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Jacob Zipperstein Chemistry 3 rd November 27, 2007 Reading Log: Chapter 6 The Periodic Table and Periodic Law Section 6.1 Antoine Lavoisier 1790s compiled a list of 23 elements known at his time John Newlands 1864 English chemist proved that when elements were arranged in increasing atomic mass, their properties repeated every eighth element. Lothar Meyer 1896 German chemist with Russian partner Dmitri Mendeleev demonstrated a connection between atomic mass and elemental properties. Mendeleev shaped the first periodic table leaving blanks where elements should go Henry Moseley : -1913- disapproved Mendeleev order of his periodic table. He arranged the atoms in increasing atomic number instead of atomic mass. Elements with similar properties are in the same row. 1. H 8. F 2. Li 9. Na 3. G 10. Mg And so on Periodic Law : There is a periodic repetition of chemical and physical properties of the elements whey they are arranged by increasing atomic number... View Full Document

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