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1 Abhiram Reddy Reddy Alice Myatt English 1101 10/13/2009 Ali Life is difficult for everyone, even one of the greatest athletes in the world. Boxing was this mans life until he had to fight the American government for his rights as a Muslim to avoid the draft and continue boxing. Muhammad Ali is known as one of the best athletes of all times. He fought for his rights with the influence of one of the civil rights leaders, Malcolm X. The movie Ali is a story of Muhammad Alis life outside and inside of the boxing ring. Through courage and determination, Ali makes attempts to make a comeback into boxing and prove to the entire world who really is the greatest. Ali is a film that portrays the life of Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers of all time. Will Smith, who also starred in many popular films such as Men in Black, Hitch, and Pursuit of Happiness, portrays Muhammad Ali in this film. Ali is a film about boxing, heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali and his experiences such as winning the heavyweight title, listening to Malcolm Xs speech, and his conversion to Islam which resulted in the name change from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali. Will Smith portray the boxing legend by sporting his hairstyle, his stubbornness, and his will to never give up. The film portrays his life outside of the boxing ring as well. During Muhammad Alis time, the war in Vietnam was going on. Ali had decided to oppose the draft because he believed that a racist nation was treating his people so badly and he did not feel he should fight for the United States for they never protected his Reddy 1 religious beliefs. As a result of the refusal, Ali is arrested by the FBI and he faces a five year sentence in prison. Eventually Ali wins the case against the Supreme Court and he earns his boxing license back. He attempts to make a comeback in 1974 in the event in North Africa called The Rumble in the Jungle. Ali faces the current champion George Foreman in the event to eventually regain his heavyweight title after years of not having a boxing license. There are very many great things I can say about this movie. Ali was a mixture of both action and inspirational genres. Will Smith portrayed the boxing champion very well by styling his hair, gaining about 25 pounds of muscle, and acting like him. This film appealed to me because it inspired me to stand up for myself no matter what. Will Smith would talk just like Ali in the movie in the sense that he would disrespect other boxers, say the rhymes of Muhammad Ali perfectly, and show great energy as did the boxing champion. My favorite part of the movie was when he is on the Parkinson show and he is interviewed about his fight with Joe Frazier. When Ali is interviewed, he says a rhyme that would put down Frazier Joe and declare himself as the true boxing champion. Another part which I liked very much was when Alis Opponent Ernie Terrel called him by his old name Clay. That upset Ali very much because Clay used to be his slave name and as a result of Terrel calling him Clay, Ali punish him for 15 rounds without Terrel laying even a finger on Ali. This film allows depicts how Ali went through some really difficult events in his life. Malcolm X would get shot, Vietnam War would go on, and he would lose his boxing license. This movie made me think of what kind of person I would like to be life and how to stand up for yourself. Through this movie, Ali teaches that you should be who you want to be and not let others define you. Reddy 1 There are not many bad things I can say about this movie; however some things could have been better. This film modified some things about Muhammad Alis life such as the real reason he did not want to fight in the war. The film says he opposed the draft because he did not want to go to Africa to kill poor innocent people. The fact that he did not want to kill innocent people may be true, however the real reason was that it was against his religion to be involved in Christian wars. I also wished that people could learn more about Islam through this film after Ali converts to Islam. A fantastic athletic figure would open up peoples eyes and make them realize that Islam is a religion of peace and not violence. I felt they should have done this because this movie was released three months after the world trade center bombing. At that time, many people had a negative view of Islam. If the lifestyle of Islam was there more in the film, people may rethink their views on this religion of peace. I suppose Ali refusing the draft is enough for people to realize that Islam is not a violent religion. This film should have also depicted how Ali got into boxing. They should have put the story of how he got his bicycle stolen as a child and how he wanted to beat up the guy that stole his bicycle. After he got his bicycle stolen, he learned boxing from the police officer he reported to. Ali is a movie everyone around the world should watch. This movie is teaches valuable lessons as well as history lessons. I found out about this movie about a few years ago when I was going through a lot of hard times in school with people saying their ignorant comments about me being from the Middle East. After watching this movie, I realized I needed to stand up for myself and not let others define me. Ali is an inspirational film of how a man overcame difficulties such as facing five years in prison, losing his boxing license, and converting to Islam to make a statement to prove who is really the greatest boxer. Reddy 1 ... View Full Document

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