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ASK131-U/101/0/2009 IMPORTANT INFORMATION: READ NOW DEPARTMENT OF FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING ACCOUNTING SKILLS ASK131U Tutorial Letter 101/2009 SCHEME OF WORK, STUDY RESOURCES AND ASSIGNMENTS Contents 1 A word of welcome 2 Purpose and outcomes of this module 3 Communication with your lecturers 4 Student support system 5 Study material 6 How the assignment system works 7 How the examination system works 8 Assignments and assessment criteria 2 Dear student This tutorial letter is extremely important. You are requested to read it carefully before you commence with your studies for this year. I wish to highlight the following most important aspects: • There are two assignments for this module. Assignment 1, is a multiple choice question assignment (refer to annexure B). This assignment is compulsory , if you do not submit this assignment , you will not gain examination admission. This assignment contributes 50% towards your year mark . Assignment 2 is a multiple choice question assignment (refer to annexure C). This assignment is compulsory, and contributes 50% towards your year mark. • Assignment 2 will not give you examination admission. IT IS THEREFORE CRUCIAL TO HAND IN ASSIGNMENT 1 ON TIME TO GAIN EXAMINATION ADMISSION. • Assignment 1 and assignment 2 must be answered on mark reading sheet and each of these assignments has different unique numbers. ASSIGNMENT NUMBER UNIQUE NUMBER DUE DATE 1 647251 15 April 2009 2 550287 17 June 2009 • A study programme is provided in this tutorial letter. It is in your own interest to adjust this suggested study programme to suit your own personal circumstances. • Late assignments will be returned to you unmarked! If a late assignment appears on the system, then no duplicate assignment can be accepted- so please do not contact me with such a request. Please read the rest of tutorial letter 101/0/2009 for other important information. ASK131-U/101/0/2009 3 COPYRIGHT DECLARATION In terms of the Copyright Act, 98 of 1978, no part of this material may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, published, redistributed, screened or used in any form without prior written permission from Unisa. Where materials have been used from other sources permission must be obtained from the original source. 4 1 A WORD OF WELCOME I am pleased to welcome you to this module and hope that you will find it both interesting and rewarding. I shall do my best to make your study of this module successful. You will be well on your way to success if you start studying early in the year and resolve to do the assignment(s) properly. You will receive a number of tutorial letters during the year. A tutorial letter is our way of communicating with you about teaching, learning and assessment. ... View Full Document

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