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ADC0820 8-Bit High Speed P Compatible A/D Converter with Track/Hold Function General Description By using a half-flash conversion technique, the 8-bit ADC0820 CMOS A/D offers a 1.5 s conversion time and dissipates only 75 mW of power. The half-flash technique consists of 32 comparators, a most significant 4-bit ADC and a least significant 4-bit ADC. The input to the ADC0820 is tracked and held by the input sampling circuitry eliminating the need for an external sample-and-hold for signals moving at less than 100 mV/s. For ease of interface to microprocessors, the ADC0820 has been designed to appear as a memory location or I/O port without the need for external interfacing logic. Key Specifications j Resolution 8 Bits j Conversion Time 2.5 s Max (RD Mode) 1.5 s Max (WR-RD Mode) j Low Power 75 mW Max j Total Unadjusted Error 1 / 2 LSB and 1 LSB Features n Built-in track-and-hold function n No missing codes n No external clocking n Single supply 5 V DC n Easy interface to all microprocessors, or operates stand-alone n Latched STRI-STATE output n Logic inputs and outputs meet both MOS and T 2 L voltage level specifications n Operates ratiometrically or with any reference value equal to or less than V CC n 0V to 5V analog input voltage range with single 5V supply n No zero or full-scale adjust required n Overflow output available for cascading n 0.3" standard width 20-pin DIP n 20-pin molded chip carrier package n 20-pin small outline package n 20-pin shrink small outline package (SSOP) Connection and Functional Diagrams Dual-In-Line, Small Outline and SSOP Packages DS005501-1 Top View Molded Chip Carrier Package DS005501-33 June 1999 ADC08208-BitHighSpeedPCompatibleA/DConverterwithTrack/HoldFunction 2001 National Semiconductor Corporation DS005501 Connection and Functional Diagrams (Continued) Ordering Information Part Number Total Package Temperature Unadjusted Error Range ADC0820BCV V20A Molded Chip Carrier 0C to +70C ADC0820BCWM 1 / 2 LSB M20B Wide Body Small Outline 0C to +70C ADC0820BCN N20A Molded DIP 0C to +70C ADC0820CCJ 1 LSB J20A Cerdip-40C to +85C ADC0820CCWM M20B Wide Body Small Outline 0C to +70C ADC0820CIWM M20B Wide Body Small Outline-40C to +85C ADC0820CCN N20A Molded DIP 0C to +70C DS005501-2 FIGURE 1. ADC0820 2 Absolute Maximum Ratings (Notes 1, 2) If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. Supply Voltage (V CC ) 10V Logic Control Inputs-0.2V to V CC +0.2V Voltage at Other Inputs and Output-0.2V to V CC +0.2V Storage Temperature Range-65C to +150C Package Dissipation at T A = 25C 875 mW Input Current at Any Pin (Note 5) 1 mA Package Input Current (Note 5) 4 mA ESD Susceptability (Note 9) 1200V Lead Temp. (Soldering, 10 sec.) Dual-In-Line Package (plastic) 260C Dual-In-Line Package (ceramic) 300C... View Full Document

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