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Access Quiz 3 KEY Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. __C__ 1. To modify the design of a table, right-click the table in the Navigation Pane, and click _____ on the shortcut menu. a. Modify Table c. Design View b. Change Table d. Modify View __B__ 2. To use the Input Mask Wizard, select the Input Mask property and then select the _____ button. a. Wizard c. Input Mask b. Build d. Expression __B__ 3. To create a form in Design view, select the table for the form, click Create on the Ribbon, and then click _____ on the Create tab. a. Design View c. Blank Form b. Form Design d. New Form __B__ 4. In the <a href="/keyword/jsp-recruiters/" >jsp recruiters</a> database the Recruiter Master Form, Client Number BH72 shows an Amount Paid is: a. $0.00 c. $17,500.00 b. $29,200.00 d. $12,500.00 __C__ 5. In the Second Hand Goods database, the Master Seller Form shows that Seller MT has ____ items sold. a. 0 c. 2 b. 1 d. 3 __B__ 6. If a Security Warning appears when you open a database, click the ____ button to display the Microsoft Office Security Options dialog box. a. Customize c. Security b. Options d. Warning __D__ 7. If the primary key of the Seminar Offerings table contains the primary key for both the Client table and Seminar table, there is a _____ relationship between clients and seminars. a. one-to-one c. many-to-one b. one-to-many d. many-to-many __B__ 8. To create a PivotTable from a query, open the query, click the _____ button arrow and then click PivotTable View. a. Field List c. Table b. View d. Open __D__ 9. In the Second Hand Goods database there are _____ macros contained in the SHG Macros group. a. 3 c. 5 b. 4 d. 6 __B__ 1...

Access Quiz 3 KEY

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