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Electronic Filing Instructions for your 2008 Federal Tax Return Important: Your taxes are not finished until all required steps are completed. Peter & Amy Jones 1846 Joplin Way Lakeville, MN 55022 Page 1 of 1 | Balance | Your federal tax return (Form 1040) shows a refund due to you in the Due/ | amount of $11,956.00. Your tax refund should be mailed to you by Refund | check within three to four weeks after your return is accepted. ______________________________________________________________________________________ | | Wheres My | Before you call the Internal Revenue Service with questions about Refund? | your refund, give them three to four weeks processing time from the | date your return is accepted. If then you have not received your | refund, or the amount is not what you expected, contact the Internal | Revenue Service directly at 1-800-829-4477. You can also check | and select the "Wheres my refund?" link. ______________________________________________________________________________________ | | Do Not | Do not mail a paper copy of your tax return. Since you filed Mail | electronically, the Internal Revenue Service already has your return. ______________________________________________________________________________________ | | What You | Your Electronic Filing Instructions (this form) Need to | Printed copy of your federal return Keep | ______________________________________________________________________________________ | | 2008 | Adjusted Gross Income $ 106,700.00 Federal | Taxable Income $ 65,800.00 Tax | Total Tax $ 6,144.00 Return | Total Payments/Credits $ 18,100.00 Summary | Amount to be Refunded $ 11,956.00 | Effective Tax Rate 5.76% ______________________________________________________________________________________ | 1 Single 4 Head of household (with qualifying person). (See instructions.) If the qualifying person is a child but not your dependent, enter this childs Filing Status 2 Married filing jointly (even if only one had income) 3 Married filing separately. Enter spouses SSN above & full name here Check only one box. name here 5 Qualifying widow(er) with dependent child (see instructions) 6a Yourself. If someone can claim you as a dependent, do not check box 6a Exemptions b Spouse c Dependents: (2) Dependents social security number (3) Dependents relationship to you (1) First name Last name (4) b if qualifying child for child tax credit (see instrs) If more than four dependents, see instructions. d Total number of exemptions claimed 7 Wages, salaries, tips, etc. Attach Form(s) W-2 7 Income 8 a Taxable interest. Attach Schedule B if required 8 a b Tax-exempt interest. Do not include on line 8a 8 b 9 a Ordinary dividends. Attach Schedule B if required 9a b Qualified dividends (see instrs) 9 b 10 Taxable refunds, credits, or offsets of state and local income taxes (see instructions) 10 11 Alimony received 11 Attach Form(s) W-2 here. Also attach Forms W-2G and 1099-R if tax was withheld.... View Full Document

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