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Discussion Discuss these questions in pairs or small groups: 1. Do you think work is a good place to find a partner? Why I why not? 2. In a work setting, what body parts of a colleague would it be OK to touch in your country? Tick all the OK parts: hand . . . face . . . back . . . stomach . . . arm . . . shoulder . . . hair . . . bottom . . . 3. What would happen if you did touch the parts of the body that you did not tick? Reading Make sure you know what these words and expressions mean before you read the article: flirt suggestive photos sexy calendars sue dressed seductively chat u p FRENCH FLIRT AT WORK The engineering workshops at a well-known engine-maker based in Paris seem as clean and innocent as a church these days. The nude photographs and sexy calendars that used to be on some of the walls have been taken down or thrown away. For that, the men in the department mostly have one of their female colleagues to thank. Brigitte Janin, an aerodynamics engineer, said she started arguing against the suggestive photographs from the moment she joined the company 13 years age. "It was being done just to provoke women," said Janin, 37. "When I said we didn't like it, they laughed at me." The company finally changed their policy when they agreed that the pictures could be a form of sexual harassment. ... View Full Document

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