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English 100 Professor Mallette First Assignment Eemeli Isoaho Drawing on your memories of a friend or family member, write an essay about some problem that person had and its effect on your life. When I met my friend for the first time, he was hopping joyfully towards me as if he had just won the lottery. His smile reached from one ear to another as he introduced himself with a childlike cheerful voice. Im Nitin! he tittered and spun around as if he was a ballet dancer auditioning for a performance. Nitins outgoing and loud personality amazed me, and we became friends really quickly. For most people, Nitin was the guy full of life whose giggles could be heard from far away as he would constantly burst into laughter. He was the guy with chocolate brown skin, taller than an average Indian, and had the looks of a sleazy Bollywood star: dark excessively gelled hair, big sunglasses, and tidy clothes. For me, however, he was the person who made my first day at a new school delightful. As I got closer with Nitin, I could see that there was more to him than just funny stories, chuckling, whistling, bursting into laughter, and dancing. There was something dark in his smile that caught my attention. His eyes were like the ones of a dead fish on a plate, staring somewhere far away. His empty eyes zoning out gave a hint of something from the past but a small enough amount that not everyone would notice it. Now, two years after first meeting him, I already know that he is one of the people that have affected my life the most. From the very first day I met Nitin, I knew that something severe had happened in his life, something that could leave such strong memories that would have an effect on him even decades later. Not even in my wildest imagination, however, did I ever think an effect on him even decades later.... View Full Document

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