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Course Number: CH 2518, Fall 2009

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========GENERAL OVERVIEW===================================================== [Budget.xlxs]Annual'!C10:C25 [Budget.xlxs] refers to the workbook, brackets is used for workbooks Annual' refers to the sheet name, apostrophe is used for sheets C10 is a cell C25 is a cell C10:C25 is a range of cells C:\Reports\[Budget.xlsx] Annual'!C10:C25 This refers to a path starting from the C drive of your computer. Your path...

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OVERVIEW===================================================== [Budget.xlxs]Annual'!C10:C25 [Budget.xlxs] ========GENERAL refers to the workbook, brackets is used for workbooks Annual' refers to the sheet name, apostrophe is ...

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FIU - CHUA - 2
College of Health and Urban AffairsGraduate Catalog 118services professions interacting with the field of health care management. 3. To extend consultation and technical assistance to appropriate organizational settings and practitioners in health
FIU - IDH - 3005
IDH 3005/4007; Fall, 2008 Online Tutorial and assignment for 11/5/08Welcome to the tutorial. Recall that your syllabus included this information: "Term Project 1 can take the form of a traditional research paper, service project, or some type of non
FIU - CHUA - 3005
IDH 3005/4007; Fall, 2008 Online Tutorial and assignment for 11/5/08Welcome to the tutorial. Recall that your syllabus included this information: "Term Project 1 can take the form of a traditional research paper, service project, or some type of non
FIU - SMEC - 2005
Elasticity Measurements at High P and T Using Simultaneous Ultrasonic Interferometry and Synchrotron X-radiation: New Opportunities and New DimensionsWei Liu, Jennifer Kung , Baosheng Li Mineral Physics Institute, SUNY at Stony Brook, NY, 11794-210
FIU - CH - 3337
.5half dollar.25quarter.01penny.25
FIU - SMEC - 2007
Photo-induced phase transitions in strongly correlated electron systems probed by photoemission spectroscopy T. Mizokawa Department of Complexity Science and Engineering, University of Tokyo Transition-metal compounds show surprisingly rich electric
FIU - SMEC - 2005
Inhomogeneity in High Temperature Superconductors Under StrainH. Oyanagi1, A. Tsukada2 and M. Naito31National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, 1-1-1 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8568, Japan 2 NTT Basic Research Laboratori
FIU - SMEC - 2005
High-pressure X-ray and Raman studies of the Sr2CoWO6 double perovskite oxideBouchaib Manoun, F.X. Zhang and S. K. Saxena Center for the Study of Matter at Extreme Conditions (CeSMEC), Florida International University, VH-140, University Park, Miami
FIU - SBEC - 2009
BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Recent Developments Anthony McGoron, Chenzhong Li, Wei-Chiang Lin, Editors 2009 Medical and Engineering Publishers, Inc., ISBN TBDUSE OF ANIMALS IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCHJafar Vossoughi, PhD, John W. Karanian, PhD*
FIU - SMEC - 2005
Material dependence of the electronic structure in lightly-doped high-Tc cuprates Teppei Yoshida1, A. Fujimori1, K. Tanaka1, H. Yagi2, Z.-X. Shen3, X.-J. Zhou3, Z. Hussain4, S. Uchida2, T. Kakeshita5, M. Goto2, H. Eisaki6, K. Segawa7, S. Ono7, S. Kom
FIU - SMEC - 2005
NUCLEAR RESONANT SCATTERING UNDER EXTREME CONDITIONS Wolfgang Sturhahn Argonne National Laboratory, Advanced Photon Source, 9700 South Cass Ave, Argonne, IL 60439 Email: sturhahn@anl.gov In recent years, nuclear resonant scattering techniques that ut
FIU - CH - 2210
package big_java.ch03.cashregister;/* A cash register totals up sales and computes change due.*/public class CashRegister{ /* Constructs a cash register with no money in it. */ public CashRegister() { purchase = 0;
FIU - COP - 3337
Doe John 60 60 85Pantz Smartee 80 90 80Dylan Bob 75 99 89Stern Howard 60 70 80Kaufman Elliott 100 100 100Clinton Bill 90 0 100Lewinsky Monica 100 0 90Panther Stanley 70 71 69
FIU - SMEC - 2005
Role of ab initio Calculations in the High Pressure High Temperature Studies and Material PropertiesB.K. Godwal High Pressure Physics Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai400085, INDIA Currently the ab initio calculations have matured to
