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YUFA CUPE strike day 30 YUFA solidarity bulletin no. 20 24 November 2000 In this issue: 1. Week five: 'It's time to ask, "Where's Lorna?"' 2. Night shift campus workers la dolce vita 3. Women's Studies faculty organise flying picket for Tuesday 1. WEEK FIVE: 'IT'S TIME TO ASK, "WHERE'S LORNA?"' Surrounded by empty classrooms, 400 students, faculty, and staff gathered today in the Vari...

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strike YUFA CUPE day 30 YUFA solidarity bulletin no. 20 24 November 2000 In this issue: 1. Week five: 'It's time to ask, "Where's Lorna?"' 2. Night shift campus workers la dolce vita 3. Women's Studies faculty organise flying picket for Tuesday 1. WEEK FIVE: 'IT'S TIME TO ASK, "WHERE'S LORNA?"' Surrounded by empty classrooms, 400 students, faculty, and staff gathered today in the Vari Hall Rotunda for a rally, addressing the leadership and contractual issues raised by the strike. Andrea O'Reilly (Atkinson Women's Studies), holding up the YUFA banner in the audience, expressed why many YUFA members were in attendance: "People are gathered here to force the Administration to deal with and end the strike. York's is a leading union and their demise would be a huge hit to unions across Ontario. It's important that all the unions are represented here. YUFA has to get out on the line to support CUPE, because it's our turn next." Speakers and audience members alike questioned Lorna Marsden's leadership. Yasmin, an undergraduate who had attended the administration-sponsored forum for students earlier this week, told the rally that students had been disappointed when administrators dismissed questions about negotiations issues and the strike's impact as "not appropriate". David McNally (Arts Political Science) recounted how Lorna Marsden had failed to respond to YUFA members: "33 professors in Political Science wrote to Lorna Marsden weeks ago and had no response. Then 271 YUFA members wrote to her, and again, no response. Last week the faculty association voted unanimously to ask Lorna Marsden to meet with us. After days of calling her for her answer, we finally heard that she was refusing to come. I think it's time to ask: Where's Lorna? " The crowd responded by calling out, "Lorna? Lorna? Lorna?" and waving "Where's Lorna?" picket signs. "As a faculty member, I'm absolutely fed up with being put into an impossible position," Doug Davis (Film & Video) told the Solidarity Bulletin. "I sympathize with the strikers. No matter what I do I'm betraying someone, either my students if I were to disadvantage those who are absent, graduate students if I cross their picket lines, or my employer because I'm being paid to teach. The administration's pretending to be running a university, but I don't know what they're actually running here. A factory? I have to ask myself: am I too old for this? I look at what I've been doing for the last thirty years and I hear the administration saying: your idea of a university doesn't matter." A pair of comic performances underscored his questions. Undergraduate theatre students contrasted their experiences of assembly-line education - "tuition, time, stress, work..." - to York's manufactured image of "excellence, innovation, creativity, community". In CUPE 3903's performance, a Lorna Marsden puppet chased a jumbo Pepsi bottle to tied a fishing rod. The importance and justice of CUPE's fight to maintain tuition indexation and job security were also hot topics. O'Reilly pointed out that "these students aren't even in this for themselves, because the administration's offer would grandfather their tuition indexation. They're here for their younger brothers and sisters." "I support the contract faculty's demand for increased job security," said David Mason (Education). "We have fantastic contract faculty here and I'm worried for their future. They need better pay for what they do. I'm thinking of one person in particular who is a single mother in a difficult situation. If the strike isn't settled soon, I'll have a problem sleeping for a long time." Jim Streb, of YUSA, told a cheering audience: "I dream of a time when students, many of whom are earning less than $10 000 a year, don't have to walk in the cold and the rain to convince someone making a quarter of a million dollars that they should have a living wage." 2. NIGHT SHIFT CAMPUS WORKERS LA DOLCE VITA The YUFA Solidarity Bulletin interviews three night shift workers at York: "Ai, they want to make the university private. Only one or two professors, no TAs, no students, just the ladies in the office and nobody else is here. For us, now, cleaning is an easy job." (Caretaker, CUPE 1356) "I have maybe a quarter to a third of the work nights and in those courses there's only a fraction of the students. We talk amongst ourselves in ITC. Vari, Curtis, and the colleges are the slowest ones; Schulich's the same as always. Everybody's enjoying the light workload, though we're not exactly happy because they did close the grad lounge. I walk in from Sentinel now - I used to take the bus all t...

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March 4, 2004 COSC 3401, Winter 2004 Assignment #3 Due: For this report: 1. I want you to electronically submit TWO files that contain all your functions/predicates. The first file will have your code for question #1, the second file will have the co
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