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Comparing 20 th century global security threats with 21 st century threats The 20 th century is the period that goes from the year 1900 to the year 2000. Although this period began with the industrial revolution, it was also marked by a constant struggle between the upper class and the lower class. This allowed for some countries to get ahead of others. This new economical advantage with the aid of an oppressed society ignited the revolution of one country that later on changed the geography of the whole continent after two world wars. Thus the biggest global threat in the 20 th century was war. Now the 21 st century, the period that we are living right now and that will end in the year 2100, so far, it has been marked with a global concern in the environment, economy and terrorism. The current events of this century, has shown the whole world, that the only way for us to have a planet later on is by changing our habits and improve our technology. In addition, global economy is a growing pain that needs to be priority on everybody and not just America. Finally, terrorists are just a hand full of people that want to force their belief to the world. In conclusion, these two centuries are different from each other an as such the threats need to be looked up differently. On the first hand 20 th century World Wars were easy to handle compare to the economic, environmental and terrorism problems that touches every individual living in this world.... View Full Document

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