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Chapter 7: Review Questions Solutions 1. What are the deliverables from selecting the best alternative design strategy? The deliverables from alternative generation and selection include: (1) identifying at least three substantively different system design strategies for building the replacement information system; (2) choosing the design strategy judged most likely to lead to the most desirable information system; (3) preparing (updating) a Baseline Project Plan for turning the most likely design strategy into a working information system. 2. Why generate at least three alternatives? Analysts generate three alternatives because three alternatives can neatly represent both ends and the middle of a continuum of potential solutions. 3. How do you decide among various off-the-shelf software options? What criteria do you use? To decide what off-the-shelf software to buy, compare products and vendors. Use the following criteria (among others that may be more situation-specific): cost, functionality, vendor support, viability of vendor, flexibility, documentation, response time, and ease of installation. 4. What issues are considered when analysts try to determine whether new hardware or system software is necessary?... View Full Document

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