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is Here a basic study guide for the final. It is not all inclusive but it will definitely cover a majority of the topics. Know the different types of business forms. Know where different types of securities are sold and their related costs. Know what makes up free cash flows. Understand the application the different financial ratios. Know how to calculate NPV and FV of lump sums and annuities. Know how bonds are used and paid for by companies. Understand the concepts associated with common stock. Understand the concepts associated with preferred stock. Be able to discuss the differences common between and preferred stocks. Understand the rate of return concepts and how to apply them. Know and understand how to apply concepts associated with project decisions. Understand the concept of liquidity. Understand the concept of risk associated with investments. Understand how bonds work and are used by investors. Understand and be able to read balance sheets, income statements and cash flows. Understand the differences between long and short term debt. Understand and be able to apply cash management techniques. Understand the concepts and theories associated with dividends. ... View Full Document

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