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Zinoviev cable to WPA on the Jewish Split [Dec. 1922] 1 Cable to the Workers Party of America in New York from Grigorii Zinoviev in Moscow, December 1922. Quoted in full in a document in the Comintern Archive: f. 515, op. 1, d. 148, l. 48. LD1389 CY Govt RUTHENBERG WORKERS PARTY 799 Broadway, New York, NY MOSCOU 164/162 1/23 Congress gladly received fraternal delegates Workers Party, destined carry Communist...

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cable Zinoviev to WPA on the Jewish Split [Dec. 1922] 1 Cable to the Workers Party of America in New York from Grigorii Zinoviev in Moscow, December 1922. Quoted in full in a document in the Comintern Archive: f. 515, op. 1, d. 148, l. 48. LD1389 CY Govt RUTHENBERG WORKERS PARTY 799 Broadway, New York, NY MOSCOU 164/162 1/23 Congress gladly received fraternal delegates Workers Party, destined carry Communist ideas broad working masses. Answering cablegram about rebellion part Jewish Executive, we give opinion unreservedly as we owe it to party sympathizing with Comintern and in agreement with representatives of all tendencies of Workers Party: We decisively condemn frivolous breach of discipline against Central Committee of Workers Party perpetrated by group which did not even attempt inform its representatives in Moscow about object of conflict and did not await decision of court of last resort as was their right as well as their duty. Situation the more serious because work of Jewish Federation among masses is of utmost importance. Split would paralyze even present accomplishment in this work. We request all Jewish branches and members carry out decision of Central Committee Workers Party to reestablish unity otherwise Central Committee should carry out energetically immediate disciplinary measures against leaders revolt. (signed) ZINOVIEV - Reference is to the 4rd Congress of the Communist International, held Nov. 5-Dec. 1922 in Soviet Russia. -The Jewish Federation of the Workers Party of America was created via the merger of the predominantly Jewish Workers' Council group, a faction led by Moissaye J. Olgin, with the historic Jewish Federation of the unified CPA, a faction headed by Alexander Bittelman. There was an extreme factional struggle these pitting two camps during the first year of the WPA. Although the Federation Executive Council was initially evenly split between the two groups, Noah London (Executive Secretary of the Federation) and Shachno Epstein began to side with the Olgin group, resulting in a working majority. The Olgin group sought to consolidate its position by rushing a convention in December 1922, to be held before the 2nd National Convention of the WPA rather than after, and thus presenting the national organization with a fait accompli. This decision came in opposition to the direction of the Central Executive Committee of the WPA and brought about a stinging rebuke of the Olgin group from Ruthenberg for their undisciplined and un-Communist "centrism." A split of the Jewish Federation seemed likely. Bolstered with the Zinoviev cable presented here, emergency negotiations were conducted between the Administrative Council of the WPA with the Jewish Bureauimmediately prior to the scheduled wildcat convention of Dec. 16, 1922. An agreement was reached c...

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PULSED LASERS: Q-SWITCHING AND MODE LOCKING Pulsed lasers are valuable when PEAK (or instantaneous) POWER rather than average power is most important. Examples: Nonlinear photochemical processes where RATE In ( integer > 1) PEAK POWERP t (FWHM)time141
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EXAMPLES OF SATURATION INTENSITIES He-Ne KrF 632.8 248.4 (nm) 1 4.7 1014 1.2 1015 (s ) 1.8 1011 3.1 1016 SE (cm2) 1.5 107 5 109 21 (s) 1.96 ~5.0 h (eV) Isat (W-cm2) 0.12 5.2 10544The exact solution for Isat is: h 1 Isat = SE 2 g 2 1 2 1 + g 1 - 1 2 21 w