Tulane - GMGT - 626
GMGT626 Spring I 2006 Peer Evaluation Form This class required you to work in teams, and for your team to produce a specific set of deliverables. Please fill out the following form and return it to me by email. This is a course requirement. 1. Your n
Tulane - DGILL - 1
Doug Gill#960 31 McAlister Dr. Ln. New Orleans, LA70118 07005 Phone: (504) 875-6166 E-mail: dgill1@tulane.edu 5 Sheridan Boonton, NJEDUCATIONTULANE UNIVERSITYNew Orleans, LA(2004-PRESENT)Major: Business Minor: Earth SciencesMOUNTAIN LAKES H
Tulane - CPST - 492
Michael Poulos CH 12 Assignment Security Testing CPST-492-10 Web Security Fall 2008 Tulane University Review Questions Pg 378-379 1. Security Testing requires the permission of the target organization. In what instances, would testing be permissible
FIU - SMEC - 2007
Potentially novel ultrahigh pressure form of ABX3-type compounds Koichiro Umemoto and Renata M. Wentzcovitch Minnesota Supercomputing Institute and Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota, 421 Washington Ave
Tulane - BST - 603
SOLUTIONS: From Daniel, Wayne W., Biostatistics: A Foundation for Analysis in the Health Sciences, 7th ed., Wiley Publishing Co., 1999. Page 113-114 Exercise 4.6.1 P(0 < Z < 1.43) = P( Z < 1.43) - P( Z < 0) = .9236 - .5000 = .4236 Exercise 4.6.2 P(-2
FIU - ECT - 05
FSI and High Momentum Components in (e,e'p) on Complex Nuclei Carlo BarbieriTRIUMFNational Laboratory, Canadamotivation SRC and spectral function simple model (semiclassical rescatt. & pion) results in the SRC correlated regionCollaborators:D.
FIU - COP - 4610
Operating Systems1. Overview 2. Process Management 3. Storage Management 4. I/O SystemsOperating System Concepts1.1Silberschatz, Galvin and Gagne 2002I. Overview1. Introduction 2. Computer-System Structure 3. Operating-System Structure
FIU - SMEC - 2007
Effect of disorder on Tc and electronic inhomogeneity in highTc cuprates Hiroshi Eisaki Nanoelectronics Research Institute, AIST, Central 2, 111 Umezono, Tsukubash, Ibaraki 3058568, Japan Abstract Thanks to a tremendous
FIU - SMEC - 2007
The effect of chemical inhomogeneity on the band structure of bismuth-based copper oxide superconductors using ARPESDaniel R. Garcia and Alessandra LanzaraUniversity of California, Berkeley Material Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, B
Palmer College of Chiropractic West - W - 841
Case DesignsReports that cover the management of a single patient or a series of patients 2006Three types of case designs1. Case Report An article that describes the clinical course of 1 or 2 patients Typically consist of complaints, examin
FIU - CS - 2100
Computer Applications for Business CGS 2100Instructor:Greg ShawMicrosoft Excel Tutorial 6, Session 6.1Managing Multiple Worksheets and WorkbooksSkills Checklist and Notes Grouping Worksheets (i.e. Selecting Multiple Sheets) When worksh
FIU - CS - 2518
Computer Data Analysis CGS 2518Instructor: Greg ShawAssignment #7Chapter 6 Data Tables and Amortization Tables 1. The AssignmentOur next assignment is the Capstone Exercise on page 440 of the textbook. The workbook file to be used chap6_cap_b
E. Kentucky - CAPSTONE - 2006
Microcontroller Based Wireless Camera Security System John Saylor Computer Electronic NetworkingOUTLINE Motivation Introduction Problems Statement Proposed solution Results Conclusions Future work Questions & Comments2MOTIVATION
E. Kentucky - CIS - 300
BUSINESS B5Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)Learning Outcomes Compare core ERP components and extended ERP components Describe the three primary components found in core ERP Describe the four primary components found in extended ERP system
E. Kentucky - CIS - 435
Chapter 12 Data and Database Administration1Objectives List functions and roles of data/database administration Describe role of data dictionaries and information repositories Compare optimistic and pessimistic concurrency control Des
E. Kentucky - CIS - 300
CIS 300 Excel Assignments: Chapter 1Value: 20 Points; Due: Sep 5Use Excel 2002 to complete the following: Hands-On Exercises 3, 4 Practice with Excel: 4 [pages 57-59]In additional to the requirements specified in the text, your deliverable mu
