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Study Case on Delirium Marie is a 72 year-old Caucasian woman, suffering from delirium. She has lived by herself in her apartment complex for 15 years since her husband died. She lives about 20 minutes away from her only living relative her daughter Victoria. Marie has suffered from depression for years turned to alcohol to ease her pain up until recently. She has been suffering from withdrawal symptoms but she has her love interest Albert to turn to for support. Albert is 78 years-old and lives in the apartment above Marie. He has a bad hip and cannot leave his apartment very often so Marie tries to come see him when she can. Victoria likes Albert but does not want Marie to be involved romantically with him. Marie has diabetes and a heart condition and has several different types of medications she has to take daily. She is not allowed to drive because of her delirium causes her to become confused, forget things and often get lost. Despite orders from her doctor and daughter Marie does drive around to places that are close to home because she does not want to bother Victoria to come pick her up. Marie often forgets things-she always forgets to turn the television off along with the shower and the stove. There have been numerous occasions where she almost caused a fire from leaving the burner on for too long. Marie feels that Albert is the only one who understands her and worries about his health. Marie feels like annoys she Victoria and because of her severe depression she uses alcohol to escape. Diagnosis M arie needs to explain to her mother that she is an adult and that if she choses to have a relationship with another man then that is her business. I think that if she explains to Victoria what Albert means to her she will have to understand. I think that the alcohol withdrawals and mixture of medications could have led to Maries delirium. It also could be a problem with her diet; perhaps she is not getting enough nutrition. I think that Maries daughter either needs to move closer to her or she needs someone in her home to help her with things. She should not have to ever drive because that is not only a danger to herself it is also a danger to the public. Also Marie needs someone to check up on her to make sure she does not forget to do important things like turn the oven burner off. Leaving the burner on in a complex could cause the ntire apartment to burn down killing not only Marie but many others. I think it is great that Marie has a support system from Albert but she cant expect him to cure her. She desperately needs to go to counseling for her depression and alcoholism. Going to an alcoholics anonymous facility will give Marie the opportunity to talk to people who have been in similar situations as her and share her story. When you have other people supporting you the problem does not seem like such a big deal ... View Full Document

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