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Course: BTH 5032, Fall 2009

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Table of Contents Introduction Summary Page Excel Spreadsheet Chart PowerPoint Presentation Reference Page 1 I. II. III. IV. V. VI. Introduction The project that Team Pogil set out to accomplish was a fact finding mission on a prestigious company. The company that was chosen for the project was Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin is a company that specializes in engineering new and more advanced products to...

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of Table Contents Introduction Summary Page Excel Spreadsheet Chart PowerPoint Presentation Reference Page 1 I. II. III. IV. V. VI. Introduction The project that Team Pogil set out to accomplish was a fact finding mission on a prestigious company. The company that was chosen for the project was Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin is a company that specializes in engineering new and more advanced products to help better the world. Their products are used in everything from space research to flying you and your family to your grandparents house in Florida. They are a Fortune 500 company and they are build...

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Applications Development and NetworksBachelor of Information Technology and SystemsThis major is for technically-minded problem-solvers who like to get behind the scenes. Build your knowledge and skills in developing systems using networks and web techn
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ZYGOMYCETES IIIB 371 GENERAL MYCOLOGY LECTURE 28 9 DECEMBER 2003 Kingdom - Mycota Phylum - Zygomycota Class 1 - Zygomycetes Order - Mucorales, Entomopthorales, Endogonales, Glomales, Dimargaritales, Kickxellales, Zoopagales Class 2 - Trichomycetes Fin
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Case 5:01-cv-20418-JWDocument 483Filed 03/13/2006Page 1 of 41 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12F ENWICK & W EST LLPATTORNEYS AT LAW SAN FRANCISCODEAN S. KRISTY (State Bar No. 157646) KEVIN P. MUCK (State Bar No. 120918) FELIX S. LEE (State Bar No. 197084) C
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Application ReportSPRA846 December 2002A DSP/BIOS EDMA McBSP Device Driver for TMS320C6x1x DSPsSoftware Development Systems ABSTRACT This document describes the usage and design of the generic TMS320C6x1x EDMA McBSP device driver. This device driver is
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't -.0~011 ~~-'bu'"u.:s:E-< ~ u < ~ ~ (J)~-:f:N Q:I)'"~~ ~ z~"<tr-u t:.: 0:\~CIJt:.: UJCIJ0.:J",.:.s1: :i~ lib~ ~ j j
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Lake County - CS - 232
Lake County - CS - 232
CS232 Spring 2007Discussion 9: Model Solutions1. Here is a series of address references given as word addresses: 2, 3, 11, 16, 21, 13, 64, 48, 19, 11, 3, 22, 4, 27, 6, and 11. Assuming a direct-mapped cache with 16 one-word blocks that is initially empt
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CS232Discussion 8: Model Solution1. The PC is incremented in the IF stage. 2. Branches, if not correctly predicted, incur 3 stalls. Branches are resolved at the end of the EX stage, and then propogated to the PC at the beginning of the MEM stage, which
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CS232 Fall 2007Discussion 9: CachesIn class, you have studied the organization of the single level cache. Today we will discuss multilevel caches and practice solving cache-related problems. First, lets make sure we understand how a simple cache works.
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CS232Discussion 8: Control HazardsRecall from lecture that there are three types of hazards: data hazards, control hazards and structural hazards. In the 5-stage MIPS pipelined processor, all data hazards except loaduse hazards (e.g., lw $t0, 0($a0) fol
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CS232Discussion 7: Pipelining1. We are given the following latencies for each stage in our single-cycle processor. IF 200ps ID 100ps ALU 200ps MEM 200ps WB 100ps(a) What is the speedup obtained from pipelining? Solution: To determine the speedup, we ne
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CS232Section 7: Pipelining1Stalling vs. ForwardingIn class, weve seen how some types of data hazards can be resolved with forwarding (or bypassing). The idea behind forwarding is simple: if a register $r has not yet been updated with its new value by
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CS232Discussion1: MIPS Loops1. (a) The Loop has 10 instructions and 64 iterations of the loop are executed. Clearly, the number of instructions executed in course of program execution = (64 10) + 1 (for the rst instruction of program before the loop) =
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CS232Discussion 1: MIPS LoopsIn lecture, so far we have only talked about how to write straight line MIPS code, i.e. sequences of instructions that execute one after another. To implement anything interesting, we need to introduce control ow (i.e., loop
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FT.com / Comment & analysis / Comment Tuesday Jan 20 2004. All times are London time. Roger Bove Edit Profile Take a tour Log out Home World Business Markets Markets data & tools Industries Lex Comment & analysis Editorial comment Co
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Math 120 (9:00 - 11:30) MTWRF ED111(MTWRF) and CC102(MTWRF) Introductory Statistics May 2009 (May 18 - June 12)Instructor: Dr. Lori Koban Office: Brinkman House #204 Phone: 778-7952 E-mail: lori.koban@maine.edu (This is the best way to contact me.) Webpa
