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Project Charter Project Charter FOR Time Keeping System 05/12/2008 Prepared by: Sherif Abdelzaher Prepared for: Jorge Echavarria IS581 Systems Analysis, Planning, and Control Page 1 of 4 05/12/09 Project Charter Time Keeping System Summary The existing system has issues with billing clients and tracking engineers working hours on each project and the projects list are printed on papers. The time keeping system is going to help the managers to generate reports by engineer and the finance department will be able to generate bills to clients and the system will be able to track engineers by project and paperless which will alow the company to save paper and money as well. Description Situation: The current state is the engineers using paper time cards and projects lists are printed on papers Target: Create a time keeping electronic system which will interface with the existing payroll system and with projects list Proposal: The ability to bill clients properly Manage engineers working hours according to projects list ... View Full Document

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