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Case Study on Delirium Marie is a 72 year-old Caucasian woman, suffering from delirium. She has lived by herself in her apartment complex for 15 years since her husband died. She lives about 20 minutes away from her only living relative her daughter Victoria. Marie has suffered from depression for years turned to alcohol to ease her pain up until recently. She has been suffering from withdrawal symptoms but she has her love interest Albert to turn to for support. Albert is 78 years-old and lives in the apartment above Marie. He has a bad hip and cannot leave his apartment very often so Marie tries to come see him when she can. Victoria likes Albert but does not want Marie to be involved romantically with him. Marie has diabetes and a heart condition and has several different types of medications she has to take daily. She is not allowed to drive because of her delirium causes her to become confused, forget things and often get lost. Despite orders from her doctor and daughter Marie does drive around to places that are close to home because she does not ... View Full Document

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