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The Flaws of Education 2/14/2006 Final The school system has a major impact on a students motivation to learn and push themselves throughout his or her life. Through the article I just Wanna be Average, Mike Rose shows the effects on students of a school system which does not give them the tools to succeed. The failure to provide any support to the students, valuable lessons, or teacher role models produces unmotivated students who never reach their full potential and thus become frustrated with their lives. Rose demonstrates the effects of these flaws in the education system through his experiences in both the vocational and college tracks and through the descriptions of his educators. It is very clear through Roses experience that the vocational system is designed for students who the school has given up on and written off. The student is determined to have little capability, which the school bases only on a placement test. The school therefore gives the student no hope to do well in school. Rose argues that it is difficult for students placed in this path with these beliefs to honestly believe that they will ever prove the system wrong. He even states that this is virtually impossible(187) to do. The students are expected to become only average if even that, so they do not push themselves to become anything more than expected. Roses experience in both the vocational system and the college path show the altered desire to learn and also the different quality of education. In the college track students and teachers were treated and acted differently. Instead of being bored in lectures, Rose was intrigued throughout class acted differently.... View Full Document

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