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Charter Project Project Charter FOR Time Keeping System 05/12/2008 Prepared by: Sherif Abdelzaher Prepared for: Jorge Echavarria IS581 Systems Analysis, Planning, and Control Page 1 of 4 08/04/08 Project Charter Time Keeping System Summary The existing system has issues with billing clients and tracking engineers working hours on each project and the projects list are printed on papers. The time keeping system is going to help the managers to generate reports by engineer and the finance department will be able to generate bills to clients and the system will be able to track engineers by project and paperless which will alow the company to save paper and money as well. Description Situation: The current state is the engineers using paper time cards and projects lists are printed on papers Target: Create a time keeping electronic system which will interface with the existing payroll system and with projects list Proposal: The ability to bill clients properly Manage engineers working hours according to projects list Payroll will be more reliable, faster and it will be issued ontime with no mistakes Scope of the Project 1. Process Begins With: 2. Process Ends With: 3. Project Stay-Outs: Once the engineer login to his existing workstation using the new software with his new new employee ID The engineer logout the the system using the employee ID Networking & Wiring. Project Deliverable(s) Scope, Schedule, Budget, Security analysis & Training (if needed) Project Risks Power Problems: ( Poewer problems that might disable the the timekeeping system) Mitigation Plan: we will supply battery back ups for computers which with included in the budget. Security problems: (Employess can allow other employees to sign them in and out during working Page 2 of 4 08/04/08 Project Charter hours) Mitigation plan: we will provide a finger print device attached to the work which station is included in the budget plan, and the company must issue a security risk plan to handle any employee who commits a security breach. Security Clearence for employee information (this information might include date of birth, SSN, Driver license number, etc..) Mitigation plan: The software will be designed with encryption which will keep it more safer) Testing enviroment Mitigation plan: I will ask the company to provide an office inside the company for testing the software physically with real employees. Project Milestones (Provide a milestone title and duration, may be shown as a Gantt type chart) Event No. Start 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 End Event Description Project Planning Project Start (Charter Signed) * System Improvement Objectives Requirements * Data and Process Modeling System Proposal Physical Design Construction and Testing Installation and Delivery Closeout Report * Overall Project Duration Project Completion Duration (days/weeks) 05/01/2008 1 day 4 days 5 days 4 days 4 days 35 days 2 days 5 days 2 days 12.5 weeks 07/30/2008 Project Highlights Description Charter Signed (Required) * Requirements Signed (Required) * Closeout Report (Required) * May include more items if required. Planned Date 05/05/2008 05/16/2008 07/28/2008 Team Members, Roles, Responsibilities and Hour Estimate Name Sherif Abdelzaher Organization: Keller Responsibilities: Project leader, document owner(s), system manager(s) SME(s) Hour Estimate 400 Kristine Nguyen Page 3 Keller 200 08/04/08 of 4 Project Charter Name James Steele Organization: Keller Responsibilities: Test and validation support Hour Estimate 50 References Contract # Program Directive # Etc. List contract number of Information Systems (IS) List Program Directive(s) List anything else Attachments Attachment A Attachment B Project Charter Revision History Time Keeping System Page 4 of 4 08/04/08 ... View Full Document

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