E. Kentucky - ECO - 230
Strategic Choice in Oligopoly, Monopolistic Competition, and Everyday LifeMBMCMB MCThinking StrategicallyInterdependencies Inmaking choices, people must consider the effect of their behavior on others. Imperfectly competitive firms may
Ole Miss - NMGK - 12
Oce Life anA pre ntation by: se C M. C ve arol le land NMGK-12 Fe llow (2000-2001)C Re f oral eC Re f oral eHydrothe al Ve rm ntKe Be lp dOil RigS agrass Me e adowBay of FundyBay of FundyBay of Fundy
Ole Miss - NMGK - 12
Math Bowl "How To Do It."Grade Ranges: 5 and 6 Created By: Will Beard, Jennifer Fillingim, Ric Grenfell Supplies Needed: Buzzer Systems (alternatives discussed below) Moderator/Scorekeeper/Timekeeper Timers/Stopwatches Math Bowl questions Scratch p
Ole Miss - NMGK - 8
NSF North Mississippi GK8
Ole Miss - NMGK - 8
The Physics of Phun: Roller Coaster ScienceSteve Case NSF NMGK8 December 2005Mississippi Frameworks Addressed: 9a Explore, measure, and graph the motion of an object. 9b Explore and measure the effect of force on an object.National Standar
Ole Miss - NMGK - 8
Shapes and Fractions Activity: What is the fraction between two shapesObjectives: - To determine a ratio relationship between shapes. - To understand the concept of a fraction. Materials: - Scissors (optional) Cut out the shapes on the last page and
Ole Miss - NMGK - 8
Shapes and Fractions Activity: Filling the odd shape with well-known shapesObjective: - To fill in figure 1 with figures 2-5 according to the given directions. Materials: - Scissors - Rulers 1. Fill in the table. HOW MANY SIDES? FIGURE 1 FIGURE 2 FI
Ole Miss - NMGK - 8
Ole Miss - CHEM - 580
Chapter 17 The Cell Cycle and Programmed Cell Death Overview Molecular Parts list Intracellular Control Mechanisms Apoptosis Extracellular ControlOverview of the Cell cycleMetaphase Details Classical Stages from MicroscopyInterphase: 3 ge
E. Kentucky - CIS - 340
HTML: Tutorial 3Working with Fonts, Colors, and GraphicsTutorial Objectives Learn how HTML handles colors Create foreground and background colors using styles Select different font styles Align text with surrounding content using styles C
E. Kentucky - CIS - 300
CIS 300 Assignment #8 Access Database: Chapter 3 Reports and QueriesValue: 25 Points; Due: Nov 21Use Access 2002 to complete the following: Hands-On Exercises 1, 2, 3, 4For database assignments, you must turn in the following: A diskette
Ole Miss - CHEM - 580
Friday, May 1, 2009Chem 580 Problem Set 9Due by 5pm Fri. Oct. 28Read Chapter 10 (section 1 " The Lipid Bilayer "), Chapter 12(section 1 " The Compartmentalization Of Cells ") and Chapter 13 (sections 1 and 5 " The Molecular Mechanisms of Membra
Ole Miss - ENGR - 660
Chapter 3 The Unified Modeling LanguageRequirements AnalysisProcess Phase Affected by This Chapter DesignFrameworkArchitecture Detailed Design ImplementationAdapted from Software Design: From Programming to Architecture by Eric J. Braude (Wil
E. Kentucky - STD - 2
PROFESSIONAL GROWTH PLAN Intern _ SSN _ School _ District _My Strengths related to the New Teacher Standards:My Areas for Professional Growth: (Mark Priority Areas with an asterisk*.)ACTION PLAN FOR PROFESSINAL GROWTH Area for Growth: Standard
E. Kentucky - STD - 5
A.Department of Curriculum and Instruction EMG 806 Course Title: Reading Instruction in the Middle School Credit Hours: 3 Course Description: Comprehensive study of the teaching materials and strategies that are appropriate for teaching reading in
E. Kentucky - KAPSEC - 05
KAPS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEETING SEPTEMBER 28, 2005The meeting was called to order at 5:35 p.m. by President Dan Florell at the Holiday Inn Cincinnati Airport. Introductions were made and new members were welcomed. MEMBERS PRESENT: Those in attendance
Ole Miss - ENGR - 310
WPC|# #pN#h#x+#\d#$)A#-#+L *J2g! "9caY#s:U #aW/J#:4lZ# Q0X#7#\O#d#_#2#@ k:]SP#">#}yedW Y3^e\#dv#sTU#m .H[G><J#XWHNeJ/[# #7V0#Zhjvp!bb)E swA~7#;Yx~#&#[4?S#LiS #SA#n #K#C+# #S+;.PUHq=65g9iM#k %b_^#( #S#FjY#sA#.?$wN#/b #lS7#ZABT r#45/#q6#PH#
E. Kentucky - ECO - 230
Model of a Single MarketSome Simple MechanicsDemonstrate: Equilibrium Shift in Demand Price Floor Excise Tax Shift in Supply Price Ceiling Per Unit SubsidyEquilibrium price is the price at which Supply =Demand1 .2 P r i c e 1 .1 1 .0 0 .