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Vol 447 | 7 June 2007 | doi:10.1038/nature05911ARTICLESGenome-wide association study of 14,000 cases of seven common diseases and 3,000 shared controlsThe Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium*There is increasing evidence that genome-wide association
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Vol 437|27 October 2005|doi:10.1038/nature04226ARTICLESA haplotype map of the human genomeThe International HapMap Consortium*Inherited genetic variation has a critical but as yet largely uncharacterized role in human disease. Here we report a public
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6 Y @h Q g QuG @ b e QE A @ ` QE E U @ e QE G uQ b Uh PE Uh Q @hPG u @ G bh S `G Y @PP Q GEG a Ph Y @h Q e G bh GP U e e vBUvFBCvpt9BwFFDHvDBUFvDXB`FDHfvpF&vvvBAH2DBYjHr2FDBAHHDjHtctGvFIvDjFHjvlFFC 6 `Gh Q g QuG G S @ Q e dw Q S a g @G bh h Q bh `GEG `E U
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SOAP Web Services AttacksPart 1 Introduction and Simple InjectionAre your web applications vulnerable?by Sacha FaustTable of ContentsIntroduction . 1 Background . 1 Limitations . 1 Understanding SOAP Communication . 1 Request Envelope. 1 Response Env
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Chapter 4: Threat Modeling You cannot build a secure system until you understand your threats 1. Threat model: a security-based analysis that helps determine the (highest level) security risks posed to an app *and* how attacks can manifest themselves 2. T
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UNIVERSITY POLICIES AND PROCEDURESHoldsThe privileges of registration, advance registration, receipt of a diploma at commencement, and receipt of transcripts of record are barred to students having outstanding obligations to the university. Obligations
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Chapter 11: Canonical Representation Issues 1. Do not make security decisions based on specific names if at all possible (if you must do it, accept only what you consider to be good and use a regular expression to help validate it) 2. Remember that all in
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Length [m]Volume [m^3]Height [m]Clyinder0.08000.0545-0.13603.6640 x 0.06800.09000.0533-0.13443.6656 x 0.06720.10000.0521-0.13293.6671 x 0.06640.11000.0509-0.13133.6687 x 0.06570.12000.0497-0.12983.6702 x 0.06490.13000.04
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CS352 - DATABASE SYSTEMS Database Design Project - Various parts due as shown in the syllabus Purposes: To give you experience with developing a database to model a real domain At your option, this project may be done by a team of two students. Requiremen
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CS352 Lecture - Indexing Objectives: 1. To explain motivations and conflicting goals for indexing 2. To explain different types of indexes (ordered versus hashed; clustering versus non-clustering; dense versus sparse; multilevel indexes) 3. To show how a
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CS311 Lecture: Memory Hierarchies Objectives: 1. To introduce cache memory 2. To introduce virtual memory I. Introduction A. In the previous lecture, we looked at the basic building blocks of memory systems: the individual devices: chips, disks, tapes etc
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CS311 Lecture: CPU Implementation: The Register Transfer Level, the Register Set, Data Paths, and the ALU Last revised October 15, 2007 Objectives: 1. To show how a CPU is constructed out of a regiser set/ALU/datapaths and a control word. 2. To discuss ty
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CS311 Lecture: Parallelism Materials: 1. Projectable of Null figure 9.5 2. Projectable of Null figures 9.6, 9.7 I. -Introduction -Last revised 11/26/07A. Today's computers are orders of magnitude faster than those of a generation ago. Nonetheless, there
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CS311 - COMPUTER SYSTEMS I Homework #5 - Due: Wednesday, October 31, at the start of class Emphasis: CPU Architectural Alternatives 1. Suppose the (byte-addressable) memory of a computer contains the following values at some point in time. (All addresses
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CS311 - COMPUTER SYSTEMS, I Homework #6 - Due: Monday, November 12, at the start of class Emphasis: CPU Internals, Control, Pipelining 1. Referring to the RTL for the simulated MIPS implementation that was handout out in class, list the microoperations th
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CS311 Lecture: The IO System Objectives:last revised 11/26/071. To discuss issues and options in the design of bus systems. 2. To discuss IO control options: programmed, interrupt-driven, DMA I. Introduction - -A. A complete computer system consists of
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CS112 Lecture: Loops Objectives: 1. To introduce some while loop patterns 2. To introduce and motivate the java do . while loop 3. To review the general form of the java for loop. 4. To discuss pitfalls in writing loops 5. To introduce the use of continue
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10. Inheritance: Encapsulation &Accessprivate, public & protected membersclass Manager : public Employee cfw_ Employee* managed_list; protected: int level; public: int getLevel(); ; class Director : public Manager cfw_ . void fn(.) cfw_ level = UPPER_M
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COMPOSING Y/OUR FUTURE Instructions for Using ReMark Registering 1. Go to the link from the syllabus. 2. Leave the fields for username and password blank. 3. Hit "Log in" a. You will be taken to a screen entitled "ReMark New Account Setup" 4. Follow the i
