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John Goodson CHEM 2211L/2212L Lab Report Cover Sheet Name: John Goodson TA: Omkar Dhamale Date: 4/16/2008 Experiment: Williamson Ether Synthesis of Methylphenoxyacetic Acid Prelab (40 points) Title Introduction ____________ (10 points) Table of Reagents ____________ (10 points) Safety Information ____________ (10 points) Prelab Quiz ____________ (10 points) Inlab (25 points) Procedure ____________ (15 points) Data and Observations ____________ (10 points) Postlab (30 points) Results and Discussion ____________ (15 points) Conclusions ____________ (5 points) Answers to Questions ____________ (10 points) Discretionary Points ____________ (5 points) Total ____________ (100 points) TA Comments: John Goodson Williamson Ether Synthesis of Methylphenoxyacetic Acid Introduction: In this experiment, a Williamson ether synthesis will be carried out to synthesize methylphenoxyacetic acid from a cresol and chloroacetic acid. The melting point of the product will be obtained to determine which cresol isomer was used. In the work up of this experiment, the isolation of the product from the organic layer involves the exploitation of the relatively ... View Full Document

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