between MySpace users and the company. Users get addicted to spending time on this site and feeling satisfied by keeping up to date on what their friends are doing and what else is going with other peoples lives. The psychological contract that forms is due to the increasing desire for people to feel satisfied and how they feed that desire on sites like MySpace. The user gets the gratification of seeing their friends on MySpace and being able to use their creativity to shape their own page on there. In return, MySpace gives them a site that can do all of this and makes money from their visits. 2. MySpace provides an environment for people to freely express themselves in. Instead of only discussing with only a few close friends, people are now able to let anyone on the internet know what sort of day theyve had or what kind of mood they are in. This allows other users to offer support or comments that might not have been there otherwise, and help fuel the addictive nature of MySpace. I think that people express themselves more on MySpace which leads to more emotions being on display there than in real life. This effect has had a large impact on the success of MySpace. 3. It does not appear that most college students are doing much editing on their MySpace pages. There are an abundance of photos of students at parties and events with destructive atmospheres. They are certainly not photos that you would want potential employers looking at or even law enforcement agencies in some cases. Also, in some cases students will post information such as email, phone numbers, or addresses that they would probably not want falling into the hands of strangers on the internet. ... View Full Document

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