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Reddy 1 Abhiram Reddy Alice Myatt English 1101 10/13/2009 Ali Life is difficult for everyone, even one of the greatest athletes in the world. Boxing was this mans life until he had to fight the American government for his rights as a Muslim to avoid the draft and continue boxing. Muhammad Ali is known as one of the best athletes of all times. He fought for his rights with the influence of one of the civil rights leaders, Malcolm X. The movie Ali is a story of Muhammad Alis life outside and inside of the boxing ring. Through courage and determination, Ali makes attempts to make a comeback into boxing and prove to the entire world who really is the greatest. Ali is a film that portrays the life of Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers of all time. Will Smith, who also starred in many popular films such as Men in Black, Hitch, and Pursuit of Happiness, portrays Muhammad Ali in this film. Ali is a film about boxing, heavy- weight champion Muhammad Ali and his experiences such as winning the heavyweight title, listening to Malcolm Xs speech, and his conversion to Islam which resulted in the name change from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali. Will Smith portray the boxing legend by sporting his hairstyle, his stubbornness, and his will to never give up. The film portrays his life outside of the boxing ring as well. During Muhammad Alis time, the war in Vietnam was going on. During Muhammad Alis time, the war in Vietnam was going on.... View Full Document

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