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QUESTIONS Professor STUDY Patrick Yanez Chapter 12: Products and Services for Consumers True/False Questions 1. Quality can be defined on two dimensions: market-perceived quality and performance quality. Register to View Answer2. Though quality is always important in the consumer's mind, they, in general, do not expect it to be a given. Register to View Answer3. Quality is measured in many industries by objective third parties. Register to View Answer4. Even though most companies claim high performance quality when a product leaves the factory, the factory is still the place where most products are damaged in global marketing. Register to View Answer5. In many countries the term product homologation is used to describe the changes mandated by local product and service standards. Register to View Answer6. Green marketing is the term frequently used to identify a marketer's efforts to reduce its dependency on U.S. dollars as the standard for international exchange. Register to View Answer7. The European Commission (EC) mandate requires a product to be evaluated from manufacturing to disposal. Register to View Answer8. Strictly speaking from a marketing point of view as well as from a definitional view, a product is a physical item. Register to View Answer9. An important first step in adapting a product to a foreign market is to determine the degree of newness as perceived by the intended market. <... Ch12_13ed_IN322_PY_SQs_WA

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