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ills- M Jones Wedding 1 Mills-Jones Wedding LEARNING TEAM A University of Phoenix Ron Hill MGT 437 M ills- Jones Wedding 2 Introduction A wedding is a special day that is held by a ceremony in which two people engage in marriage. Weddings differ from many customers such as traditions, values and religions. Team A has decided to take on a project for planning a wedding, one of the most important days for our customer. Our project will take certain measurements to ensure that our wedding project is successful. By doing this our team will ensure to address briefly the project stakeholders and how they are impacted by the project. As well as address the project goals, completion date of the project and set a budget by listing out the expenses. In addition our team will discuss the projects performance by specifying the performance criteria, project scope by a Statement of Work (SOW) and a proposal summary. Our wedding project will be presented to our customer by demonstrating the benefits from successful completion and justifying the proposed costs of the wedding. Background and statement of need Donna Mills originally from Cabot Arkansas and John Jones originally from Portland Oregon, met at their school. They have yet graduated and have been living together for just over three years in a small place in Cape Cod. Mr. Jones asked Ms. Mills for her hand in marriage at a small bistro in front of all their friends, she happily said yes. Ms. Mills and Mr. Jones called our company Christies Wedding Planners to assist them and making their wedding day the best event that is possible. The Phone call to reserve our company was taken the 23rd of June, 2009 for a wedding date of September 1st, 2009, this in-turn gives us just over two months to make this wedding the best possible wedding that our company can. M ills- Jones Wedding 3 Christies Wedding Planners have seven workers who do the planning of weddings. They are responsible for finding the best place for the cake, the location and helping with the set up and the invitations. The company will assign a team of two planners to assist in this wedding. Worker 1: Responsible for cake, decorations, invitations, Gown, Tuxedo, odds and ends Worker 2: Responsible for location, set up and tear down, all aspects of the wedding at the location. This is the biggest wedding that our company has handled and at the farthest location away from our office. Christies Wedding Planners hopes with the success of this wedding that the word of mouth from how well everything will hopefully, go will give the company more recognition. Project stakeholders The marriage between Donna Mills and John Jones will be taking place on September 1, 2009. The Bride, Ms. Mills, and the Groom, Mr. Jones are the teams primary stakeholders. Each member of the wedding party also has a role as a stakeholder to a point, as they will be participating in the nuptials. The Bride will be the primary stakeholder since the wedding is always about what the Bride wants. Oftentimes she might feel challenged by the opposing familys choices. The soon to be mother in law and mother of the bride are key stakeholders as well. The young couple will be planning based on the values and morals established by their families. Project goals M ills- Jones Wedding 4 The smart planner is the wedding planner who effectively combines being an artist with being a business person. They realize that owning a wedding consulting firm encompasses much more than playing with pretty flowers and beautiful table linens. They are committed to high standards of professional excellence and run a legitimate, ethical business - not a glorified hobby (The Smart Planner, 2008). With this being said,setting goals is a vital step to a successful wedding. The important part of each goal is to ensure that they are achieved within the timeframe allowed. The first step to setting goals is an outline that represents what is to be accomplished and how much time is needed to complete each part. The outline should consist of numerous steps including: setting a wedding date, preparing a budget, making appointments, getting estimates, etc Time The contract was signed on June 23rd, 2009 with a completion date of September 1st, 2009. This will give the team 2 months and 7 days to have everything done and in place. Time is one of the most important factors in planning this and every wedding. The team only has a few short months to ensure the bride and the groom that they will have the wedding of their dreams. The team working on this project will need to pay close attention to the outline of this wedding. Time will definitely be a factor because of the location of the wedding but our company is sending one of the workers down to the Bahamas and ensure the location and the hotel are in place. Budget Ms. Mills has come from a stable family which will be able to give their daughter the wedding she desires. Mr. Jones will be footing the bill for the honeymoon at a location of his M ills- Jones Wedding 5 