Lamar - COSC - 1172
COSC 1172 Thinking, Speaking, and Writing in Computer Science Spring 2005 INSTRUCTOR: DR. LAWRENCE OSBORNE OFFICE: 201 MAES OFFICE HOURS: 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. MTW, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. TR, and by appointment. CLASS MAILING LIST: COSC1172@cs.lamar
Lamar - CS - 5320
Random Number Generation Using Wireless Sensor NetworksPhillip McClelland William Beazley Alex MontgomeryIntroduction Within the spectrum of computer science there is interest in generating random numbers, this is in part driven by the need to bui
Lamar - CPSC - 4360
Software Engineering, CPSC436001, CPSC536001, Lecture 2 05/01/09CPSC436001, CPSC536001, Lecture 21Overview of the Last LectureOverview of Software Engineering SE definitions Quality of Good Software Activities and associated stages Str
Lamar - COSC - 4301
Embedded Systems, COSC534001, Lecture 6Stefan Andrei05/01/09COSC534001, Lecture 61Reminder of the last lectureA Satisfiability Approach for the Scheduling Problem05/01/09COSC534001, Lecture 62Overview of This Lecture Wind Ri
Lamar - ATTACHMENT - 00028793
Outline of the Physical Setting of the Big Thicket Dr. Saul Aronow, Lamar University I. Drainage Basins Menard Creek to Trinity River Village creek to Neches River Pine Island Bayou to Neches River The "Big Thicket Basin"- the basins of Village C
Lamar - ATTACHMENT - 00074397
Theme: Ecosystem Identification, Pine Savannah WetlandActivity: Using reference materials, the student will identify characteristics of specific ecosystems in the Big Thicket. Note: An excellent resource is Wildflowers of the BigThicket by Geyata A
Valdosta - PADM - 7040
Nonprofit Ove w Pre ntation: rvie se Am rica'sS cond Harve t of S e e s outh Ge orgia, Inc.By: Davind D. Burkswww.valdostafoodbank.orgOve w of Topics rvie Mission History Le De gal scription Donors Be fiting Age s ne ncie Donor/Age Growth
Valdosta - CS - 4330
Basic SemanticsAssociating meaning with language entitiesAttributes & Binding Attributes associated with variables and other entities Name Location ValueBinding Times Language definition time Language implementation time Translation ti
Valdosta - CHEM - 1211
Chemical Equations and StoichiometryChapter 4Chapter 41Chemical Equations2H2(g) + O2(g) 2H2O(g)Chapter 42Chemical Equations2H2(g) + O2(g) 2H2O(g) The materials you start with are called Reactants.Chapter 43Chemical Equations2
Valdosta - M - 3600
Chapter 1 Notes Part 2 Descriptive StatisticsI. 5-Number Summary The 5-Number Summary for a data set is these five numbers: Minimum, Q1 , M, Q3 , Maximum. We can see that these 5 values break the data up into 4 regions where each region contains 2
Valdosta - M - 3600
Chapter 2 Probability2.1 Basic Concepts of ProbabilityI. Definitions Probability is the mathematical theory that Statistical Inference is based upon. So, we learn just enough probability here to give us some insight into how inference works and th
Western Kentucky University - PHYS - 480
Introduction to Quantum Theory of Angular Momentum1Angular Momentum AMbegins to permeate QM when you move from 1-d to 3-d This discussion is based on postulating rules for the components of AM Discussion is independent of whether spin, orbit
Western Kentucky University - BIOL - 312