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10/30/07 PHYS 101-02 Chapter 11 Homework Exercises 5. How far, in terms of wavelength, does a wave travel in one period? The wave travels a distance equal to its speed. 11. Sound from source A has twice the frequency of sound from Source B. Compare the wavelengths of sound from the two sources. The sound from source A will have a smaller wavelength than the sound from source B. 17. If a bell is ringing inside a bell jar, we can no longer hear it when the air is pumped out, but we can still see it. What differences in the properties of sound and light does this indicate? In an environment where no oxygen is present, sound has nothing to refract off of, even though the action is still occurring. 21. If the frequency of sound is doubled, what change will occur in its speed? What change will occur in its wavelength? If the frequency of sound is doubled, the sounds speed will also double, while the wavelength will be cut in half. 26. A rule of thumb for estimating the distance in kilometers between an observer and a lightning strike is to divide the number of seconds in the interval between the flash and the sound by 3. Is this rule correct?Is this rule correct?... View Full Document

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