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Sid Goyal Anthropology 101 2/20/08 Chivens Worker Paper 1 Phillipe Bourgois book, In Search of Respect , is an ethnographic study of social marginalization in inner-city America. The initial critical argument for Bourgois is the idea that many of the inner-city residents are not able to achieve the American dream, due to the social marginalization of our country. Then as his writing unfolds, it is illustrated that the actual dealers of El Barrio place more of the blame on themselves than on the political system of the country. He uncovers the hidden life of the crack dealers in El Barrio, and is therefore able to demonstrate the often-misunderstood life of inner-city culture. Primary factors that convey this are the first hand accounts of the dealers thoughts, ambitions, and fears. The fieldwork conducted and presented in this anthropological novel holds a great significance, and is the primary tool used by Bourgois to stress the social marginalization in inner-city America. Bourgois realized quickly that a vast difference existed between the town he was living and the majority of communities of America was realized when he was personally assaulted by the police. Bourgois stated that many officers stopped, searched, harassed, and humiliated him on a regular basis. In the book, Bourgois describes a particular incident where two officers verbally abused him, despite his many attempts to treat the police with courtesy. They threatened to have him apprehended if he were found roaming the streets, and the officers even went so far as to encourage him to buy his ... View Full Document

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