choice. Of course, he will consider his bride desires to-be and strive to please her will staying within his ideal budget. They will be honeymooning in the Bahamas at a very private resort following their wedding ceremony on the beach. Much of the family will be in attendance so the couple will be relocating to a private honeymoon resort. The basic budget will be about $60,000. The bulk of the budget will be spent to bring certain family members to the resort to witness the ceremony. The ceremony and details will be simple but elegant. Project performance The team will control the success of the wedding through monitoring, measuring and managing all aspects of the project performance. One of the aspects that need to be considered with project performance is the organizational objectives. Each objective can be obtained by dividing all project tasks evenly throughout the team. The use of the outline and timeframe will help the team prevent errors and misunderstanding throughout the duration of the project. The overall success of the project is making the dream wedding of both the bride and groom. This dream can only be met if the team is highly disciplined and prepared to meet and exceed all goals and objectives throughout the term of the planning process. Project scope The project scope of Mr. and Mrs. Joness wedding will start with the scope of work will be labeled the Lil of the Valley Package. In the package the works contains useful items that will hopefully satisfy both the bride and groom. Minister, Bridal Bouquet, Grooms Boutonniere, Photography (40 Photos in an Album with 'CD' of negatives - 1 hour, 1 location), Video on DVD Format (Fully edited and set to music - 1 hour, 1 location), Soloist - Violinist or Saxophonist or Flautist, Limousine M ills- Jones Wedding 6 Transportation to Wedding Location, Two Tier Wedding Cake to serve 25 persons to be delivered to Reception or Restaurant (Wedding Package, 2008). Next, the focus will be on location of the work. This will take placed in the Bahamas at the Compass Point were 1.5 acres of celebration for the ceremony. Then the period of performance, which focus on the start and finish time. First, the date and time of the project will be June 27, 2009 at 3:00 p.m. Secondly, the invitation will be developed July 23, 24, and 25 of 2009, and distribute out on August 1, 2009. The day before the project will start with the description of the event as found in the outline of the power point presentation. The deliverable schedule takes place before the event. The items that are due before and during the wedding are the cost of the type of wedding and location where the event will take place. Finally, the special requirement is in placed. The certification that is involved in this project is the marriage certification. This is a legal document that states that both parties are legally married. Statement of works that are not needed in this project is the: Wedding Documents, plus Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate, Personal Wedding Consultant for prewedding consultation. Also, personal escort to obtain Marriage License and to host Wedding Ceremony (Wedding Package, 2008). Statement of works that does not apply to this specific project is applicable standards and acceptance criteria. Summary The purpose of the proposal summary is to outline the information that is provided for both parties, and if they have any questions, the outline will be a helpful tool to answering questions. The proposal will include a trip to the Bahamas, where the groom and bride can relax and have a good time. This outline will also include a location at the Compass Point with large M ills- Jones Wedding 7 acres that have over 15 huts, cottages and cabanas. The attraction will have sparking vivid jingaloes of colors that are quipped with creativity and romance for two. The love between Mr. and Mrs. Jones will be everlasting. In accepting this romantic proposal, the cost that was presented to Mr. and Mrs. Jones will not be a wasted, it is our guarantee that their stay will make them feel right at home. Conclusion Our wedding project addressed important aspects of the wedding by the project stakeholders, project goals, budget, projects performance, project scope and a proposal summary. By taking these measurements our organization is ensuring that all aspects of the wedding are covered to plan a successful wedding. Our organization also understands that the Mill-Jones wedding reflects on their individual personalities as well as their priorities of getting married. Our number one priority as wedding planners is not to only focus on the cost but rather the couples commitment together that reflect their special day to enjoy with their guest. Reference The Smart Planner (2008) Business Resources and Coaching for Professional Wedding Consultants, Retrieved November 3, 2008, from: M ills- Jones Wedding 8 Wedding in the Bahamas writing (2008) Lil of the Valley Package, Retrieved 2008 from: http:// ... View Full Document

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