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Ch 6:Financial Statement Analysis4.Profit after taxes = Sales x Net profit margin = $8,000 x 0.07 = $560 Profit before taxes = $560/(1 - Tax rate) = $560/(1 - .44) = $1,000 Taxes = $1,000 - $560 = $440Total liabilities = (Shareholders' equity) x (Tota
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CSE305, Fall 2007Assignment 7Due Fri. Oct. 26Reading: For next week, read Chapters 7 and 8. Note that large parts of chapter 7 have already been covered. This set is for on-line submission, in les CSE305ps7NNN.sml and ScanNNN.cs. The Mon.+Tue. 10am rec
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Exhibit S810M: Microgenetic Analysis of Preconceptual Reasoning in an Eight-Year-Old Subject by Paula M Towsey University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa Spring 2008AbstractExhibit S810M presents DVD footage which tracks particular cognitive processe
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Assignment 1 (Due Tuesday, 01/25/05)1. Two types of fertilizer mixture A and B are used to feed six bean plants with each randomly applied to three plants. The yields of the plants (in pounds) are given below. We want to test whether A and B have differe
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Deutsch 003 Herbst 2003 Study guide~Test 1 (Thursday, 10/2/03)I. II.Hrverstndnis Vokabeln Vokabeln from chapter 12 Haus und HaushaltIII.Grammatik da-Komposita daran on; to darauf on; after that daraus out of; from dafr for it; for that e.g. dahinter b
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Definitions of GIS and GI ScienceWhat is a geographic(al) information system?There are several ways to answer this question. In this course, we will discuss GIS from several perspectives. GIS can be looked at in terms of its components computers and dat
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63: J Pers 2000 Aug;68(4):757-88 Coping-related expectancies and dispositions as prospective predictors ofcoping responses and symptoms.Catanzaro SJ, Wasch HH, Kirsch I, Mearns JIllinois State University, Department of Psychology, Normal 61790-4620,
Penn State - JTK - 5050
Team 2Helpful Skills One skill that we all have a fairly proficient knowledge of math and the sciences. Jeff and Andrew has held leadership positions that may be helpful. Andrew took a drafting class in ninth grade. Jason has experience in construction.
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CS1102: The State Machine Simulation LanguageKathi Fisler, WPI September 28, 20041 Introduction: What's a State Machine Simulator?1.1 Example 1: Traffic LightsImagine that an engineering firm is designing new software for controlling the sequence of l
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ABriefDiscussionon OperatingSystemOrganizationCS3013&CS502,Summer2006 OperatingSystemOrganization1TheTHEOperatingSystemSystem Operator User Programs I/O Management Operator-Process Communication Memory Management Processes & SemaphoresDijkstra,E.W.,T
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Lecture 23 : Set-structure! and creating dataImagine that I'm writing a gradebook (list of structures, like you didfor an earlier homework). For each of the following tasks, should Iuse set!, set-structure!, or neither? 1. Correcting an incorrect assi
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Math 201 - Test 3 Section: ID# or Group: Name:Show appropriate work to receive credit on all problems and place your answers in the blank provided. Point value of each problem is listed in the problem statement. Calulators are not allowed on this exam. 1
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MA 154 1.PRACTICE QUESTIONS FOR THE FINAL8/04If is in the second quadrant and sin = 0.6, find cos. A. B. C. D. E. 0.75 0.2 0.8 0.8 None of the above.2.The angles with measures listed are all coterminal except: A.35 3 C. 300 D. 420 E. 60B. 3.The
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4. Market Analysis SummaryThere are two markets SNS is concerned about the communications equipment manufacturing and information technology consulting services markets. Since SNS will offer products and services from both areas, both markets merit analy
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Potential Pollution Reduction Benefits of Adding Green Roofs to Seattle's DowntownSarah Preisler UDP 422 Spring 20061. Project Summary Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is interested in reducing the amount of pollutants that enter Elliot Bay from CSO event
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"Cristina Fernndez de Kirchner becomes Argentina's first woman president"By Alexei Barrionuevo Published: October 29, 2007
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Case 3:01-cv-02661-MMCDocument 294Filed 04/04/2006Page 1 of 21 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLPGIBSON, DUNN & CRUTCHER LLP JONATHAN C. DICKEY, SBN 088226 PAUL J. COLLINS, SBN 187709
Penn State - SAO - 5008
Transportation EngineeringTrans-Lake Washington This bridge in the metropolitan area of Washington crosss the habitat of endangered species like salmon. These projects range in complexity and cost from about 500 million to over 4 billion. The floating p
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Canada College - A - 100
Canada College - A - 100
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Given a Cycle time of 2us what is Clock rate?2 us s s 2 us -6 -6 = 10 = 2 10 1 cycle 1 cycle us cycle Clock rate is the reciprocal, i.e., in cycle/s:106 cycle 106 = Hz 2 s 2 106 1M Hz = Hz 2 106 Hz 1 = M Hz 2 = 0.5M HzFormulas are just a unit change:s
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?s a h cuS .sli ate d tn atro pminu no etartn ecnocsl oot fo sel yts ow T s ae di d epol e ve d ero m gnits et ro f doo g sloot IUweiveReniltuO99/4/01 yadnaL semaJ 99 llaF ,061 SC? es olc/tix er alimissisylanA noitcA )2( sIU ladoM-non .sv ladoM )1(