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Designing a Speedometer Date: 12/12/2007 Engr: 201-069 Deep Vyas Ravi Khatri Neha Bailwal Abstract: In general, the main objective of this lab was to create a Labview program that computes the velocity of a bicycle wheel with a certain diameter. In this lab, we had to measure the speed of a 26 inch diameter of the bicycle wheel by using a Reed switch. Reed switch is a transducer that detects a signal when it senses a magnetic field. The Labview VI program incorporated measurements that converted from count per revolution into miles per hour of a bicycle wheel. This program was then connected to the Reed switch using a USB NI 6009 which measured the speed of the wheel. The results were then represented in the speedometer in the front panel of the Labview VI. After completing all of these, a performance test was performed on a bicycle wheel. As a result the speedometer displayed the speed of the bicycle wheel. Table of Contents: 1. Title Page 2. Abstract 3. Table of Contents 4. Executive Summary 5. Introduction 6. Equipment and Procedures 7. Results 8. Discussion 9. Conclusion 10. References 11. Appendices Executive Summary The objective of our experiment was to build a digital speedometer. We did this The objective of our experiment was to build a digital speedometer.... View Full Document

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