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Final Exam Review Philosophy 180 Fall 2007 Professor Ann Cudd Final Exam Double length of midterm: 15 short answer questions (no choice) 2 identification passages (no choice) 2 essay questions (some choice) Comprehensive, weighted more to last part 2 1/2 hours (but you wont need it) Dec. 11, 1:30pm in the lecture hall Review of first third Theories of governmental authority and legitimacy problem of legitimacy: Thrasymachus challenge Confucianism (Confucius and Mencius): ruler should be virtuous and benevolent; partiality; authoritarian Mohism: ruler should bring about universal love; impartiality; authoritarian Authority and Legitimacy (cont.) Taoism (Chuang Tzu): not-ruling (anarchy); harmony with Tao isolationism; egocentrism; anti-materialism Legalism (Hsun Tzu): human nature is evil Virtue, goodness must be learned; not natural Contractarianism Idea of the social contract: consent of people required for legitimate rule Enlightenment political philosophy Individualism Hobbes vs. Locke Authority and Legitimacy... View Full Document

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