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Version A CHM 2211 Exam 1 Summer B 2006 (Davidson) Name: UF ID: Directions: Put all of your answers on the answer sheet (last page of this packet). Only the responses on the answer sheet will be graded. Please be sure to put your name on the answer sheet as well as on the exam. You may separate the exam from the answer sheet. Turn in both the exam and the answer sheet. 1. (4 points each, 20 points total) Draw the structures for the major organic products for the reactions shown below. Be sure to indicate proper stereochemistry (using dashes and wedges) were necessary. a) O HBr (excess) b) O CH 3 ONa CH 3 OH c) Cl 2 40 o C d) 1) Hg(OAc) 2 , CH 3 OH 2) NaBH 4 e) NBS light 2. (4 points each, 8 points total) Nomenclature. Give the correct name or draw the correct structure for the following compounds. a) b) p- ethoxytoluene NO 2 NH 2 3. (4 points) Thymol, drawn below, is an aromatic compound that is found in the herb, thyme. ... View Full Document

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