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Pat Washington, Instructor Fall 2008 7A Final Take Home Essay Question (30 points maximum possible) Final Exam Essay must be submitted before you begin the in-class portion of your final examination for the course. Points will be deducted for late submissions. Exam Essay Guidelines: Exam Essay response should be no more than three typed pages, double-spaced with one inch margins on all sides. Students are required to effectively integrate required readings, documentaries, class discussion, and lecture into essay response. Students will be evaluated on appropriate (pertinent) and accurate use of course materials, as well as effective and coherent integration of such materials into a thoughtful and supportable response to the questions detailed below. Appropriate documentation of resources is required, along with evidence of critical thinking. Spelling, grammar, and coherence of thought/writing do count, so please use spell check and read your essay aloud to make sure it flows logically and clearly from sentence to... View Full Document

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