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Power and Politics Power and Politics Power: The ability of one person or group to cause another person or group to do something that they otherwise might not have done. Organizational Politics: Activities in which managers engage to increase their power and to pursue goals that favor their individual and group interests. 2 The Dark Side of Power and Politics The Dark Side of Power and Politics Power and politics often have negative connotations because people associate them with attempts to use organizational resources for personal advantage and to achieve personal goals at the expense of other goals. 3 The Bright Side The Bright Side Managers can use power to control people and other resources so that they cooperate and help to achieve an organizations current goals. Managers can use power to engage in politics and influence the decision-making process to help promote new, more appropriate organizational goals. 4 5 Insert Figure 18.1 here Sources of Individual Power Sources of Individual Power Formal individual power is the power that stems from a persons position in an organizations hierarchy. Informal individual power is the power that stems from personal characteristics. 6 Sources of Formal Power Sources of Formal Power Legitimate Legitimate : The power to control and use organizational resources to accomplish organizational goals. Reward Reward : The power to give pay raises, promotion, praise, interesting projects, and other rewards to subordinates. Coercive Coercive : The power to give or withhold punishment, such as suspension, termination, or even the withholding of praise and goodwill. Information Information : The power that stems from access to and control over information. 7 Sources of Informal Power Sources of Informal Power Expert Expert : Informal power that stems from superior ability or expertise. Referent Referent : Informal power that stems from being liked, admired, and respected. Charismatic Charismatic : An intense form of referent power that stems from an individuals personality or physical or other abilities, which induce others to believe in and follow that person. 8 17-8 Political Strategies for Increasing Power Figure 17.4 17-9 Political Strategies for Gaining and Political Strategies for Gaining and Maintaining Power Maintaining Power Strategies Controlling Uncertainty Reduce uncertainty for others in the firm Being Irreplaceable Develop valuable special knowledge or skills Being in a Central Position Have decision-making control over the firms crucial activities and resources Generating Resources Hire skilled people or find financing when ... View Full Document

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